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Full title of some of the books referred to on these pages (which also is a subjective selection of handbooks worth buying):


    General introduction:
  1. Christopher de Hamel: Scribes and Illuminators. British Museum Press 1992. 2nd impression University of Toronto Press 1993. [ISBN 0-7141-2049-9].
    (Indispensable introduction to the understanding of the production of medieval illuminated manuscripts, condensed on 72 pages with instructive illustrations- recommended before the reading of the following title or any other general history of illuminated manuscripts).
  2. Christopher de Hamel: A History of Illuminated Manuscripts. 2nd edition. London, Phaidon Press 1994 [ISBN 0-7148-3452-1]. Paperback edition 1997. 272 pages ills.
    Books of Hours:
  1. BOOKS OF HOURS. London, Phaidon Press 1996. [ISBN 0-7148-3464-5]
    (A tiny lavishly illustrated and sober introduction to books of hours, by an anonymous but very competent author. Highly recommendable as first introductory reading).
  2. Roger S.Wieck: TIME SANCTIFIED. The Book of Hours in Medieval Art and Life. With essays by Lawrence R.Poos, Virginia Reinburg & John Plummer. New York, George Braziller in association with The Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore, 1988 (1st edition) [ISBN 0-8076-1189-1] 230 pages ills.
    (In conjunction with the following title has Roger Wieck composed the most comprehensive and indispensable modern introduction to books of hours for students at all levels. Chapter XIII "Use and Beyond Use" p.149-156, by John Plummer, has outlined and inspired a new refined standard for art historical research in books of hours).
  3. Roger S. Wieck: Painted Prayers. The Book of Hours in Medieval and Renaissance Art. New York, George Braziller in association with The Pierpont Morgan Library, 1997 [ISBN 0-8076-1418-1].
    (A revision and supplement to the 1988 edition, with valuable new illustrations and scholarly catalogue entries).
    Calendars and Hagiography:
  1. H. Grotefend: Taschenbuch der Zeitrechnung des Mittelalters und der Neuzeit. 11.Aufl. Hannover 1971 (and later reprints).
    (A revised and abbreviated pocketbook edition of the original volumes by H. Grotefend, Hannover 1891-98, see below).
  2. F. G. Holweck: A Biographical Dictionary of the Saints, St. Louis 1924, (Photographic reprint, B.Herder, 1969).
    (The most handy and reliable quick reference for the localization of a saint).
    Latin Placenames:
  1. J.G.Th. Graesse: Orbis Latinus, 2nd ed. Berlin 1909. (Online edition of the classical work on Latin placenames, published by The Electronic Text Service, Columbia University).

Advanced reference books for specialists:

    Achten & Knaus:
  1. Gerard Achten & H.Knaus: Lateinische Gebetbuchhandschriften. Die Handschriften der Hessischen Landes- und Hochschulbibliothek, III, Darmstadt 1972.
    (Detailed description of the contents of the manuscripts, with index to the incipit of prayers).
    Grotefend (Grf.):
  1. H. Grotefend: Zeitrechnung des deutschen Mittelalters und der Neuzeit. I-III. Hannover 1891-98.
    (Extensive index to the saints in german calendars, with critical editions of calendars for all dioceses in Germany and Northern Europe).
  1. Paul Lacombe: Livres d'Heures imprimés au XVe et au XVIe siècles conservés dans les bibliothèques publiques de Paris. Catalogue. Paris 1907. (Valuable inventory of printed sources)
    Leroquais (VL):
  1. Victor Leroquais: Les Livres d'Heures Manuscrits de la Bibliothèque Nationale. I-III. Paris 1927. (+Supplement, Mâcon 1943).
    (Remains the fundament of all modern research in french books of hours. The detailed table of contents is a treasure of knowledge).
  2. Victor Leroquais: Les Sacramentaires et les Missels Manuscrits des Bibliothèques publiques de France. I-III. Paris 1924.
    (Reference tool for the liturgical localization of calendars and litanies in french books of hours).
  3. Victor Leroquais: Les Bréviaires Manuscrits des Bibliothèques publiques de France. I-VI. Paris 1934.
    (Reference tool for the liturgical localization of french books of hours, especially through commemorations of local saints. Volume 5 is one entire table of contents).
  4. V. Leroquais: Notebooks. Handwritten private notes on the contents of books of hours, now in the Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris, BN Ms. nouv. acq. lat. 3162-3167.
    (Can be ordered as microfilms). Ms. 3162: L'Office de la Vierge is quoted as VL with a page number in the sources for the use of the hours of the Virgin).
    Ottosen (KO):
  1. Knud Ottosen: The Responsories and Versicles of the Latin Office of the Dead. Aarhus University Press 1993.
    (The only published printed key to an identification of the office of the dead in books of hours).
  1. Paul Perdrizet: Le calendrier parisien à la fin du moyen âge d'après le bréviaire et les livres d'heures. Paris 1933 (Publications de la Faculté des Lettres de l'Université de Strasbourg, Fascicule 63).

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