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Compline - Ad Completorium

The contents of Vespers and Compline were frequently standardized in late medieval Europe, to a degree where the basic incipits apparently become useless as indicators for the location. The predominant standard sequence at Compline is:
Ant. Cum iocunditate, Chapter: Sicut cynamomum, Ant. at Nunc dimittis: Ecce completa sunt (the last antiphon is also subject to changes within the same use!). This international uniformity is an incentive to pay a greater attention in the future to the minor variations that has been neglected in research of the past. Compline has the greatest variation in the selection of psalms, especially in monastic uses, and the list below is far from complete.

Appropiate notes from Compline
Psalms: Group: [128,129,130] [131,132,133] [12,42,128,130] [12,30,86,(-)] [12,42,133] [4,30,133] [4,30,90,133] [30,86,116]
First Antiphon: incipit
Chapter: incipit; (Optional: Responsory-verses after chapter or hymn: incipits)
Hymn: incipit (note sequence Hymn+Chapter+Versus or Chapter+Hymn+Versus)
Antiphon at Nunc dimittis: incipit
Prayer(s): incipit(s) (optional)

Converte nos deus salutaris noster -Deus in adiutorium meum intende etc.- Psalmi
    (Psalmi graduales continued from none)
  • Ps.128 Sæpe expugnaverunt
  • Ps.129 De profundis
  • Ps.130 Domine non est exaltatum
    (Psalmi graduales continued from none) GkS 3445
  • Ps.131 Memento Domine David
  • Ps.132 Ecce quam bonum
  • Ps.133 Ecce nunc benedicite
    Standard sequence: (GKS 1610, NKS 35, Thott 537,543,545)
  • Ps.12 Usque quo Domine
  • Ps.42 Judica me Deus
  • Ps.128 Sæpe expugnaverunt [+Ps.129 De profundis] Thott 548
  • Ps.130 Domine non est exaltatum
    Cambrai: (Thott 542)
  • Ps.12 Usquequo Domine
  • Ps.42 Judica me Deus
  • Ps.133 Ecce nunc benedicite

Hymnus: see below after the chapter (the sequence of the hymn and the chapter is variable)

Canticum: Nunc dimittis [Cant. Simeonis Luc.2,29-32]

Many books of hours has here an extra concluding section with "Salve Regina ", versicles, and an additional prayer (note: beware of confusions between the function of the many prayers that can occur at the end of compline!).

(followed by a prayer, for further details see the individual description of the manuscripts, - a survey will later be added here).

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