CHD Kalendarium
Horæ ad usum Sarum c.1503-1505
Copenhagen Kongelige Bibliotek CMB Perg.19

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Hore ad usum Sarum, Pro Antonio Verard, Paris [Wolfgang Hopyl] 1503-05
Compared with Breviarium Sarum, ed.1531:
F.Proctor et C. Wordsworth: Breviarium ad usum insignis ecclesie Sarum, Fasciculus I, Canterbury 1887.
The calendar in the 1503 Sarum Hours has a saint for every day of the year, a so-called "composite" calendar. Comparison with other printed Sarum Hours, and especially with the kalendarium composed by Proctor and Worthworth (on basis of a number of sources) does show a surprising consistency in this calendar type, in strong contrast to similar calendars on the Continent, where this type of calendar rapidly was corrupted by numerous scribal errors. The printer has, however, made some serious misprints, and the entries are abbreviated to a degree which make it completely uncomprehensible to the modern reader.
A litteral transcription after the original would not make any sense. Most abbreviations are therefore silently expanded, in accordance with other contemporary sources. The second column contains the corresponding entry in the Sarum Breviary as published by Proctor and Worthworth, unless otherwise indicated in the following note. The original spelling can be seen in the digital facsimile from the Royal Library in Copenhagen, available at a click on the link with the folio number.
Since all is printed in black did the printers indicate rubricated feasts by an initial kapital letter. All days with a kapital initial are thus reproduced here in red, although the numerous misprints somehow undermine the reliability down to every minor detail. Only three of the rubricated days are suspicious: 3 June: Erasmi, 12 July: Naboris, and 3 December: Barbara. The last was perhaps added by the printer as customary, the first two could be an indirect indication of the origin of the model (which obviously is derived from a Franciscan calendar).

At the bottom of each page is a four-line verse about the month, and a Cisiojanus taken from another source. The absense in the calendar of several key saints from the Cisiojanus is a firm proof that it not was composed for a Sarum calendar. The original intention with the Cisiojanus was to divide it in as many syllabels as there were days in the month. This has long ago been obscured by modifications and lack of spacing between the syllabels. See: Cisiojanus for other similar versions.

01.01iijACircumcisio dominiCircumcisio Domini
02.01bocta. stephaniOctava Stephani
03.01xjcocta. iohannisOctava Johannis ev.
04.01docta. innocentiumOctava innocentium
06.01viijfEpiphaniaEpyphania Domini
07.01gfelicisFelicis et Januarii(nihil fit)
08.01xvjAlucianiLuciani presbyteri
09.01vbsancti iudociJodoci mr.(nihil fit)
10.01cpauli heremitePauli primi heremite
11.01xiijdignatii papeIgnatii pb. et mr.(nihil fit)
12.01ijerichardi epi.Richardi epi.(Not in the Sarum Breviary, irregular date)
13.01fOct. epiphanie(day omitted, no letter f)
14.01xgfelicisFelicis pb. mr.
15.01Amauri abbatisMauri abb. cf.
16.01xviijbmarcelliMarcelli pp. mr.
17.01vijcsulpiciiSulpicii epi. cf.
18.01dprisce virg.Prisce virg.
19.01xvewulstaniVulstani epi. cf.
20.01iiijffabiani et sebastianiFabiani et Sebastiani m.
21.01gagnetis virg.Agnetis virg.
22.01xijAVincentiiVincentii mr.
23.01ibemerentianeEmerentiane v. m.(nihil fit)
24.01cthimotheiTimothei(nihil fit)
25.01ixdConversio pauliConversio Pauli
26.01epolicarpiPolicarpi epi.(nihil fit)
27.01xvijfiuliani epi.Juliani epi.
28.01vjgAgnetis secundo(day omitted by error, no letter g)
29.01Avalerii epiValerii epi.(nihil fit)
30.01xiiijbbaltildisBaltildis v. regine
31.01iijcsaturniniSaturnini et Victoris(nihil fit)
In iano claris calidisque cibis potiaris
Atque decens potus post fercula sit tibi notus
Cedit enim edo tunc potatus ut bene credo
Balnea tute intres et venam [fidr?] cures.

