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CHD is a small private research Institute for the Study of Illuminated Manuscripts in Danish Collections.
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CHD was founded in 1991 by Erik Drigsdahl, as a non-profit institution, with the purpose to introduce the latest methods and results of modern codicological research to art historians, and generally to create a better public understanding of the cultural value of the unknown and unpublished art treasures in our collections. It is also the intention to create a platform for cultural exchange with scholars outside Denmark, especially to facilitate and support their studies in illuminated manuscripts in Danish collections.
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- if we share common interests, or
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about Illuminated Manuscripts in Danish Collections
Please notice that I not work at the Royal Library, and not am capable to supply you any pictures or photographs of their illuminated manuscripts.

Private collectors are welcome to ask questions about the contents of their single leaves from books of hours.

All information is handled with confidential discretion.

It is a pleasure when the extensive databases can provide useful information for students research on Books of Hours, especially regarding:

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