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Vespers - Ad Vesperas

The contents of Vespers and Compline were frequently standardized in Western Europe, to a degree where the basic incipits apparently become useless as indicators for the location. The predominant standard sequence at Vespers is:
Ant. Beata mater, Chapter: Beata es virgo maria, Ant. at Magnificat: Sancta maria succurre. This international uniformity is an incentive to pay a greater attention in the future to the minor variations that has been neglected in research of the past.

Appropiate notes from Vespers:
First Antiphon: incipit
Psalms: Group: [109,112,121,126,147] [121,122,123,124,125] [128,129,130,131,132] [131,132,133]
Chapter: incipit; (Optional: Responsory-verses: incipits)
Hymn: incipit (note sequence Hymn+Chapter or Chapter+Hymn)
Antiphon at Magnificat: incipit
Prayer(s): incipit(s) (optional)
[Commemoration of saints, if present]

Deus in adiutorium meum intende etc.- Psalmi
    Psalms (Use of Rome +)
  • Ps.109 Dixit Dominus
  • Ps.112 Laudate pueri
  • Ps.121 Lætatus sum
  • Ps.126 Nisi Dominus ædificaverit
  • Ps.147 Lauda Jerusalem
  • [Ant. Dum esset Rex]
  • [Ant. Læva eius]
  • [Ant. Nigra sum]
  • [Ant. Iam hiems]
  • [Ant. Speciosa facta es]
    Psalmi graduales 1: GKS 1610, Thott 537, Thott 545
  • Ps.121 Letatus sum
  • Ps.122 Ad te levavi
  • Ps.123 Nisi quia Dominus
  • Ps.124 Qui confidunt
  • Ps.125 In convertendo
    Psalmi graduales 2: NKS 35, Thott 536, Thott 540
  • Ps.128 Sæpe expugnaverunt
  • Ps.129 De profundis
  • Ps.130 Domine non est exaltatum
  • Ps.131 Memento Domine David
  • [+Ps.132 Ecce quam bonum]
Ant. If there is an antiphon to each psalm is this the antiphon to the last psalm, before the hymn or the chapter, otherwise the first antiphon is repeated here in fulltext [incipits ut supra]

Hymnus: see below after the chapter (the sequence of the hymn and the chapter is variable)

Canticum : Magnificat
Ora. (de sco spiritu) [Deus qui corda fidelium]
Ora. (de omnibus sanctis) [Ecclesiam tuam quesumus]
[Commemoratio de Sanctis ] (Repetition of the commemoration of the saints that sometimes follow Laudes)(See examples in the decription of the manuscripts and cf. the index: Suffragia sanctorum)

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