Cisio ianus epi sibi vendicat hil felix mar en
Prisca fab ag vincenti paulus nobile lumem.

01.02dignaciiIgnatii epi.Brigide virg.! (Ignatius placed on 31 January in Douce ms.275, nihil fit)
02.02xjePurificatio b. mariePurificatio Marie
03.02xixfblasii epi.Blasii epi.
04.02viijggilbertiGilberti cf.(nihil fit)
05.02AagatheAgathe virg.
06.02xvjbvedastiVedasti et Amandi mrm.
07.02vcanguliAnguli epi.(nihil fit)
08.02dpauli epi.Pauli epi.(nihil fit)
09.02xiijeapolonieApollonie v.(nihil fit)
10.02ijfscolasticeScolastice virg.misprinted "colastice", mislead by the preceding f
11.02geufrasieEufrasie virg.(nihil fit, also Trsl. Frideswide v.)
12.02xAeulalie virg.Eulalie virg.(nihil fit)
13.02bwlfranniVulfranni epi. mr.(nihil fit)
14.02xviijcvalentiniValentini mr.
15.02vijdfaustiniFaustini et Jovite(nihil fit)
16.02eiuliane virg.Juliane v. m.
17.02xvfpolicroniiPolicronii epi. m.
18.02iiijgsymeonisSymeonis epi. m.(nihil fit)
19.02Asabiani et iulianiSabini et Juliani mrm.(nihil fit)
20.02xijbmildredeMildrede virg.(nihil fit)
21.02icsanctorum .lxxix.Sexaginta novem mrm.
22.02dCathedra petriCathedra Petri
24.02fMathie apostoliMathie apostoli
25.02xvijginventio pauliInventio Pauli(nihil fit)
26.02vjAfortunatiFortunati epi. mr.Sarum: Alexandri epi. (nihil fit)
27.02baugustiniAugustini epi.
28.02xiiijcoswaldiOswaldi regis(misprint: coswaldi)
Nascitur occulta febris februario multa
Potibus et escis si caute minuere velut tunc cave
frigora d'pollice fundere cruore
Suge mellis favum pectoris morbos qui curabit.

Bri pur blasis ag dor februo scolastica valent.
Juli coniunge tu petrum mathiam inde.

01.03iijddavid epi.Davidis epi. cf.
02.03ecedde epi.Cedde epi. cf.
03.03xjfmariniMaurini et Asterii(nihil fit)
04.03gadrianiAdriani mr.(nihil fit)
05.03xixAfote eusebiPhoce et Eusebii(nihil fit)
06.03viijbvictorisVictoris et Victorini(nihil fit)
07.03cperpetuePerpetue et Felicitatis
08.03xvjddepositio felicisDepositio Felicis(nihil fit)
09.03vexi. martirumQuadraginta martyrum
10.03fagape virginisAgape virginis(nihil fit, unusual date)
11.03xiijgquiron. et can.Quirini et Candidi mrm.(nihil fit)
12.03ijAgregoriiGregorii pape
13.03btheodoreeTheodore v. martyrisSarum: nihil fit (Equinoctium vernale)
14.03xcpetri mart.Petri martyris(nihil fit)
15.03dlonginiLongini mr.(nihil fit)
16.03xviijehylarii et ta.Hylarii et Tatiani mrm.(Not Sarum)
17.03vijfpatriciiPatricii epi.(nihil fit)
18.03geduwardiEdwardi regis mr.
19.03xvAioseph sponseJoseph sponse b.m.v.
20.03iiijbcuthbertiCuthberti epi. cf.
21.03cbenedictiBenedicti abbatis
22.03xijdaffrodosiAphrodosii epi.(nihil fit)
23.03ietheodori presb.Theodori epi.(nihil fit)
24.03fagapitiAgapiti mr.(nihil fit)
25.03ixgAnnuntiatioAnnuntiatio B.M.V.
26.03AcastorisCastoris mr.(nihil fit)
27.03xvijbResurrectio dominiResurrectio DominiSarum: Festum principale
28.03vjcdorotheeDorothee virg.(nihil fit)
29.03dvictoriniVictorini m.(nihil fit)
30.03xiiijequiriniQurini m.(nihil fit)
31.03iijfaldelmi epi.Adelmi epi.(nihil fit) Cisiojanus: Martius officio decoratur ...
Martius humores gignit variosque dolores
Sume cibum pure cocturas si placet ure.
Balnea sunt sana sed que superflua vana.
Vena nec abdenda nec potio [sit] tribuenda.

