CHD The Composite Paris Calendar 1330-1530
Model Calendar with Variants

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The history of the full so-called "composite" calendar lies in the dark. The type often described in catalogues as having a saint for every day of the year.
My personal hypothesis is that the prototype, a version based on the liturgical calendar for Paris, was composed by a learned theologian at the University of Paris sometime during the 13th century, using a practise known as the "Martyrological Calendar" (i.e. a calendar extracted from a Martyrologium, like Martyrologium Usuardi). The oldest version from Paris known to me is the calendar in the Hours of Jeanne d'Evreaux (also called "Les Heures de Pucelles"). But by the time it was copied (c.1330) had the text already been corrupted on several points, which indicates that it must have passed through many hands before this.
The calendar as we know it from the Hours of Jeanne d'Evreaux continued to be modified on single days (example: St. Rigobert was inserted in some calendars on January 8th after his relics were received in Notre-Dame in Paris in 1362, causing a sliding or disrupting the following week, sometimes founding a new group. The later so popular and universal St.Yves (Ivo cf.) was canonized in 1347, another cause for variation around May 19th). The various corrections and many smaller or larger inherited errors continued in this way to split the tradition in several clearly separable branches, each forming a new group.
The significance of saints canonised in the mid fifteenth century for the dating of manuscripts is well known.
From time to time was the calendar revised by more or less competent scribes, but it was inevitable that a continuous row of changes took place during the course of the 15th century, resulting in a wide variety of models. None of them seems to have survived for more than a decade. As the number of surviving books of hours increase in the mid 15th century, is it possible to trace the itinerary of the later models, especially when they are used by scribes living and working in other cities in France.
The calendars from the period c.1450-1490 are the most valuable as sources for an analysis based on variants in the calendar, because there is a very good chance to find several products from the same scriptorium, with all the valuable information this can provide. After 1486 were the calendars spread as printed books, and the value thus reduced because similarity no longer is a proof of geographical proximity. In return does the printed sources provide a terminus post by their accurate dating.

This calendar-analysis was made in 1993 on basis of a database where only 42 full calendars of the Paris-type were entered (plus a few fragmentary sources, which explains that the total can be 44 in January). The statistics (number of occurrences in brackets) should convey a clear impression of normality versus individual variations. Single unique variants and trivial scribal errors are not included, which explains when the total is less than 42. With use of a combination of variants is it possible to distinguish various groups and sub-groups; the main groups can be dated within a decade, and the subgroups can be located to single scriptoria. The letters sometimes found with the variants below are internal sourcecodes. They mark a consensus in different groups. The letters "dm" f.ex. is an encouraging example of two calendars from related books of hours which match each other almost exactly with a combination of unusual variants in a subgroup. Both sources were illuminated by the so-called "Coevity-Master".
One of the main groups is here called the P-group (named after Paul Perdrizet, who published a calendar of this type).
All P-Group manuscripts are datable in the 1460'ies. A famous example belonging to the P-group, not included here, but reproduced in full by J.J.G. Alexander: "The Master of Mary of Burgundy" is the calendar in Oxford MS Douce 219 (Hours of Engelbert of Nassau) from the 2nd half of the 1460'ies. It illustrates how widespread the Paris model became everywhere in France during the 15th century. The scribe Nicolas Spierinck in Ghent used here a P-group calendar of a special version circulating in Northern France (from Burgundy), where he only changed two names, in order to make it appear to fit local use (Amand & Nicaise were rubricated).
Two of the sources included here falls outside the system, they are both from books of hours for the use of Amiens (letters H and R) and their calendars represent a tradition completely independent of the model from Paris (cf. The Amiens Calendar, July). There exist other local calendar-traditions of the composite type from different parts of France, but most are easily recognized by the large number of deviations from the general model (more than 60 days being different, cf. an example from Vannes (Dioc. Nantes, Brittany) under Thott 114 8°). Original local models have so many changes, that the sceleton of the liturgical calendar from Paris no longer is left intact. Another model, which strictly speaking is a completely independent composition is the T-Group, a calendar spread from Paris in Horae of Roman use, where it first was published in 1488 by the learned printer who probably compiled it (Jean du Pré: Horae ad usum Romanum, 20. Martius 1487 (1488 n.s.), and immediately after by Anthoine Vérard who plagiated Jean du Pré).
The T-Group is only represented with 2 sources here, but was very common after 1490-1500 in numerous manuscripts. The many T's below indicate its pricipal variants, cf. the other phenotype in KB Inc.2020.
Since this survey was made in 1995 have I entered a selection of more than 65 calendars on the Paris database, but the additional material has not changed the general statistical tendencies shown here.
All the calendars of this type from collections in Denmark will be supplied in full transcriptions, cf. the table of contents: Calendars.

