New files and latest updates 2004-2006 and 2008-2012

For various reasons, beyond my control, has the general maintenance of the site unfortunately been somewhat neglected during the years 2008-2012.
There has, however, been added a number of long and extensive text passages from manuscripts and printed books of hours (files which not have been properly linked,
and thus remain undetected, except to correspondant scholars).
Another time consuming activity was to secure all pictures and documentation of the overwhelming number of single leaves from dismembered books of hours, put up for sale on eBay with a climax in 2007-2009,
a period where up to 100 new leaves were offered every month, just from one seller alone.
At every auction at Sotheby's and Christie's from 2006 to 2010 were complete, perfectly sound books of hours sold to dealers who intended to take the manuscripts apart and sell the miniatures and single leaves separately.
These many thousands of pictures are now secured for the future in the CHD Archives,
and will continously be processed over the next years, to contribute with substantial new knowledge about the contents, personal spirituality and psychology of the individual original owners.
The Dismembra section will in the future become host to valuable detailed new knowledge about the nature of "les Livres d'heures" and their makers.

Here are a few particulary fat bites:

To catch up with the systematic description of books of hours in the Royal Library in Copenhagen, made decades ago, will a number of descriptions be printed temporarily
as Microsoft Word html. I excuse for the poor aestetical look of such files. It is better than nothing.

With some of the new guides announced below and the forthcoming guide to GkS 1607 has a new function been introduced, for the benefit of the Tutorial.
Psalms and other standard texts will in the future be found in a clean full-text version on basis of the Biblia Vulgata, accessed from links within the various guides.
As it will take some time before this function is fully operative must we ask for your understanding until it has been implemented.

The Royal Library in Copenhagen has from time to time changed the url's to their digital facsimiles, with the consequence that there with intervals are some broken links in the CHD-Guides.
This will be corrected as soon as possible.

    NEW 2005 Calendars
  1. Kalendar for Ypern (Ypres) c.1475 Horae ad usum Romanum CWRU (with Facsimile)
  2. Kalendar in The Copenhagen Psalter Ms. Thott 143 (England c.1170)
  3. Coutances c.1500 (Breviarium) Cph NkS 36 8°
  4. Kalendar in The Black Book of Hours Cod.Vind. 1856 (Bruges c.1470) [The online facsimile formerly provided by D&D Galleries was unfortunately removed from the server in 2005 due to copyright claims, all links are now broken. Sorry for this. The copyright will expire within a few years and the pictures can be reestablished for the benefit of all students]

The entire site is under reconstruction. Greater parts of the Tutorial on Books of Hours will gradually be open to the public, and so will a large number of files formerly under restricted access. During the revision will some links temporarily be out of function ("File not found" 404-error). If you are missing some of the documents, please have patience for a few months, or ask for a temporary pdf-file to be put up.

You are welcome to send a mail with special wishes if you are impatient to see some of the scheduled documents
See Contact CHD.
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