Martius officio decoratur gregoriano
Gertru alba bene iuncta maria genitrice.

01.04gtheodoreTheodore v.(nihil fit)
02.04xjAmarie egyptiaceMarie egyptiace(nihil fit)
03.04bricardi epi.Richardi epi. cf.
04.04xixcambrosiiAmbrosii epi.
05.04viijdmartinianiMartiani m.(nihil fit)
06.04xvjesixti papeSixti pape m.(nihil fit)
07.04vfeufemieEuphemie virg.(nihil fit)
08.04gegesippiEgesippi et soc.mrm.(nihil fit)
09.04xiijAperpetuiPerpetui epi.(nihil fit)
10.04ijbvii virginumSeptem virginum(nihil fit)
11.04cguthlatiGuthlaci conf.(nihil fit)
12.04xdiulii papeJulii pp. cf.(nihil fit)
13.04eeufemieEuphemie v.(nihil fit)
14.04xviijftiburciiTiburtii et Valeriani
15.04vijgoswaldiOswaldi archiepi.printed "owaldi"
16.04vijAysidoriIsidori mr.(nihil fit)
17.04xvbanicetiAniceti pape(nihil fit)
18.04iiijceleutheriiEleutherii epi.(nihil fit)
19.04dalphee epi.Alphegi archiepi.
20.04xijevictoris papeVictoris pp. m.(nihil fit)
21.04ifsymeonisSimonis epi.(nihil fit)
22.04gsotherisSotheris(nihil fit)
23.04ixAgeorgiiGeorgii mr.
24.04bwilfridiWilfridi epi. cf.
25.04xvijcMarcii evangelisteMarci evangeliste
26.04vjdcleti papeCleti pape(nihil fit)
27.04eanastasiiAnastasii pape(nihil fit)
28.04xiiijfvitalis mart.Vitalis mr.
29.04iiigpetri mart.Petri Mediolanensis m.
30.04Aederlren. (? lr=k)Erkenwaldi?Misprint. Sarum: Erkenwaldi
Hic probat in vere vires aprilis habere
Cuncta renascuntur pori tunc aperiuntur
In quo scalpescit corpus sanguinis quoque erescit
Ergo solvatur ventre cruor que minuatur.

April in ambrosi festum sonat atque tiburci
Et valet sanctique geor marcique vitalis.

01.05xjbPhilippi et iacobiPhilippi et Jacobi ap.
02.05cathanasiiAthanasii arthana- (nihil fit)
03.05xixdInventio sancte crucisInventio S. Crucis
04.05viijecorone dominiCorone spinee Domini(nihil fit)
05.05fgothardiGodardi epi.(nihil fit)
06.05xvjgJohannis ante portam latinamJohannis ante Portam Latinam
07.05vAiohannisJohannis de Beverlaco
08.05bapparitio michaelisApparitio Michaelis(nihil fit)
09.05xiijctranslatio s. nicolaeTrsl. Nicholai epi.
10.05ijdgordianiGordiani et Epymachi
11.05eanthoniiAnthonii m.(nihil fit)
12.05xfnerei achillei Nerei, Achillei et Pancratii m.
13.05ggervasiiServatii cf.(nihil fit)
14.05xviijAbonifaciiBonifacii m.(nihil fit)
15.05vijbsidoriiIsidori m.misprint (nihil fit)
16.05cbrandani episcopiBrandani epi.(nihil fit)
17.05xvdtranslatio s. bernardiTrsl. Bernardi (nihil fit)
18.05iiijedioscoriiDioscori m.(nihil fit)
19.05fdunstaniDunstani archiepi.
20.05xijgbernardiniBernardini cf.(nihil fit)
21.05iAhelene regineHelene regine(nihil fit)
22.05biuliane virginisJuliane virg.(nihil fit)
23.05ixcdesideriiDesiderii m.(nihil fit)
24.05dtranslatio s. francisciTrsl. Francisci(Only Franciscans)
25.05xvijeadelliniAldelmi epi. cf.
26.05vjfaugustiniAugustini epi.Anglorum apostoli
27.05gbede presbiteriBede pb.
28.05xiiijAgermaniGermani epi.
29.05iijbcoronis m.Coronis martyris(nihil fit)
30.05cfelicis papeFelicis pape(nihil fit)
31.05xjdpetronillePetronille virginis
Mayo secure laxari sit tibi cure
Scindatur vena sed balnea dentur amena
Cum calidis rebus sint fercula seu spem?bus
Potibus astrieta sit saluia cum benedictam