All MSS.: Same entry in all recorded sources (obvious errors are ignored, like a major Gregorian feast placed on the wrong day)
MP: The liturgical calendar in Missale Parisiense (see also notes on Thott 146 2°)
@: Marks a critical day with three or more different variants
Asterisk: *Name, normally written in red or gold in Paris (rubricated)
Tilde: ~ before a date: Displacement or sliding of a saint (Policarpe~26. means that the 26th is the normal day to find Policarpe).

If you want to take further advantage of this system, and try it out yourself on one of your favorite french books of hours: please download the calendarform Typical Paris Calendar c.1410, which, however, only cover a period between c.1400 to 1440.
Just follow the instructions, and fill in the 110 blank days (essentially all the days that not are marked "All MSS." here. You are also welcome to send digital photos for a closer analysis. Who knows - there could eventually be a perfect match waiting for you! [Please note: The calendars in the manuscripts made for Jean Duc de Berry are all uniques, individually composed for each manuscript, and without any followers except in his own manuscripts- Cf. Les Petites Heures de Jean de Berry: Introduction]

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DateKLSaintComments and Variants
01.01.A*La circoncisionAll MSS.
02.01.bOct. s.estienneAll MSS.
03.01.c*Genevieve (34)Oct. s. Jehan (10, for use outside Paris)
04.01.dOct. des innocensAll MSS.
05.01.eSymeonAll MSS.
06.01.f*La typhaineAll MSS. [Epyphanie domini]
07.01.gFrambout (33)Severin (4) Lucien~8.(3) Sauveur (2)
08.01.ALucien (33)Rigobert (6) Frambout~7.(2)
09.01.bPol hermite (27)Pol hermite (27), Adrien (3) Basile (2) Lucien~8.(5) Guillaume~10. (2)
10.01.cGuillaume (29)Pol hermite~9.(10), Sauveur (2)
11.01.dSauveur (25)Satir~12. (6), Guillaume~10.(6), Saturin (3)
12.01.eSatir (24)Sauveur~11.(5), Hylaire~13. (7), Faron (2)
13.01.fHylaire (31)Fremin (7), Felix~14. (2)
14.01.gFelix/Felice (39) All MSS. [Felicis pbr. cf.] No variants of importance
15.01.A*Mor (s.bon)All MSS. [Mauri abb.][Mor (34), Mor s.bon (8)] (*Frequently rubricated).
16.01.bMarcel (40)All MSS. [Marcelli pape] No variants
17.01.cAnthoine / SoupliceAnthoine (23), Souplice (19)
18.01.dPrisce (38)(Brice, Brisce ), Spire (2)
19.01.eLomer (36)Foursin (2)
20.01.f*Sebastien s.Fabien Fabien (13), Sebastien (25), Fabien s.seb. (3) (*Not always rubricated)
21.01.gAgnes (41)All MSS. [Agnetis v.]
22.01.A*Vincent (40)All MSS. [MP: Vincencii mr. et levite, duplum sollempne.]
23.01.bEmerance (40) All MSS. [Emerentiane virg.]
24.01.cBabile/BasileBabile (20), Basile (11), Columbain (3)
25.01.d*PolAll MSS. [Conversio sci pauli] Dies eger
26.01.ePolicarpe (33)Julien~27.(5)
27.01.fJulien (35)Agnes~28.(2), Policarpe~26.(2)
28.01.gAgnes (ii) (32)Charles (2), Paule~29.(2)
29.01.APaule (20)Baudent~30. (3), Metran~31.(4), Susanne (2), Valeri (8)
30.01.bCritical dayAlixandre (3), Audegonde (3), Bapteust (2), Beatrix (4), Baudour[Batilde](11), Paule~29.(5), Policarpe (3)
31.01.cMetran (27)Blanchart (5), Ulfie (2)[Use of Amiens]
01.02.dBrideAll MSS. [Brigide virg.] No significant variants
02.02.e*La chandeleurAll MSS. [Purificatio b.m.v.]
03.02.fBlaise / BlameAll MSS. (Blaise (31) Blame (11)) [MP: Blasii epi et mr. duplum.]
04.02.gAventin (32)Lieffart (5), Valentin (3), Dies eger
05.02.AAgathe v.All MSS.
