Additamenta 64 8° Book of Hours (Paris or Northern France c.1490/1500)
Heures de Garin à l'usage de Paris

183+1ff. (66bis, 114bis, 129bis, 179bis) 161x107 mm, 16 lines (88x57), bastarda. 7 full-page miniatures (2 others missing f.32',153'), 19 small miniatures in the text. 24 calendar- vignettes. Numerous floriated borders. Gilted initials over 1-2 lines throughout. All rubrics in the text are written in blue colour.
Bound in brown calf only decorated with a gilted double-line along the edges (Late 18th cent.?), and furnished with new clasps. No title. Watermark in the paper-flyleaves (Crowned PC).
Collation: 3 paper flyleaves, I6 f.1-6, II6 f.7-12, III8 f.13- 20, IV8 f.21-28, V4 f.29-32, VI8-1 f.33-39 (-f.32'), VII8 f.40-47, VIII8 f.48-55, IX8 f.56-63, X8 f.64-66bis-70, XI8 f.71-78, XII8 f.79-86, XIII4 f.87-90, XIV8 f.91-98, XV8 f.99-106, XVI4 f.107-110, XVII8 f.111-114, XVIII8 f.114bis-121, XIX8 f.122-129, XX8 f.129bis-136, XXI8 f.137-144, XXIII8 f.145-152, XXIV8-1 f.153-159 (-f.153'), XXV8 f.160-167, XXVI8 f.168-175, XXVII6-1 f.176-179bis (-f.175'), +f.180 (flyleaf)
Catchwords partly preserved at the bottom right: f.28v etc., on f.144v visibly erased;
Provenance: "A Garin" (probably the owners name, written in the hand of the scribe who added the prayer on f.180); (France in the 18th-19th cent.? Engraved coat of arms of a collector printed on white silk and collated to a paper-flyleaf as Ex-libris); Transferred from the ancient University Library in Copenhagen;
Bibl.: Alfr. Krarup: Katalog over Universitetsbibliotekets Haandskrifter, II, 1935; KO p.167;
This fine manuscript is unpublished, and completely unknown to modern research. In 1935 was it in the catalogue called a "Breviarium Latinum from the 13th Century" (sic!). The style of the miniatures is closely related to a number of manuscripts which Raymond Limousin classified as "Atelier de Jean Bourdichon", (Paris BN Smith-Lesouëf Ms.34, Paris Bibl. de l'Arsenal Ms. 428 and Innspruck Universitätsbibl. Ms. 281]. Both style and iconography reveals a fine artist who was intimately familiar with the early workshop of Jean Bourdichon. All the calendar-illustrations are drawn from the same models later used by Bourdichon himself after he had been appointed painter to the French Royal Court by Charles VIII.


ff.1-12v KALENDARIUM (Dioc.Paris, in french, composite, blue/ red/ gold) Borders with small scenes of occupations of the month on recto, and zodiacs on the verso.
Rubr.: 2.1. S.Geneviefue, 22.1. S.Vincent, 3.8. S.Estienne, 1.9. S.Leu S.Gille, 9.10. S.Denys, 3.11. S.Marcel, 23.11. S.Climent, 29.12. S.Thomas. [Transcript on database. Although Ste-Genevieve is rubricated, are the variants in this calendar only found in manuscripts from the Northern part of France, including Amiens]
f.13*St.John on Pathmos
/Secundum iohannem.(Initial) In principio ->>et deus// (Initial 4, full border)
f.14v ->plenum gratie et veritas.Deo gracias. R.Te invocamus. V.Sit nomen. R.Ex hoc nunc. Ora.Protector in te sperantium deus.
f.15Secundum lucam.(Initial) In illo tempore. Missus est angelus.