Philip crux iunge iohan et nicol gengul adoptans.
Maius in hac serie desit urbanum germanum pe.

01.06enicomedisNichomedis mr.
02.06xixfmarcelliniMarcellini et Petri mrm.
03.06viijgErasmiErasmi mr.(Curious rubrication. Sarum: nihil fit!)
04.06xvjApetrociPetrocii cf.(nihil fit)
05.06vbbonifaciiBonifacii epi. soc. mrm.
06.06cmelonisMelonis epi.(nihil fit)
07.06xiijdtranslatio wlstaniTrsl. Wulstanni(nihil fit)
08.06ijewillelmiMedardi et Gildardi ep. Wilhelmi epi.(Wilhelmi epi.: nihil fit)
09.06ftranslatio edmundiTrsl. Edmundi archiepi.
10.06xgtranslatio yvonisTrsl. Yvonis(nihil fit)
11.06Abarnabe Barnabe apostoli1531: ix lectiones
12.06xviijbbasilidis Basilidis, Cirini, Naboris, Nazarii mrm.
13.06vijcanthoniiAnthonii de Padua cf.(Franciscan feast. Sarum: Sol in cancro. Solsticium estivale)
14.06d blasii epi. Basilii fit)
15.06xveviti et modestiViti, Modesti et Crescentie mrm.
16.06iiijftranslatio ricardiTrsl. Richardi
17.06gbotulphiBotulphi cf.(nihil fit)
18.06xiiAmarciMarci et Marcelliani mrm.
19.06ibgervasiGervasii et Prothasii
20.06ctranslatio s. edwardiTrsl. Edwardi regismisprint: s.war.
21.06ixdwaburgeWalburge v.(nihil fit)
22.06ealbani mr.Albani mr.Sarum 1531: ix lec.
23.06xvijfvigiliaVigiliaSarum: Trsl. Etheldrede virg. iii. lec.
24.06vjgNativitas s. iohannisNativitas Johannis bapt.
25.06Atranslatio s. eligiiTrsl. Eligii epi.(nihil fit)
26.06xiiijbiohannis et pauliJohannis et Pauli mrm.
27.06iijcsancte crescentisSancte Crescentie(nihil fit)
28.06dleonis papeLeonis pape
29.06xiePetri et pauliPetri et Pauli ap.
30.06fcommemoratio pauliCommemoratio PauliCisiojanus: Nic marcel iuni ...
In iuno gentes perturbat medo bibentes
Atque novellarum fuge potus cervisiarum
Ne noceat colera valet hec refectio vera
Lactuce frondesede ieiunus bibe fontes.

Nic marcel iuni claudius sibi barnab et anni.
Ferreo gervasi batis iohan denique pe pau.