06.02.bAmant (39)Vaast (2)
07.02.cElaine (30)Symeon (2), Theodoire (5)[Group P];
08.02.dSalmon (29)Denis (3), Elaine~7. (4)
09.02.eAubert (24)Appoline (15), Scolace~10.(2)
10.02.fScolace (40)All MSS. [Scolastique v.] (Desir~11.(2))
11.02.gDesir (27)Julien (2), Salmon (4), Severin (5)
12.02.AEulalie (27)Desir~11.(2), Julien (4), Lucien~13.(3)
13.02.bLucien (27)Castor (2), Desir~11.(4), Julien (4)P
14.02.cValentin (32)Aventin (2), Galeri (2), Marcel~15.(2), Valentin (32), Valeri (3)
15.02.dMarcel (30) / marcelCraton (2), Lucien~13.(5)P, Silvain (2)T
16.02.eJulienne (38)[iulian,iulien] Marcel~15.(2) No variants
17.02.fDonne (36)[Donat, Donace] Julienne~16.(2), Symeon~18.(2)
18.02.gSymeon (33)Cloust (2)T, Donne~17.(3),
19.02.ASusanne (32)Couronne (3), Eleuthere~20.(4)
20.02.bEleuthere (20) @Cloust (5)P, Front (2)T, Marcel (5)
21.02.cVictor (22) @Galle (3), Gaule (2), Gencien (T), Vigille (2)
22.02.d*PierreAll MSS. [Cathedra sci petri]
23.02.ePolicarpe (33)Marcel (4)
24.02.f*MathiasAll MSS. [Mathie apostoli]
25.02.gVerain / VictorinDonace (2), Paulin (2)T, Verain (14), Victorin (20)
26.02.AAlixandre / Venice @Alixandre (11), Felix (2)T, Osenne (7), Venice (16)
27.02.bHonore / HonorineAudebert (2)T, Honore (10), Honorine (21), Julien (2) Venice~26.(2)
28.02.cJust (32)Romain (5)
01.03.dAubinAll MSS. [Albini epi Andegav.] Dies eger
02.03.ePrime (35)Faron (2)T, Souplice (4)
03.03.fMarin (32)Adrien~4(3), Fortunat (2)T, Fourcien (3), Martin (2)dm,
04.03.gAdrien (34)Fourcien (2), Saturin~5.(4)
05.03.ASaturin (28)Adrien~4.(3), Eusebe (4),
06.03.bFelice / Felix (23/10)Felice (23), Felix (10), Victor (2), Victorin (3)T
07.03.cPerpetue (29)Felice~6.(2)T, Felix~6.(3), Thomas daquin (7)
08.03.dPotencien / PoncienCyprien (3), Geri (2)dm, Panthaleon (2)T, Poncien (11), Potencien (17)
09.03.eBoutoul (28)Gorgon (3), Victorin (3)dm, Viron (T)
10.03.fAlixandre (37)Patris (2)
11.03.gBlanchart (32)Gordien (2), Gorgon (2)T
12.03.A*Gregoire (39)All MSS. [Gregori pape] Not always rubricated
13.03.bMacedoine (27)Innocent~14.(2), Lubin (6), Modest (2)
14.03.cInnocent (25)Leon (6)T, Lubin (3), Pierre (2), Others (7)
15.03.dLongin (33)Cornille (4)
16.03.eEdouart / OdoartEdouart (15), Odoart (13), Quiriace (5)
17.03.fGertrud / PatrisEdouart~16.(2), Gertrud (19), Patris (18)
18.03.gOffrain (26)Affradoce~19.(2), Alixandre (2), Gertrud~17.(2), Joseph (2), Vulfran (2)dm
19.03.AAffradoce (28)Joseph (2), Offrain~18.(2), Theodoire (2)T
20.03.bAgapit (24)Affradoce~19.(2), Benoit~21.(4), Urbain (2)T, Vulfran~18.(2)
21.03.cBenoit (34)Amist (4), Sist (2)
22.03.dEmerance / QuiriaceBenoit~21.(3), Emerance (13), Saturin (2)T, Quiriace (13)
23.03.eTheodoire (28)Timothe (2)dm, Victorian (4)T, Others (6)
24.03.fCritical dayAgapit~20.(9), Aignen (2), Pinguesme (11), Sanson (2), Tecle (3), Theodoire~23.(2), Vigille (5)
25.03.g*Nostre dameAll MSS. [Annunciatio beate marie v.]
