List of described Books of Hours - Psalters - Prayerbooks
c.1300- 1530

in Danish Collections

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As part of a new structure on the site will more notes on the contents of the manuscripts gradually be made available to the public. Links are today only activated to newly revised documents. Notes on sources without links are available for advanced studies on request as usual. [Notes on various liturgical manuscripts formerly listed under the menu "Other Manuscripts" has not found any home during the present revision. They will reappear somewhere else, when the revision of the Books of Hours section has been concluded.]
Copenhagen - Det kongelige Bibliotek - The Royal Library

GKS Gammel kongelig Samling (The Ancient Royal Collection)

Thotts Samling (The former Collection of Count Otto Thott)

NKS Ny kongelig Samling (The New Royal Collection)

ADD Additamenta (Transferred from The University Library to the Royal Library)

Early Printed Books of Hours

Copenhagen - Other Collections

AM Bibliotheca Arnamagnaeana (University of Copenhagen)

Private Collections

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