01.07xixgocta. s. iohannisOctava Johannis bapt.
02.07viijAvisitatio marieVisitationis b. Marie(Normally festum duplex since 1479)
03.07btranslatio s. thomeTrsl. Thome ap.(nihil fit)
04.07xvjctranslatio s. martiniTrsl. Martini epi.
05.07vdzoe virginisZoe v. mr.(nihil fit)
06.07eocta. petri et pauleOctava Petri et Pauli ap.
07.07xiijftranslatio s. thomeTrsl. Thome archiepi.
08.07ijggribaldiDepositio Grimbaldi(nihil fit)
09.07Acerili episcopiCirilli fit)
10.07xbseptem fratrumSeptem fratrum mrm.
11.07ctranslatio benedictiTrsl. Benedicti abb.
12.07xviijdNarborisNaboris et Felicis mrm.Unusual rubrication (Sarum: nihil fit)
13.07vijeprivati mr.Privati mr.(nihil fit)
14.07fdivisio apostolorumDivisio Apostolorum
15.07xvgtranslatio switiniTrsl. Swithini epi.
16.07iiijAca francisciCanonizatio FrancisciRare entry that reveals a Franciscan origin (Sarum: Trsl. S. Osmundi epi.)
17.07bkenelmiKenelmi regis mr.
18.07xijcarnulphiArnulphi epi. mr.
19.07idrufineRufine et Justine v.(nihil fit)
20.07eMargareteMargarete v. m.
21.07ixfpraxedisPraxedis v. m.
22.07gMarie magdaleneMarie Magdalene
23.07xvijAapolinarisApollinaris epi. mr.
24.07vjbVigiliaVigiliaSarum: Christine virg. et mr.
25.07cJacobi et cristoforiJacobi ap. Christofori et Cucufati mrm.
26.07xiiijdAnneAnne matris Marie
27.07iijemartheMarthe hospite ChristiSarum: Septem dormientium
28.07fsansonisSansonis epi. cf.
29.07xjgfelicisFelicis, Simplicii, Faustini et Beatricis m.
30.07xixAabdon et sennesAbdon et Sennes mrm.
31.07bgermaniGermani epi.
Qui vult solam iulio hoc probat me
Venam nec scindat nec ventrem potio ledat
Somnum compescat balnea cuncta pavescat
prodest unda recens alleum cum salvia munda.

Jul tibi marti erit socium benedic sibi querit
Arnul marga magda cum iacobo socia ger.

01.08viijcvincula petriPetri ad vincula
02.08xvjdstephaniStephani pp.m.
03.08veInventio stephaniInventio Stephani prothomr.
04.08fiustiniJustini pb.(nihil fit)
05.08xiijgoswaldiOswaldi regis
06.08ijAtransfi doTransfiguratio Domini
07.08bempty (Sarum 1531: Festum dulcissimi Nomini Jesu)
08.08xcciriaciCiriaci soc. mrm.
09.08dvigiliaVigilia(Sarum: Romani mr. iii. lectiones)
10.08xviijeLaurentiiLaurentii mr.
11.08vijftiburciiTiburtii mr.
12.08gclare virginisClare v.(nihil fit)
13.08xvAypoliti martirisIpoliti soc. mrm.
14.08iiijbVigiliaVigilia(Sarum: Eusebii pb. memoria)
15.08cAssumptio b. marieAssumptio B.M.V.
16.08xijdrochiRochi cf.(nihil fit)
17.08ieoct. s. laurentiiOctava Laurentii
18.08fagapitiAgapiti mr.
19.08ixgmagni mr.Magni mr.
20.08AludoviciLudovici epi. cf.(nihil fit)
21.08xvijbbernardiBernardi cf.(nihil fit)
22.08vjcoct. b. marieOctava Assumptionis
23.08dVigiliaVigilia(Sarum: Thimothei et Apollinaris mrm. iii. lec.)
24.08xiiijeBartholomeiBartholomei apostoli
25.08iijfludo regisLudovici regis francie(nihil fit)
26.08gseveriniSeverini (nihil fit. Usuardus: Sepherinus papa m.)
27.08xjArufi martirisRuffi mr.
28.08xixbaugustiniAugustini epi.
29.08cDecollatio iohannisDecollatio Johannis
30.08viijdfelicisFelicis et Adaucti mrm.
31.08ecuthbergeCuthburge virg.Cisiojanus: Pe steph steph ...
Quisquis sub augusto vivat mendicanie iu.
Karo dorintet estum coitum quoque vitet
balnea nec intret nec multum comestio duret
Nemo laxaridum vel fleu bothomari

Pe steph steph auguste sunt in te laurent et ipol.
Sumptio virginis et sinpho bar ludovi aug iohannes.