26.03.AMondain (32)Legier~27.(2), Maxime (2)T,
27.03.bLegier (31)Arnoul/Ernoul~28.(4), Jehan hermite (3)T,
28.03.cArnoul / ErnoulArnoul (13), Ernoul (22), Eustace~29.(2), Prisce (3), Rogat (2)T
29.03.dEustaceAll MSS. [Eustasii abb.] Riulle~30.(3)
30.03.eRiulle (28)Albaire~31.(2), Emille (3), Eulalie (2), Nulle (2), Quentin (2)
31.03.fAlbaire / AlbaneAlbaire/Albane (23), Balbine (5), Elaine (6), Sabine (4)T

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01.04.gValeriAll MSS. (Valerien (6))
02.04.ALegipcienne (39)Nitret (2)dm
03.04.bPancrace (38)Boniface~4.(2), Theodoise (2)
04.04.cAmbroise / BonifaceChoice: Ambroise (23), Boniface (17)
05.04.dYraine (22) @Cyrien (2), Jerome (4), Helene (2)T, Hylaire (3), Urbain (2)
06.04.eTimothe (29)Jerome (2), Machaire~7.(5), Sixte (5)
07.04.fMachaire (33)Apolline~8.(3), Timothe~6.(4)
08.04.gAppollinaire (33)Denis (2)iR, Perpetin (2)T, Procor~9.(4)
09.04.AProcor (29)[Procope (2)] Appollinaire~8.(2)T, Gobert~10.(4), Magloire (2)iR
10.04.bGobert (23) @Audebert (3)T, Leon~11.(3), Profert (9) Dies eger
11.04.cLeon [pape] (35)Marcel~12.(6)
12.04.dMarcel (27)Constantin (2)iR, Eufeme~13.(3), Just (2)T, Luc (2), Valerien~14.(3)
13.04.eEufeme (28)Valerien~14.(9)
14.04.fTyburce / ValerienEufeme~13.(4), Presme~15.(4), Tyburce (9), Valerien (19)
15.04.gPresme (28)Anaclet~16.(3), Maxime (3), Olympe (3)
16.04.AAnaclet (25)Calixte (6)T+iR, Leonide~17.(8)
17.04.bLeonide (19) @Anaclet~16.(4), Mapolice~18.(8), Pierre martir (7)T+iR
18.04.cMapolice (21) @Eleuthere (2), Fremin (2)T, Leonide~17.(3), Profert~19.(9), Rufin (2)iR
19.04.dProfert (19) @Auffage (3)iR, Leon (2)T, Victor~20.(10)
20.04.eVictor (24) @Auffage (2), Gobert (3), Profert~19.(3), Urbain (3)T Dies eger
21.04.fSymeon (17) @Avit (2), Denis~22.(2), Gobert (5), Oportune~22.(5), Robert (2)[T], Symeon (17), Victor~20.(6)
22.04.gDenis / OportuneAnastaise (3), Denis (12), Oportune (22)
23.04.A*George (36)*Often rubricated
24.04.bRobert (25)Anastaise (2), Avit (2)T, George~23.(2), Jehan (3), Vigille (4)
25.04.c*MarcAll MSS. [Marci evangeliste] (*Not always rubricated)
26.04.dCritical dayAnastaise (16), Cler/Clet (13), Spire (2)[T], Vital~27.(6)
27.04.eAnastaise / Vital @Anastaise (16), Germain~28.(8), Vital (14)
28.04.fGermain / Vital @Germain (15), Petre martir~29.(4), Vital (23)
29.04.gPierre martir (22) @Eufeme (3), Germain~28.(11), Oportune (2)dm, Pierre (Petre martir)(22)
30.04.AEutrope (37)Verain (2)dm
01.05.b*Philippe s.iacquesAll MSS. [Philippi et Iacobi apostolorum]
02.05.cAnastaise (37)Aquillain (2)T
03.05.d*Sainte CroixAll MSS. [Inventio sancte crucis]
04.05.eQuiriace (21)Florent (5), Fortunat~5.(7), Silvain~7.(7)
05.05.fFortunat (29)Hylaire (2)T, Juvenal (2)HR, Quiriace~4.(5)
06.05.g*JehanAll MSS. [Johannis ante portam latinam]
07.05.ASilvain (29)Juvenal (6)(T+International), Victor (3)iRH
08.05.bBeath (32)Lienard (3)iR, Sixte (2)T
09.05.c*NicholasAll MSS. [Translatio Sci Nicholai epi]
10.05.d3-Choice dayGordian (17), Mamert~11.(14), Marcellin (11)
11.05.eMamert (Memer)(25)Gendulphe (10)P, Pancrace~12.(2), Servais (3)
12.05.fPancrace (34)Achile (2)T, Marcelin~13.(2)
13.05.gMarcelien (15) @Boniface~14.(15), Martinien (2), Pancrace~12.(2), Servais (4)
14.05.ABoniface (23)Audoene (9), Honore~16.(2), Victor (2)T, Ysidoire~15.(2)
15.05.bYsidoire (32)Fauste (3), Honorine~16.(2), Timothe (2)
16.05.cHonnore (29)Honorine (4)(Group P), Peregrin (2)
17.05.dAmbroise (25)Aquillain (4)iRH, Felice~18.(3), Jerome (3), Perpetin (2)
18.05.eFelice (29)Paulin (2), Potencien (3), Vandrille (2)
19.05.f*Yves (31)*(Sometimes rubricated, especially around 1400) Potencien (7)
20.05.gVandrille (22)Audebert~21.(5), Emille~22.(2), Maxime (5)P
21.05.AAudebert (25)Desir~23.(2), Emille~22.(2), Marcellien (2), Vandrille~20.(5)P
22.05.bEmille (19) @Audebert~21.(6)P, Desir~23.(6), Donne~24.(2), Helene (4)
23.05.cDesir (24)Dominique (2), Donacien (3), Emille~22.(5)P, Felice (2)
24.05.dDonne (24)Avit (2)nv, Desir~23.(6)P, Marcellien (2)T, Urbain~25.(2)
25.05.eUrbain (33)Donne~24.(5)P - D¹ Dies eger
26.05.fAugustin (30)Gereon~27.(2), Urbain~25.(5)P
27.05.gCritical dayAquilain (6), Augustin~26.(6), Gereon (16), Germain~28.(2), Hildevert (6)
28.05.AGermain (31)Gereon~27.(4)P, Maxime~29.(3)
29.05.bMaxime (30)Felix~30.(2), Germain~28.(5)P
30.05.cFelix (30)Maxime~29.(5)P, Perronelle~31.(3)
31.05.dPerronelle (38)All MSS. [MP: Petronille virg. Memoria]
01.06.eNichomede (40)Romain (2)
02.06.fMarcellin / MathelinAll MSS. [MP: Marcelli et Petri mrm. iij lc]
03.06.gLieffart (34)Occide (2)HR, Richier (4)T
04.06.APanthalin (39)Quirin (3)T
05.06.bBonifaceAll MSS.
