CHD Flemish Calendar (Dioceses Cambrai-Tournai)
Psalterium, Bruges and Ghent c.1520-1525
Copenhagen KB CMB Ms.GkS 1605 4°

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This calendar is beatifully written, and illuminated in a professional manner, but has so many deviations from any known liturgical calendar that it can be difficult to take it quite serious. The number of feasts (229) is, however, what the average was for a genuine liturgical calendar around 1520. It has many of the characteristics for calendars within the diocese of Tournai, like the particular Bruges rubrication of the translation of St.Thomas on 3 July, with the exception of the missing St. Nichasius who normally has a high feast degree (14 Dec.), and Lambertus ep. (17 Sept.) is equally absent, but represented by a miniature. Amalberga (officially commemorated on 10 July) is placed four days later as normal in Ghent and Malines at this time, but she is also found displaced to 13th July in the calendar from the Schwarzes Gebetbuch (Cod.Vind. 1856) and in other irregulary composed Bruges calendars on 14th July. These minor discrepancies pointing to traditions from Bruges can probaly be explained by the intervention of Antonius van Damme, the supposed scribe of the book.
Irregular Bruges days are among others: 15 Febr. Gilberti ab., 11 March Agapiti m., 18 March Theodori m., 23 March Maximi epi., 3 June Celestini epi., 7 June Luciane v., 18 July Justi epi., 11 Sep. Guidonis cf., 28 Nov. Cesarii m.; All are found on same day in the composite Bruges calendar from c.1465-1470 in Copenhagen NKS 27c 8vo
For details about local characteristics in Flemish calendars see the excellent appendix in Gregory T. Clark:
Made in Flanders. The Master of the Ghent Priviliges and Manuscript Painting in the Southern Netherlands in the Time of Philip the Good, Tournhout 2000, p.289-330.

The scheme of illumination was borrowed from a different type of calendar, of local Franciscan use. The artist was earlier mainly active in Ghent with the Bening/Horenbout workshops, and had an intimate knowledge of the drawings and modelsheets used many years ago to illuminate the calendar in the Mayer van den Bergh Breviary, as it could be expected by somebody who also delivered illuminations for the Grimani Breviary in 1515.
The folio numbers below are linked to the complete online facsimile provided by the Royal Library in Copenhagen.

Fol.1vKLJANUARIUSFol.2 Habet dies xxxi. Luna xxx.
iija1Circumcisio domini xviiib16
b2Oct.Sci Stephani viic17Anthonij abbatis
xic3Oct.Sci Johannis d18
d4Oct.Sanctorum innocentium xve19
xixe5 iiiif20Fabiani & Sebastiani
viiif6Epyphania domini g21Agnetis virginis
g7Ysidori martiris xija22 Vincentii martiris
xvia8 ib23Emerenciane virginis
vb9 c24
c10Pauli primi heremite ixd25 Conversio Pauli
xiiid11 e26Policarpi episcopi
iie12Ciriaci & Zothici xviif27.
f13 vig28Agnetis secundo
xg14Felici presbiteri a29
a15Mauri abbatis xiiiib30Aldegundis virginis
iijc31Jacinti martiris

Border decoration:
1) The Circumcision
2) Adoration of the Magi
3) [Missing]
Occupation of the Month:
Man warming himself in front of a fireplace
Family dinner is prepared

Border decoration:
4) St. Anthony with St.Sebastian
5) St. Vincent the Deacon (22 Jan.)
6) Conversion of St. Paul (25 Jan.)
Aquarius : Naked winged man pouring
water from two jars

Fol.2vKLFEBRUARIUSFol.3 Habet dies xxviii. Luna xxix.
d1 e16Juliane virginis
xie2Purificatio Marie virginis xvf17
xixf3Blasii episcopi & martiris iiiig18
viiig4Agathe virginis a19Galli abbatis
a5 xiib20Eleutherii episcopi
xvib6Amandi & Vedasti ic21
vc7 d22 Cathedra S.Petri
d8Apollonie virginis ixe23Policarpi episcopi
xiiie9 f24Mathie apostoli
iif10Scolastice virginis xviig25
g11 via26
xa12 b27Alexandri episcopi
b13Juliane martiris xiiiic28Romani martiris
xviiic14Valentini episcopi
viid15Gilberti abbatis