01.09xvjfegidii abbatisEgidii abbatis
02.09vganthoniiAnthonini m.(nihil fit)
03.09AgregoriiOrdinatio Gregorii pp.
04.09xiijbtranslatio s. cuhtbertiTrsl. Cuthberthi epi. cf.
05.09ijcbertiniBertini abb. cf.
06.09deugeniEugenii (nihil fit) Eugenii ep. Carthag. cf. (Grotefend, not in Usuard)
07.09xeevurci epi.Evurtii epi. cf.(nihil fit, Vigilia) Evurtius, Bishop of Orleans
08.09fNativitas b. marieNativitas B.M.V.
09.09xviijggorgonisGorgonii mr.(Memoria)
10.09vijAsalvii epi.Salvii epi.(nihil fit, Sarum erroneously printed Silvii)
11.09bprothi et iacincthiProthi et Jacincti mrm.(Memoria)
12.09xvcmartinianiMartiniani epi.(nihil fit)
13.09iiijdmauriliiMaurilii ep. cf.(nihil fit, Usuard: Maurilio episc. conf.)
14.09eExaltatio s. crucisExaltatio S. Crucis
15.09xijfocta. b. marieOctava Nativitatis b.M.
16.09igedithe virg.Edithe virg.
17.09AlambertiLamberti epi. mr.
18.09ixbvictorisVictoris et Corone(nihil fit)
19.09cianuarii mr.Januarii m.(nihil fit)
20.09xvijdeustachiEustachii soc. mrm. (nihil fit)
21.09vjeMathe ap.Mathei apostoli
22.09fmauriciiMauricii soc. mrm.
23.09xiiijgtecle virginisTecle virg.
24.09iijAandochiiAndochii m.(nihil fit)
25.09bfirminiFirmini epi. mr.
26.09xjccyprianiCipriani et Justine mrm.
27.09xixdcosme et damianiCosme et Damiani
28.09eexuperiiExuperii epi.(nihil fit)
29.09viijfMichaelisMichaelis archangeli
30.09ghieronimiHieronimi presbyteriCisiojanus: Egi sep retinet ...
Fructus maturi septembris sunt valituri
Et pira cum vino panis cum lacte caprime
Aqua d' urtica tibi potio fertur amica
Tunc venam pandas spens cum semine mandas.

Egi sep retinet et nati virginis et crux.
Cum quibus addito matheum sibi denique michie.

01.10xvjAremigiiRemigii soc. mrm.(Remigii, Germani, Vedasti et Bavonis)
02.10vbleodegariiLeodegarii epi. mr.
03.10xiijccandidiCandidi mr.(nihil fit)
04.10ijdfrancisciFrancisci conf.(nihil fit, except of course by Franciscans!)
05.10eapollinarisAppollinaris v.(nihil fit)
06.10xffidis virginisFidis virg. m.
07.10gmarci et mar.Marci et Marcelli mrm.(Marci, Marcelli et Apulei)
08.10xviijApelagiePelagie v.(nihil fit)
09.10vijbDionisiiDionysii soc. mrm.
10.10cgereonisGereonis soc. mrm.
11.10xvdnichasiiNichasii soc. mrm.
12.10iiijewlvifrigiWilfridi epi. depositio(nihil fit)
13.10ftranslatio edwardiTrsl. Edwardi regis
14.10xijgcalixti papeCalixti pape
15.10iAvulfranniVulfranni epi.
16.10bMichaelisMichaelis in monte Tumba
17.10ixceltheldredeTrsl. Etheldrede v.
18.10dLuce evangelisteLuce ev.
19.10xvijefredelwideFredeswide v. depositio
20.10vjfaustreberteAustreberte v.(nihil fit)
21.10gxi. milium virginumUndecim milium virginum
22.10xiiijAmarie solomeMarie Salome(nihil fit)
23.10iijbromaniRomani archiepi.
24.10cmagloriiMaglorii epi.(nihil fit)
25.10xjdcrispiniCrispini et Crispiniani
26.10xixeevaristi papeEvaristi et Amandi(nihil fit)
28.10viijgSimonis et iudeSimonis et Iude ap.
29.10AnarcisciNarcissi epi. mr.(nihil fit)
30.10xvjbgermaniGermani Capuani(nihil fit)
31.10vcquintiniQuintini mr.
October vina prebet cum carne ferina
Nec non aueina caro valet et volucrina
Quamvis sit sana tamen est repletio vana
Quantum vis comede sed non precordia vite.