06.06.cCritical dayAlain (3), Arcesme (4), Claude (3), Mathurin (2), Ponce (19), Saturin (6)
07.06.dProiet / PolPol (12)[Pauli ep. Constantinop.m. 7.06.], Proiet (24)
08.06.eMarc / MedartMarc (22), Medart (15)[MP: Medardi et Gildardi epm iij lc.], Felicien~9.(2)
09.06.fFelicien (36)Prime (2) No significant variants
10.06.gLandri (39)All MSS. [MP: Landerici epi et cf. ix lc.]
11.06.A*BarnabeAll MSS. [Barnabe apostoli]
12.06.bBasille (34)(Sainte in some Mss.) Tyrin (2)T
13.06.cValerien (18)Anthoine (2), Fercule (2), Leon (9), Rufin~14.(2)
14.06.dCritical dayAignen (9), Basille (11), Presme (3), Rufin (12), Valerien~13.(3)
15.06.eFlour / ModestFlour (16), Modest (18)
16.06.fCyr (34)[Scire, Cire, Sire][Cir s.julite (3)], Severin (2)
17.06.gBoutoul (21) @Aignen (2), Avit (6), Cyr~16.(2), Ernoul (2), Romain (4)
18.06.A3-Choice day Marcellian (14), Marine (16), Maxime (10)
19.06.bGervais (35)Germain (4),
20.06.cFlorent (34)Bernard (2)T, Lyeffroy~21.(5)
21.06.dLyeffroy (30)Albain/Aubin (3)iRH, Appolline (2), Florent~20.(4)P
22.06.ePaulin (30)Albain (4), Apolin (3), Les x mille martirs (2)
23.06.fVigilleAll MSS.
24.06.g*Jehan bapt.All MSS. [Nativitas iohannis baptiste]
25.06.A*EloyAll MSS. [Trsl. Eligii epi]
26.06.bJehan s. pol (35)[Jehan (11), Jehan s.pol (20), Pol (4)] Joseph (2), Leon~27.(3)
27.06.cLeon (24)Fuscien (5)HR+T, Jehan s.pol~26.(7)+P
28.06.dVigilleAll MSS.
29.06.e*Pierre s. pol[Petri et pauli apostolorum]
30.06.fMarcial / PolMarcial (27)[Marcel (7)], Commemoration s.pol (12)[Pol (5)]

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01.07.gThibaut (37)All MSS.
02.07.AProces (30)Martinien (8)
03.07.bApolin / ThomasApolin (23), Thomas (13)
04.07.c*Martin (40)All MSS. [Martini epi et cf.]
05.07.dDominique (38)All MSS. [Dominici cf.] Ste Doctrine (2)HR,
06.07.eOct. s. Pierre (37)All MSS. [Oct. des apostres (3)]
07.07.fThomas (26)Claudin (4), Victorin (6)
08.07.gProcope (28)Claude/Claudien (6), Grimbaut (3), Victorin (2)T
09.07.AZenon (37)Thibault (3), Waubourc (2),
10.07.bLes vij freres (35)No significant variants
11.07.cBenoitAll MSS. [MP: Trsl. S.Benedicti abb. ix lc.]
12.07.dSist (24)Rufin (9), Felix (2)T, Just (2), Dies eger
13.07.eCurien (19)Aignen (3), Cille (2), Rufin (2), Sist~12.(4), Willedrice (2)
14.07.fCritical dayCurien~13.(4), Eracle (4), Justin (4), Landri (14), Vaast (9)
15.07.gBertin (27)Florentin (3), Vaast (8)+iR+T
16.07.AAlexis (25)Bertin~15.(8), Nichaise (5)
17.07.bPiath (27)Alexis~16.(7), Quineline (2)HR
18.07.cErnoul [Arnoul](36)Arnoul (15), Ernoul (21), Grisogon (3)
19.07.dJust / Justin (25) @[Justin (4)], Emont (5), Praxede (2)
20.07.e*Marguerite (37)All MSS. [Margarete virg.] *(Sometimes rubricated)
21.07.fVictor (17) @Praxede (13), Pancrace (8)
22.07.g*La magdaleneAll MSS. [Marie magdalene] Apollinaire~23.(2)dm, Dies eger
23.07.AApollinaire (36)*La magdalene~22.(2)dm
24.07.bCristineAll MSS. (xpine) [Christine virg. et mr.]
