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The Lauds - Ad Laudes

The Lauds is the most complicated part of the Hours of the Virgin, with the largest number of variant readings. First because the "Cursus beate marie virginis" (in the breviaries) often left the reader with the enigmatical choice between alternative antiphons (xxx vel xxx) without further explanation, and secondly because it underwent numerous changes over the centuries, resulting in several different versions of the lauds from the same diocese. The psalms at Lauds were always the same in all uses, with the only variation that the last (Ps.148) sometimes is supplemented with one or two of the following psalms (149 and 150). In that case was there not always an antiphon for each psalm in ordinary books of hours, but only a first and a last antiphon. The antiphons here [within brackets] are those from the present use of Rome, now the so-called "Officium parvum B.M.V." in the Breviarium Romanum (BR). Note that the four antiphons are identical with the antiphons that follow at the small hours and in the same order. It was originally also the intention, and is the case in some good texts from the 13th-14th Century, but unfortunately too often later ignored and changed by the many "improvements" made to many local uses. The complete set of antiphons to the Lauds in different sources is a complex matter, that I will leave out in this context (there were normally 5 antiphons to the psalms in liturgical uses).
At the end of Lauds were often placed some commemorations of saints "et fit commemoratio de sanctis" see also under Vespers where the commemorations were repeated in the same form.
Appropiate notes from the Lauds:
First antiphon (Ps.92): incipit
(Optional: incipit of the antiphons between the psalms for research purposes)
Hymn: incipit (or absence-!) (note sequence: Hymn+Chapter or Chapter+Hymn)
Chapter: incipit.(Optional: Responsory after Chapter or Hymn: incipit)
Antiphon at the canticle Benedictus: incipit
Presence of Salve Regina (with verses)
Prayer(s): incipit (optional)
Commemoration of special saints (i.e. patrons of location and/or owners)

eus in adiutorium meum intende etc.- Psalms [Pss. 92, 99, 62, 66, B, 148, (149, 150)]
Ps.92 Dominus regnavit, decorem [Ant.Assumpta est (=Prime)]
Ps.99 Iubilate Deo...servite[Ant.Maria Virgo assumpta est (=Terce)]
Ps.62 Deus Deus meus, ad te
[Divisio: Ps.66 Deus misereatur]
Canticum: Benedicite [Canticum trium puerorum][Ant.In odorem (=Sext)]
Ps.148 Laudate Dominum de celis [Ant.Pulchra es (=None)]
[Ps.149 Cantate Domino...laus]
[Ps.150 Laudate Dominum in sanctis]
Hymnus: (See below) A hymn can be placed both before and after the chapter:
H+C: Hymnus - Capitulum - Responsory & Versicle.
C+H: Capitulum - Hymnus - Responsory & Versicle
Canticum: Benedictus [Cant.Zachariae Luc.1,68-79]. [Salve Regina (with verses)]
[Oratio: Prayer to the Holy Spirit] [Oratio: Prayer to All Saints]

[Commemoratio de Sanctis ] (cf.Vespers)

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