(Initial) St.Luke painting the Virgin (34x36) (3/4border)
f.16v Secundum matheum.(Initial) In illo tempore. Cum natus esset- >
(Initial) St.Matthew (28x32) (3/4border) f.18 ->>in regionem suam.//
f.18v /Deo gracias. Secundum marcum.(Initial) In illo tempore. Recumbentibus-> (Initial) St.Mark (33x34) (3/4border)
f.19v ->sequentibus signis.Deo gratias.(1 line blank) De nostre dame oraison.(Initial) Obsecro te domina-> (Initial) Pièta (33x34) (3/4 border)
f.24->>et misericordie.Amen. (3 lines blank) Oraison de nostre dame.//
f.24v /(Initial) O intemerata et in eternum benedicta->
(Initial) Madonna and Child with Angels (34x33) (3/4border)
f.29->>requiem sempiternam.Amen.//
f.29v /Passio domini nostri ihesu xpi. Secundum Johannem. In illo tempore. Apprehendit pylatus->
f.31->testimonium eius. Deo gratias. Oremus. Ora.Deus qui manus tuas et pedes tuos->
f.31v ->et perseverentiam usque in finem. Qui vivis.A. Oraison de nostre dame.Salve regina misericordie, vita et dulcedo spes->
f.32->o dulcis virgo maria. A. Antienne de nostre dame. Regina celi letare, alleluya ->>deum alleluya.Amen.//
f.32v /(15 lines blank) Ad matutinas.//
(Added by a later hand: Ant.Ave regina celorum. Ant.Salve mater pietatis.)
f.32'*Leaf missing with miniature on recto (Annunciation)
and the opening of the matins (Ps.94 Venite ->>faciem eius in//)
f.33/confessione et in psalmis iubilemus ei. Ave maria (Ps.94- >).
f.34v Ymnus. O quam glorifica luce.
f.35Ant.Exaltata es. (Pss.8, 18, 23) (Only one nocturn)
f.39->>(Lec.i.) Surge beatissima // virgo. R.Beata es.
f.40Lectio secunda. Cecos cordium oculos terge. R.Sancta et.
f.40v Lec.(iii.) O sacratissima virgo. R.Felix.
f.41v Canticum. Te deum laudamus- >
f.43v ->non confundar in eternum. V.Speciosa. R.In delicijs.
Ad laudes. (Initial) Visitation (34x34) (3/4border)
f.47v /Benedicite omnia opera. (no Ant.) (Pss.148, 149, 150)
f.52v Ant.Benedicta tu in mulieribus - >>Capitulum.//
f.53/Te laudent angeli. Hymn. Virgo dei genitrix.
f.53v V.Elegit. R.Et habitare. Ant.Hec est regina. Cant.Benedictus.
f.55v Ora.Deus qui corda fidelium. Ora.Deus qui de beate marie.
f.56Ora.Ecclesiam tuam.
f.56v Ad primam. (Initial) Nativity (34x35) (3/4border)
Hymn. Veni creator spiritus. (Pss. 1, 2, 5)
f.61v Ant. Benedicta tu. Cap.Felix namque es. R.Diffusa est.
f.62Ora.Deus qui apostolis tuis sanctum dedisti spiritum.
f.62v Ora.Famulorum tuorum. Ora.Ecclesiam tuam.
f.63(Initial) Annunciation to the Shepherds (34x34) (3/4border)
Hymn. Veni creator spiritus. (Pss.119-121)
f.66v Ant.Dignare me. Cap.Paradisi porta. R.Specie tua.
f.66bisOra.Assit nobis quesumus domine. Ora.Concede nos famulos tuos. Ora.Ecclesiam tuam.
f.67(Initial) Adoration of the Magi (33x33) (3/4border)
f.70Ant.Post partum. Cap.Gaude maria virgo. R.Adiuvabit.
f.70v Ora.Mentes nostras quesumus domine spiritus sanctus. Ora.Concede quesumus omnipotens et misericors deus fragilitati.
f.71Ora. Ecclesiam tuam. ->>Ad nonam.//
f.71v (Initial) Circumcision (33x35) /¶Deus in etc. (Initial 2) (3/4border)
f.74v Ant.Sicut lilium. Cap.Per te dei genitrix. R.Elegit.
f.75Ora.Mentibus nostris quesumus domine spiritum sanctum.
f.75v Ora.Protege domine famulos tuos. Ora.Ecclesiam tuam.
f.76Ad vesperas. (Initial) Flight into Egypt (34x35) (3/4border)
f.80Ant.Beatam me dicent. Cap.Beata es virgo.
f.80v Hymn.Ave maris stella. V.Post partum.
f.81Ant.Sancta maria succurre. Cant.Magnificat.
f.82v Ora.Deus qui corda fidelium. Ora.Deus qui salutis eterne.
