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Terce - Ad Tertiam

Prime, Terce, Sext and None (the "small hours") - only consist of a hymn, three psalms, one antiphon, the chapter (with responsory) and the final prayer(s). The hymn is in most uses the same at all the small hours, which can be confirmed here at Terce. (If it is different from prime note the incipits of the hymn at the following hours).

Appropiate notes from Terce:
Hymn: incipit (same as Prime or different)
Psalms: Group: [119,120,121] [122,123,124] [118 (continued)]
Antiphon: incipit
Chapter: incipit; (Optional: Responsory-verses: incipits)
Prayer(s): incipit(s) (optional)

Deus in adiutorium meum intende etc.-
    Psalmi graduales: 1st stage:
  • Ps.119 Ad Dominum cum tribularer
  • Ps.120 Levavi oculos
  • Ps.121 Lætatus sum
    or 2nd stage: (GKS 3445)
  • Ps. 122 Ad te levavi oculos
  • Ps. 123 Nisi quia dominus
  • Ps. 124 Qui confidunt
    Monastic uses:
  • Ps. 118 - continued from Prime
Ant. Maria virgo [etc.choices as above]
[Oratio: Prayer to the Holy Spirit]
[Oratio: Prayer to All Saints]

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