25.07.c*Jaques s. xpofleAll MSS. [Jacobi apostoli](Alone (8) +Christofori (30))
26.07.dMarcel (26)Anne (9)[=Use outside Paris]
27.07.eLes vij dormans (31)Marcel~26.(2), Panthaleon (2), Transfiguration (2)
28.07.f*Anne (24)Les sept dormans~27.(4), Marcel~26.(2), Panthaleon (2), Sampson (6)
29.07.gCritical dayAbdon~30.(2), Beatrix (5), Felix (16), Lubin (5), Marthe (4), Panthaleon (4), Souplice (2)
30.07.AAbdon (36)Felix~29.(2)
31.07.bGermainAll MSS. [MP: Germani epi antisiod. [duplum]]
01.08.c*Pierre / PereAll MSS. [Petri ad vincula] Dies eger
02.08.dEstienne (pape)All MSS. [Stephani pape mr.], Foy (2)T
03.08.e*Estienne (martir)All MSS. [Inventio sci Stephani prothomr.]
04.08.fOsonans (29)Justin (5)iRH, Quirin (2)T, Yon~5.(4)P
05.08.gYon (20) Boniface (3), Cassian (2), Dominique (4), Lyon (2), Osonans~4.(3), Sist~6.(3)
06.08.ASist (30)Aresme (2)T, Donat~7.(3)P, Sire (2)
07.08.bDonne / Donat (34)Justin~8.(4)P, Pol (2)T
08.08.cJustin (27)Cyriace (5), Medart (3), Osonans (3), Sire (3)
09.08.dVigille (40)All MSS., Vaast (2)(Northern France)
10.08.e*LorensAll MSS. [Laurentii martiris]
11.08.fCouronne (18) @Maurice (5), Taurin (2), Tyburce (4), Ypolite (4), Yuri (4)
12.08.gCritical dayClaire (18), Couronne~11.(3)P, Epule (11), Tecle (2)iR, Tyburce (6), Tyrin (2)T
13.08.AYpolite (33)Claire~12.(5)P, Eufeme (2)T, Germer (2)iR
14.08.bVigilleAll MSS.
15.08.c*Nostre dameAll MSS. [Assumptio b. m. v.]
16.08.dEsmaude / Omer Esmaude (11), Omer (14), Emerance (2), Frambout (3), Osonans (2), Theodoire (4)
17.08.eOct. s. laurens (28)Agapit~18.(2), Candre (5), Memer (3), Ynoxin (2)
18.08.fAgapit (38)Grant~19.(2)
19.08.gGrant (27)Bernard~20.(6), Loys (2), Main (4)
20.08.ABernard (25)Philibert (9), Prime~21.(7)
21.08.bPrime / Prive (31)Prime (18), Prive (13), Symphorien~22.(6), Timothe~23.(3)
22.08.cSymphorien (34)Prime/Prive~21.(3)+T, Timothe~23.(5)
23.08.dTimothe (31)Apollinaire (4)+T, Grant~19.(4), Vigille (2)
24.08.e*BerthelemieuAll MSS. [Bartholomei apostoli]
25.08.f*Loys royAll MSS. [Ludovici regis francie] (Not always rubricated)
26.08.gAbondin (34)[Abdon (5)], Bernard (6)+T
27.08.AGeorge (20) @Cesaire (2)jL, Rufin (8), Souplice (6)
28.08.bAugustin / JulienAugustin (32), Jehan decolace~29.(2), Julien (8)
29.08.c*Jehan decollaceAll MSS. [Decollatio iohannis baptiste], Fiacre (2)dm
30.08.dFiacre (40)All MSS. No variants (Paulin~31.(2))
31.08.ePaulin (37)Curien (2)dm,
01.09.fLeu S.GilleAll MSS. [Egidii abb.] Gille (3), Gille s.leu (5) *(Frequently rubricated)
02.09.gAntoineAll MSS. [MP: Antonini mr. iij lc.]
03.09.AGodegran (27)[MP: Godegrandi epi et mr.Memª] Ayoul (3)dm, Leu (3), Romacle (4), Dies eger
04.09.bMarcel (38)All MSS. [MP: Marcelli martiris Memª] Victorin~5.(2)
05.09.cVictorin (30)[MP: Victorini epi mr. iij lc. ] Bertin (6)
06.09.dDonacien (29)Amator (4), Eleuthere (2)T, Hubert (2)
07.09.eCloust (33)[MP: Clodoaldi conf. ix lc. ] Maclou (2)T, Vigille (3)dm
08.09.f*Nostre dameAll MSS. [Nativitas b. m. v.]