f.83Ora.Ecclesiam tuam. ->>Complie.//
f.83v /(Initial) Converte nos etc.(Initial 2) (Initial) Coronation of the Virgin (34x33) (3/4border) Ant.Sancta dei genitrix. (Pss.12, 42, 128, 129, 130)
f.87v Ant.Sancta dei genitrix. Hymn.Virgo dei genitrix quem totus.
f.88Cap.Sicut cynamomum. V.Ecce ancilla. R.Fiat michi.
f.88v Ant.Cum iocunditate. (Cant.) Nunc dimittis.
f.89Ora.Ure igne sancti spiritus. Ora.Gratiam tuam quesumus domine.
f.89v Ora.Ecclesiam tuam ->>vivit et regnat etc~.//
f.90/De saincte Anne.Oraison. Celeste beneficium intravit in anna. Ora.Deus qui beatam annam diu sterilem->
f.90v /gaudere mereamur.Per.Amen.(14 lines blank)//
f.91*David in Prayer
Domine ne in furore. (Initial 4) (Full border with playing Putti)
f.104v The Litanies: Martyrs: Stephane, Line, Clete, Clemens, Laurenti, Vincenti, Fabiane, Sebastiane, Cosma, Damiane, Garvasi, Prothasi, Quintine, Xpofore, Eustachi, Dyonisi cum, Ypolite cum, Maurici cum, Nichasi cum, Crispine, Crispiniane, Georgi, Omnes sci martires.
Confessors: Silvester, Hylari, Ambrosi, Martine, Augustine, Gregori, Nicholae, Iheronime, Marcelle, Germane, Benedicte, Eligi, Maglori, Ludovice, Maure, Omnes sci confessores.
Virgins: Genovefa, Maria magdalena, Felicitas, Perpetua, Agatha, Lucia, Cecilia, Anastasia, Scolastica, Fides, Spes, Caritas, Omnes sce virgines.
f.109v Ora.Deus cui proprium est misereri. Ora.Fidelium deus omnium conditor et redemptor.
f.110->>Benedicamus domino.Deo gracias.(6 lines blank)// f.110v unwritten
(Later added by the same hand as f.32v : Memorie de saint Eustace. Ant.Martir dei gloriose. Ora.Deus qui beatum.)
f.111*Crucifixion (Full border) /¶Domine labia etc.(Initial 3)
f.116->>Oremus. Domine ihu xpe fili dei vivi pone ut s~. (3 lines blank) Heures du saint esperit.//
f.116v *Pentecost (Full border) /¶Domine labia etc.(Initial 3)
f.120v ->Ora.Omnipotens sempiterne ->>secula seculorum.Amen. (4 lines blank) Oraison de saint fiacre.//
f.121/Gloriosus confessor domini fiacrius vitam angelicam gerens. Ora.Misericordiam tuam domine nobis quesumus interveniente.
f.121v ->>(13 lines blank) Ant.Placebo. Ps.David.//
f.122*Job on the Dunghill with three Friends (Full border)
Dilexi quoniam. (Initial 5 Dancing Death and MEMENTO FINIS)
f.129v (Ora.) /Inclina domine aurem tuam. Ora.Deus venie largitor.
f.129bisOra.Deus qui nos patrem et matrem.
f.129bisvOra.Fidelium deus omnium. (i noc .) ã.Dirige. (Ps.5 etc.)
f.135v (Lec.1) /(Initial)Parce michi. (Initial 2) R.Qui lazarum. V.Qui venturus.
f.136v (Lec.2) /(Initial)Tedet animam. (Initial 2) R.Credo quod. V.Quem visurus.
f.137v (Lec.3) (Initial)Manus tue. R.Libera me domine de morte. V.Dies illa. V.Tremens. V.Tremebunt. V.Vix iustus. V.Quid ergo. V.Vox de celis. V.Creator omnium. R.Libera me.
f.139v In laudibus. (Ant.) Requiem. Ps.50 Miserere.
f.153Ora.Inclina domine. Ora.Deus venie largitor.
