CHD Septem psalmi penitentiales

The Seven Penitential Psalms

The CHD Guides to the Online Facsimiles from The Royal Library offers several descriptions of the Penitential Psalms with illustrations to the text:
  1. Thott 547 4° Bohun Hours England c.1370
  2. GKS 1610 Della Porta Hours Bourges c.1478
  3. Full-text version is found in the guide to GKS 1607 (Horae ad usum Romanum) A full-text transcription of the seven penitential psalms is easy available, either in a Vulgata Bible or in a Roman Breviary printed before 1962. To facilitate the works of students of books of hours have I made special transcripts of some of the psalms, using late medieval orthography (links below).
    Ps. 6
    Domine ne in furore....miserere
    Ps. 31
    Beati quorum
    Ps. 37
    Domine ne in furore....quoniam
    Ps. 50
    Miserere....secundum magnam
    Domine clamor
    De profundis
    Domine exaudi....auribus percipe

    If you urgently need the full official text, can I highly recommend you to pay a visit to the "Hypertext Book of Hours" by Glenn Gunhouse.
    It contains a complete transcription of a book of hours for the use of Rome, with translation into English from the Primer 1599.

    A more special version is found here in my own transcript of the Poenitentiarium Copenhagen KB NkS 50h 8vo, where the text of the penitential psalms is translated into medieval French, and each verse accompanied by a prayer in French (Hainaut c.1490).

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