Border decoration:
1) Presentation in the Temple
2) St. Blasius bishop with iron rake
3) St. Agathe with the nippers
Occupation of the Month:
Cutting of trees

Border decoration:
4) St. Apollonia (her tooth in a pincer)
5) Cathedra Petri
6) St. Matthias apostle
Pisces : two swimming fish in the sea

Fol.3vKLMARTIUSFol.4 Habet dies xxxi. Luna xxx.
iiid1Albini episcopi e16Matrone virginis
e2 xvf17Gertrudis virginis
xif3Eusebii episcopi iiijg18Theodori martiris
g4Adriani martiris a19
xixa5 xiib20
viiib6 ic21Benedicti abbatis
c7Perpetue virginis d22
xvid8Gay martiris ixe23Maximi episcopi
ve9 f24Fidelis episcopi
f10Gordiani martiris xviig25 Annunciatio Marie virginis
xiiig11Agapiti martiris viia26Theodori episcopi
iia12Gregorij pape b27Resurrectio domini
b13 xiiiic28
xviiic14Felicissimi martiris d29Saturnini confessoris
viid15Longini martiris iie30Quirini martiris

Border decoration:
1) St. Adrian with anvil
2) St. Gregory the Great
3) St. bishop (unidentified)
Occupation of the Month:
Ploughing the fields

Border decoration:
4) St. Gertrude of Nivelles
5) The Annunciation
6) St. Quirin as captive
Aries : Widdar (bursting in flames?)

Fol.4vKLAPRILISFol.5 Habet dies xxx. Luna xxix.
g1 a16Paterni episcopi
xia2Marie egipciace xvb17
b3 iiiic18
xixc4Ambrosij episcopi d19Eleutherii episcopi
viiid5Claudiani martiris xiie20Apollini martiris
xvie6 if21
vf7Sixti pape & martiris g22Fortunati martiris
g8Calixti pape ixa23 Georgii martiris
xiiia9 b24Eutropis martiris
iib10 xviic25 Marci evangeliste
c11Leonis pape vid26
xd12 e27Anastacij pape
e13Eufemie virginis xiiiif28
xviiif14Tiburcii & Valeriani iiig29Petri novi martiris
viig15Olimpiadis martiris a30Germani episcopi

Border decoration:
1) Mary of Egypt
2) St. Ambrose
3) St. Helena (15 Apr.)
Occupation of the Month:
Shepherd leading the sheeps
to the pasture

Border decoration:
4) St. George
5) St. Mark evangelist
6) St. Vitale (28 Apr.)
Taurus (an Ox)

Fol.5vKLMAYUSFol.6 Habet dies xxxi. Luna xxx.
xib1Philippi & Jacobi c16Honorati episcopi
c2 xvd17
xixd3Inventio S.Crucis iiiie18Torpeti martiris
viiie4Walburgis virginis f19
f5 xiig20Basille virginis
xvig6Johannis ante portam latinam ia21
va7Juvenalis confessoris b22Papie virginis
b8 ixc23
xiiic9 d24Donacianij martiris
iid10Gordiani martiris xviie25
e11 vif26Translatio Augustini
xf12Nerei & Achilei mrm. g27
g13Servacii episcopi xiiiia28Huberti episcopi
xviiia14 iiib29
viib15Ysidori martiris c30Peregrini episcopi
xid31Petronille virginis

Border decoration:
1) St. Philip and James the less
2) Finding of the Cross
3) Undressed Saint (John?)
Occupation of the Month:
Gallant party in a boat

Border decoration:
4) St. Honoratus bishop (16 May)
5) St. Bernardino of Siena (20 May)
6) St. Petronilla with broom
Gemini : Two winged children