09.09.gGorgone / OmerGorgone (13)[MP: Gorgoni mris. Memª], Omer (27)
10.09.ACritical dayCire (3), Demettre (10), Gobert (3), Gorgone~9. (3), Nemesin (15), Venice (4)
11.09.bProthin (35)Jacien (4) [MP: Prothi et Iacincti mrm. Memoria]
12.09.cCire (31)Cire (12), Scire (8), Sire (11), Turin (2)T, Venant~13.(2)dm
13.09.dCritical day[Vigille] Venant (17), Maurilion (9), Ame (3), Avit (3), Regnault (5)
14.09.e*Sainte CroixAll MSS. [Exaltatio sancte crucis]
15.09.fNichomede (23)Lubin (3), Oct. nostre dame (11), Prothin (2)
16.09.gEufeme / MathelinEufeme (21), Mathelin (10), Presme (5)
17.09.ALambert (26)Lieffart (7), Omer (2)
18.09.bFerioul (26)Panthalin (8), Signe~19.(2)
19.09.cSigne (34)No significant variants
20.09.dVigilleAll MSS.
21.09.e*MathieuAll MSS. [Mathei ap. et ev.]
22.09.fMorice [Maurice]All MSS. Tecle~23.(2)
23.09.gTecle (35)No significant variants
24.09.ACritical dayEustace (8), Solempne (8), Felix (5), Fremin~25.(3), Various others (14)
25.09.bFremin/Firmin (37) All MSS. [Firmini epi] Cyprien~26.(2)
26.09.cCyprien (32)Cosme~27.(2), Senator (4)
27.09.dCosme (et Damien)All MSS. [Cosme (27), Cosme et Damien (8)]
28.09.ePresme (21)Cepire (4)dm, Expire (2), Oct. s. mathieu (4), Spire (2)
29.09.f*MichielAll MSS. [Dedicatio sancti michaelis]
30.09.gJerosmeAll MSS. [Hieronimi]

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01.10.A*RemiAll MSS. [MP: *Remigii epi et conf. ix lc.] *Often rubricated
02.10.bLegierAll MSS. [Leodegarii epi]
03.10.cVictor (31)Aure (2), Francois~4.(4), Meme (2)
04.10.dFrancois (36)Amee (2), Aure (2) Dies eger
05.10.eCristine (33)Apollinaire (2)T, Cyr (2)dm
06.10.fFoy (35)Marc~7.(4)
07.10.gMarc (29)Benoit (2), Demettre~8.(4), Foy~6.(5)
08.10.ADemettre (31)Benoit (3)
09.10.b*DenisAll MSS. [Dyonisii et soc. mrm.] *Often rubricated
10.10.cGereon (31)Paulin (2)
11.10.dMachaire (24)Nichaise (7), Venant~12.(5)
12.10.eVenant / CurienVenant (22), Curien~13.(12), Regnault (3)
13.10.fCurien (19) @Calixte~14.(5), Gerard (5), Theophile (2)T, Venant~12.(7)
14.10.gCalixte (29)Capraise (2)dm, Curien~13.(3), Offran~15.(5)
15.10.AOffran (32)Lin (2)dm, Curien~13.(2)
16.10.bCritical dayCerbon~17.(4), Gabriel (10), Lucien (8), Michiel (13), Oct.s.denis (3)
17.10.cCerbon (25)Florent (10), Michiel~16.(2)
18.10.d*Luc / LucasAll MSS. [Luce evang.]
19.10.eCritical dayAmant (2), Avie (4), Capraise~20.(3), Luternast (11), Potencien (3), Savinian (5), Tholome (8),
20.10.fCapraise (36)No significant variants
21.10.gLes xi mille viergesAll MSS. (40) [MP: XI milia virginum, duplum. ]
22.10.AMalou / Mellon (35)Gracien~23.(2), Severin~23.(3)
23.10.bCritical day Gracien (19), Magloire (3), Romain (9), Severin (7)
24.10.cMagloire (35)Romain~23.(2)
25.10.dCrespin (37)Amant~26.(2), Magloire~24.(3)
26.10.eAmant (36)Crespin~25.(3)
27.10.fVigilleAll MSS. [MP: Vigilia et missa]
28.10.g*Symon s.iudeAll MSS. [Symonis et iude apostolorum]
29.10.ANarcis (29)Faron (3)T, Lucain~30.(3), [Vael/Mel/Veriel (3))
30.10.bLucain (31)Narcis~29.(2), Satren (3)
31.10.cQuentin / VigilleQuentin (9), Quentin.Vigile (3), Vigille (25)
01.11.d*ToussainsAll MSS. [Omnium sanctorum]
02.11.e*Les morsAll MSS. [Commemoratio defunctorum] (*Not always rubricated)
03.11.fMarcel (38)Hubert (3)
04.11.gCler (34)Hubert~3.(4)+T, Lye~5.(2)
05.11.ALye (29)Cler~4.(6)+T, Felix (2)HR, Lienart~6.(2) Dies eger
