Introduction and Tutorial
Books of Hours

The secret of taking useful notes
is the ability to distinguish
the unusual among the common

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General Introduction
Books of Hours
I. The Calendar
II. The Gospel Lessons (Sequentia sancti evangelii secundum... )
III. The Prayers Obsecro te and O intemerata
IV. Hours of the Virgin (Hore beate marie virginis )

V. Hours of the Cross (Hore de cruce )
VI. Hours of the Holy Spirit (Hore de sancto spiritu )
VII. Seven Penitential Psalms (Septem psalmi penitentiales )
VIII. Office of the Dead (Vigilie defunctorum or Officium mortuorum )

IX. Commemoration of the Saints (Suffragia sanctorum )

X. Various Prayers
XI. Accessory Texts
XII. Reference Tools

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