Fol.6vKLJUNIUSFol.7 Habet dies xxx. Luna xxix.
e1Nichomedis martiris iiiif16Cirici & Julite
xixf2 g17
viiig3Celestini episcopi xiia18Marci & Marcelliani
xvia4 ib19
vb5Bonifacii episcopi c20Vitalis martiris
c6 ixd21
xiiic7Luciane virginis iie22
e8 xviif23Vigilia
f9 vig24 Nativitas Johannis
xg10Landoaldi episcopi a25 Eligii episcopi
a11Barnabe apostoli xiiiib26Johannis & Pauli
xviiib12 iiic27
viic13 d28Vigilia
d14Basilij episcopi xie29Petri & Pauli apostolorum
xve15Viti & Modesti f30Commemoratio Pauli

Border decoration:
1) St. Justin the Philosopher (1 June)
2) St. Barnabas Apostel
3) St. Anthony of Padua
Occupation of the Month:
Shearing of the sheeps

Border decoration:
4) St. James Apostel (feast?)
5) Birth of St. John
6) Peter and Paul

Fol.7vKLJULIUSFol.8 Habet dies xxxi. Luna xxx.
xixg1 iiiia16
viiia2Visitatio Marie virginis b17Alexi confessoris
b3Translatio S.Thome apostoli xiic18Justi episcopi
xvic4Domiciani martiris id19
vd5Translatio S.Martini e20Margarete virginis
e6 ixf21Praxedis virginis
xiiif7Nicostrati martiris g22 Marie Magdalene
iig8 xviia23
a9 vib24Xpristine virginis
xb10Septem fratrum c25 Jacobi & Xpristofori
c11Benedicti abbatis xiiiid26Anne matris Marie
xviiid12 iiie27
viie13Amelberge virginis f28Panthalionis martiris
f14 xig29
xvg15Divisio apostolorum a30Abdon & Sennes
xixb31Germani episcopi

Border decoration:
1) Martyrdom of Thomas of Canterbury (Trsl. 7 July?)
2) The Visitation
3) St. Benedict abbot
Occupation of the Month:
Hay Harvest

Border decoration:
4) St. Margaret
5) Mary Magdalene
6) St. James Major
Leo (obviously a male exemplar!)

Fol.8vKLAUGUSTUSFol.9 Habet dies xxxi. Luna xxx.
viiic1Ad vincula Petri xiid16Arnulphi episcopi
xvid2 ie17
ve3Inventio Stephani f18
f4 ixg19Magni martiris
xiiig5Dominici confessoris a20
iia6 xviib21Privati martiris
b7 vic22
xc8 d23Thimothei martiris
d9Vigilia xiiiie24 Bartholomei apostoli
xviiie10Laurentii martiris iiif25Ludovici regis francie
viif11Tiburtii sociorumque eius g26
g12 xia27
xva13Ypoliti martiris b28Augustini episcopi
iiiib14Vigilia xixc29 Decollatio Johannis bapt.
c15Assumptio Marie virginis viiid30
e31Paulini episcopi

Border decoration:
1) St. Peter liberated from prison
2) St. Lawrence with the Rake
3) St. Clare of Assisi (12 Aug.)
Occupation of the Month:
Grain Harvest

Border decoration:
4) Assumption of the Virgin
5) St. Bartholomew
6) Beheading of St. John bapt.
Virgo (Young maid seated in nature)

Fol.9vKLSEPTEMBERFol.10 Habet dies xxx. Luna xxix.
xvif1Egidii abbatis ig16Eufemie virginis
vg2Justi episcopia17
a3 ixb18
xiiib4 c19Ferreoli presbiteri
iic5Bertini abbatis xviid20Vigilia
d6 vie21 Mathei apostoli
xe7Euorcij episcopi f22Maurici martiris
f8Nativitas Marie virginis xiiiig23
xviiig9Gorgonii martiris iiia24
viia10 b25Firmini episcopi
b11Guidonis confessoris xic26
xvc12 d27Cosme & Damiani
iiijd13Philippi & Jacobi xixe28
e14Exaltatio S.Crucis [Cornelii pp.] viiif29 Michaelis archangelis
xiif15 g30Jeronimi presbiteri