f.153v Ora.Deus qui nos patrem ->>patrum et matrum nostrorum// (Missing)
f.153'*[One leaf missing with end of prayers as on f.129bis, and a miniature on verso with first lines of: Doulce dame)
f.159v ->>que il leur face vray pardon.Amen. Ave maria. (Initial)Sainte vray crois aoeree. Qui du //
f.160/corps dieu fus aornee ->>puisse morir.Amen. (7 lines blank)//
f.160v *The Trinity (Full border)
Doulx dieu doulx pere saincte trinite ung dieu. Beau sire dieu ie//(Initial 3)
f.164->>Sire si comme ce fut voir regardez moy en pitie. Pater nr. Ave maria. (3 lines blank) Oraison de la trinite.//
f.164v /Libera nos salva nos. Ora.Omnipotens sempiterne deus qui dedisti nobis famulis tuis in confessione ->>Per dominum nostrum.//
f.165/Oraison de la saincte crois. Nos autem gloriari. Ora.Deus qui sanctam crucem. De sainct michel.Oraison. Michael archangele veni. Ora.Deus qui miro ordine angelorum.
f.165v De saint jehan baptiste. Inter natos mulierum. Ora.Familia tua quesumus domine per viam salutis incedat.
f.166De saint pierre et s'pol. Petrus apostolus et paulus doctor. Ora.Deus cuius dextera beatum petrum.
f.166v De saint jaques.oraison. O lux et decus. Ora.Esto domine plebi.
f.167De saint laurens.oraison. Levita laurentius bonum opus.
f.167v Ora. Da quesumus omnipotens deus vitiorum nostrorum flammas extinguere ->>Per omnia. De saincte barbe.oraison.//
f.168*St.Barbara (Full border)
Gaude barbara beata summe pollens-> (G3)
f.169Ora.Intercessio quesumus domine beate barbare virginis.
f.169v De saincte geneuiefue. (Initial) St.Genevieve (34x34) (3/4border)
O felix ancilla dei. Ora.Mitissime deus miserere peccantibus.
f.170De saincte marguerite. (Initial) St.Margaret (33x35) (3/4border)
Virgo gloriosa xpristi.
f.170v Ora.Deus qui beatam. ->>De saincte anne.oraison.//
f.171Celeste beneficium intravit in anna. (Initial) St.Anne with Mary as a Child (34x37) (3/4border) Ora.Deus qui beatam.
f.171v De saint quentin.oraison. (Initial) Martyrdom of St.Quentin (33x35) (3/4border) ¶In confessione vere fidei quintinus astanter perseverens.
f.172Ora.Adesto domine supplicationibus nostris. De saint eutrope.oraison. (Initial) St.Eutrope (28x34) (3/4border)
O xpi martir inclite eutropi.
f.172v Ora.Clementissime deus pater qui ob memoriam pretiosissime passionis->
f.173->et gloriam in futuro.Per.A. ->>De saint claude.oraison.//
f.173v O desolatorum consolator. (Initial) St.Claude (34x38) (3/4border)
f.174v Ora.Deus qui per donum sancti spiritus in beatum claudium.
f.175De saint anthoine.oraison. (Initial) St.Anthony (38x37) (3/4border)
Vox de celo.
f.175v Ora.Deus qui concedis obtentu. ->>(2 lines blank)// [The mixture of male and female saints certainly looks suspicious. A closer examination of a possible misbinding of the gathering f.168-f.175 has not been made. The following gathering is a contemporary addition of a different manufacture.]
ADDITIONS (Contemporary)
f.176/Ceste oroison qui sensuit a compose monseigneur saint Augustin->
f.176v ->Et en la fin ne sentira aucunes des peines denfer. Deus propicius esto michi peccatori.
f.178Confession generale. Mon benoist dieu je croy et confesse de cueur et de bouche->
f.179bis ->>les sainctz et sainctes de paradis.Amen.//
f.179bv/ Loroison qui sensuit ce doit dire troys foys devant la reception du corps nostre seigneur ihesucrist. Domine non sum dignus vt intres sub tectum - >anima mea. (9 lines blank)
(Later addition De sainte Agnes, probably by the same hand as the writings on f.32v and f.110, continues on f.180 which is an added single leaf)
f.180v Oroison de tous saints.
Triumphans benoitz sains et saintes de clarte plains en virtu glorieux.
Je vous require de bon cuer a mains jointes que vous pries pour moy le roy des cieulx.
Affin que puisse avec vous de mes yeulx voir ihesucrist en glore face a face.
Lequel te pry qui luy plaise en tous lieux aux trespasses faire pardon et grace.
Amen. - a garin.
[Cf. Pierre Rézeau: Les prières aux saints en français, I, Les prières à plusieurs saints, Genève 1982, p.48]

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