CHD Hore Beate Marie Virginis

None - Ad Nonam

Prime, Terce, Sext and None (the "small hours") - only consist of a hymn, three psalms, one antiphon, the chapter (with responsory) and the final prayer(s).

Appropiate notes from None:
Hymn: incipit (if different from Prime). In some uses has each hour a different *third* verse, rarely noticed by scholars.
Psalms: Group: [125,126,127] [128,129,130] [118 (continued)]
Antiphon: incipit
Chapter: incipit; (Optional: Responsory-verses: incipits)
Prayer(s): incipit(s) (optional)

Deus in adiutorium meum intende etc.-
    Psalmi graduales: 3rd stage [125,126,127]
  • Ps.125 In convertendo
  • Ps.126 Nisi Dominus ædificaverit
  • Ps.127 Beati omnes
    or 4th stage [128,129,130]
  • Ps.128 Sæpe expugnaverunt
  • Ps.129 De profundis
  • Ps.130 Domine non est exaltatum
    Monastic uses:
  • Ps. 118 - continued from Prime
Ant. Pulchra es [etc.choices as above]
[Oratio: Prayer to the Holy Spirit]
[Oratio: Prayer to All Saints]

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