06.11.bLienart (34)Leonard (5)
07.11.cHerculain (34)Lienart~6.(2), Willebourc (2)HR
08.11.dLes iiij coronnes (37)Herculain~7.(2)
09.11.eTheodoire / MaturinLes iiij coronnes~8.(3), Choice: Mathelin (8), Maturin (11), Theodoire (18)
10.11.f3-Choice dayMartin pape (8)+HR+T, Tyburce (11)+P, Verain (21)
11.11.g*MartinAll MSS. [Martini episcopi et martiris]
12.11.ALeon (29)Bon (6), Lievin (3) [NB varianter af Liène?=Leon cf.Perdrizet]
13.11.bBriceAll MSS. [Brictii epi] Leon~12.(2)
14.11.cMaclou (28)Eugene~15.(5), Lorens evesque (3), Ogin~15.(2)T
15.11.dEugene (20) @Fauste~16.(9)P+dm, Maclou~14.(11)HR+T
16.11.eFauste (20) @Aignen~17.(11)P+dm, Emont (6)+T,
17.11.fAignen /Anian (25)Mauduit~18.(10)P+dm
18.11.gCritical dayAude (7), Mauduit (12), Oct.s.martin (5), Romain~19.(12)
19.11.ACritical dayColumbain (2), Elizabeth (11), Emont~20.(11), Romain (14)
20.11.bEmont / ColumbainColumbain (14), Emont (17), Maxence (4), Valeri (2)
21.11.cColumbain (22) @Just (10), Romain~19.(2), Cecile~22.(4),
22.11.dCecile (34)Clement~23.(2), Columbain~21.(4)
23.11.e*ClementAll MSS. [Clementis pape]
24.11.fGrisogone (34)Severin (2)
25.11.g*KatherineAll MSS. [Katherine virginis et martiris]
26.11.AGenevieve (36)Empty (2)
27.11.bVital (29)Empty (2), Maxime (3)iRH, Ruffin~28.(2)
28.11.cRuffin (30)Empty (2), Lin (3)T Dies eger
29.11.dSaturnin / VigilleSaturnin (6), Vigille (39)
30.11.e*AndrieuAll MSS. [Andree apostoli]
01.12.f*EloyAll MSS. [Eligii epi Noviomag.]
02.12.gFlavi / LonginBibiane (3), Flavi (29), Longin (8)
03.12.AClaudrien (30)Cancian (3)T, Fortunat (4), Gracien (2)HR
04.12.bAmbroise / BarbeAmbroise (21), Barbe (18), Benoit (2), Cristine (2)HR, Susception des reliques (2)
05.12.cAmbroise / BarbeAmbroise (9), Barbe (23), Benoit (4), Crespin (3)T
06.12.d*NicholasAll MSS. [Nicolai episcopi et cf.]
07.12.eFare (34)Fiacre (2)[Error], Oct. s. Andrieu (5), Dies eger
08.12.f*Nostre dameAll MSS. [Conceptio beate marie v.]
09.12.gCyprien (33)Eulalie~10.(3), Leocade (2)HR
10.12.AEulalie (30)Fuscien~11.(3), Nichaise (8)[MP: De Sco Nicasio, semiduplum.]
11.12.bFuscien (30)Cyprien~9.(2), Fabien (2), Gencien (2), Valeri~12.(3)
12.12.cValeri / Valerien (28)Corentin (3), Curien (2), Fuscien~11.(2), Ga...? (2), Luce~13.(3)P
13.12.dLuce (35)Curien (2), Fuscien~11.(2)dm, Nichaise~14.(5)P
14.12.eNichaise (27)Anaclet (2), Eulalie (2), Valerien (5)
15.12.fMaxime (38)Valerien~12.(2)
16.12.gBarbe / SapienceBarbe (12)+iRH+dm, Ladre~17.(3), Sapience (21)
17.12.ALadreAll MSS. [Lazari epi mr.]
18.12.bFlavien / GracienAlphee (2)HR, Flavien [Flamen] (15), Gracien (18), others (6)
19.12.cCritical dayAvit (4), Emille~20.(2), Flavien~18.(2), Nemesien (3), Satir (6), Seurin (17), Venice (3)
20.12.dEmille (31)Tecle (8)
21.12.e*ThomasAll MSS. [Thome apostoli] Dies eger
22.12.fVictor (37)[Victorin (2)CL], Felix (3)iR
23.12.gBertin (33)Vertus (2), Victor~22.(4)+iR
24.12.AVigilleAll MSS. [MP: Vigilia sine prostrata]
25.12.b*NoelAll MSS. [Nativitas domini]
26.12.c*EstienneAll MSS. [Stephani prothomartiris]
27.12.d*JehanAll MSS. [Johannis ap. et evangeliste]
28.12.e*Les innocensAll MSS. [Sanctorum innocentum]
29.12.f*ThomasAll MSS. [Thome archiepi]
30.12.gColumbain/PerpetueColumbain (15), Perpetue (16), Sabin (3)iRH, Ursin (4)+T
31.12.ASilvestreAll MSS. [Silvestri pape cf.]

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