Border decoration:
1) St. Giles abbot with a hind
2) Birth of Mary
3) Elevation of the Cross and
St. Cornelius pope with a cows horn (14 Sept.)
Occupation of the Month:
Harrowing and sowing

Border decoration:
4) St. Lambert bishop with arrow (17 Sept.)
5) St. Matthew ap.
6) [St. Michael, missing]
Libra (a balance)

Fol.10vKLOCTOBERFol.11 Habet dies xxxi. Luna xxx.
xvia1Remigii & Bavonis b16Galli confessoris
vb2Leodegarii episcopi ixc17
xiiic3 d18 Luce evangeliste
ijd4Francisci confessoris xviie19Pellagie virginis
e5 vif20
xf6 g21XI milium Virginum
g7Marcelli martiris xiiiia22
xviiia8 iiib23Severini martiris
viib9Dyonisii episcopi c24
c10Geronis confessoris xid25Crispini & Crispiniani
xvd11 e26
iiiie12Gengulphi episcopi xixf27Vigilia
f13 viiig28 Symonis & Jude
xiig14Donatianii episcopi a29
ia15Wulfranni episcopi xvib30Saturnini episcopi

Border decoration:
1) St. Bavo with falcon
2) St. Denis with his head
3) [Missing]
Occupation of the Month:

Border decoration:
4) St. Luke ev.
5) St. Ursula
6) Saints Symon and Jude Thaddeus ap.

Fol.11vKLNOVEMBERFol.12 Habet dies xxx. Luna xxix.
d1Omnium Sanctorum ixe16
xiiie2Omnium Animarum f17Otmari confessoris
iif3 xviig18
g4Eustacii episcopi via19Elizabeth vidue
xa5 b20
b6Leonardi confessoris xiiiic21Columbani martiris
xviiic7 iiid22Cecilie virginis
viid8Quatuor coronatorum e23 Clementis pape
e9Theodori martiris xif24
xvf10 g25 Katherine virginis
iiiig11Martini episcopi xixa26Lini pape & martiris
a12 viiib27
xijb13Brixi martiris c28Cesarij martiris
ic14 xvid29Vigilia
d15Machuti episcopi ve30 Andree apostoli

Border decoration:
1) All Saints
2) St. Leonard with handcuff fetters
3) St. Martin and a beggar
Occupation of the Month:
Slaughtering of a cow

Border decoration:
4) St. Clement with anchor
5) St. Katherine of Alexandria
6) St. Andrew ap.
Sagittarius (as a Centaur)

Fol.12vKLDECEMBERFol.13 Habet dies xxxi. Luna xxx.
xiiif1Eligii episcopig16Candidi martiris
iig2Candide virginis xviia17
a3 vib18Agricole martiris
xb4Barbare virginis c19
c5 xiiijd20Mercurii martiris
xviiid6Nicholai episcopi iije21Thome apostoli
viie7 f22Theodosie virginis
f8Conceptio Marie virginis xig23
xvg9Innocencii pape a24Vigilia
iiija10 xixb25 Nativitas domini
b11Damasi pape viiic26 Stephani martiris
xiic12 d27 Johannis evangeliste
id13Lucie virginis. Judoce xvie28 Innocentium martirum
e14 vf29 Thome episcopi cantuariensis
ixf15Odilde virginis g30Perpetui episcopi
xiija31Silvestri pape & martiris

Border decoration:
1) St. Barbara
2) St. Nicholas
3) Conception (Joachim and Anna)
Occupation of the Month:
Threashing in a barn

Border decoration:
4) St. Thomas apostel
5) The Nativity
6) Martyrdom of St. Stephen

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