Re leo fran octo necum dionisius addo
Atque lucas euangelicus sequitur simon qui

01.11dOmnium sanctorumOmnium Sanctorum
02.11xiijeCommemoratio animarumCommemoratio Animarum
03.11ijfwenefredeWenefrede virg. m.
04.11gamanciiAmantii et Vitalis m.(nihil fit)
05.11xAleti presbyteriLeti presbyteri cf.(nihil fit)
06.11bleonardiLeonardi abb. cf.
07.11xviijcwyllebrordiWillibrordi archiepi.(nihil fit)
08.11vijdiiii. coronatorumQuatuor Coronatorum
09.11etheodoriTheodori mr.
10.11xvfmartini papeMartini pp.(nihil fit)
11.11iiijgMartini epi.Martini epi.
12.11Apaterni mart.Paterni m.(nihil fit, 1514: Menna m.)
13.11xijbbricii epi.Brictii epi. cf.
14.11ictranslatio erken.Trsl. Erkenwaldi epi.(k composed of lr)
15.11dmacutiMachuti epi. cf.
16.11ixedepositio egmundiEdmundi archiepi.(Depositio Edmundi Cantuariensis archiepiscopi)
17.11fhugonisHugonis epi. cf.
18.11xvijgoct. martiniOctava Martini epi.
19.11vjAElizabethElizabeth matrone(nihil fit)
20.11bemumdiEdmundi regis mr.
21.11xiiijcpresentatio mariePresentatio b. Marie(nihil fit)
22.11iijdcecilie virginisCecilie virg. m.
23.11eClementisClementis pp. mr.
24.11xjfgrisogoniGrisogoni mr.
25.11xixgKatherineKatherine virg. mr.
26.11Alini papeLini pp. mr.
27.11viijbagricoleAgricole et Vitalis(nihil fit)
28.11crufi mart.Ruffi mr.(nihil fit)
29.11xvjdsaturniniSaturnini et Sisinnii m.+Vigilia
30.11veAndree apostoliAndree ap.
Hoc tibi scire datur quam reuma novembri
Queque nociva vita tua sint preciosa di.
Balnea cum venere tunc nullum constat
Potio sit sana atque minutio bona.

Ome novembri leo qua theo martin briciusque
Additur his festum clemens kathe sil et an.

01.12xiijfeligii epi.Eligii epi. cf.(nihil fit)
02.12ijglibianiLibani (nihil fit, identity uncertain)
03.12ABarbareBarbare virg. m.(nihil fit)
04.12xbosmundiDepositio Osmundi epi. cf.
05.12csabbe ab.Sabbe abb.(nihil fit)
06.12xviijdNicholaiNicholai epi.
07.12vijeoct. andreeOctava Andree ap.
08.12fConceptio b. marieConceptio b. M.V.
09.12xvgcyprianiCypriani abb.(nihil fit)
10.12iiijAeulalie epi.Eulalie virg.(nihil fit)
11.12bdamasiDamasi pp. cf.(nihil fit)
12.12xijcpauli epi.Pauli epi. cf.(nihil fit) Solsticium hyemale
13.12idlucie virg.Lucie virg. m.
14.12eothilie virg.Othilie v.Sarum: empty (xix. Kalend. Januarii)
15.12ixfvalerii epi.Valerii epi. cf.(nihil fit)
16.12gpassio barbareBarbare v.m.(Feast from Northern France) Sarum: O Sapientia
17.12xvijAlazariiLazarii epi. cf.(nihil fit)
18.12vjbgratianiGratiani epi.(nihil fit)
19.12cvenesieVenesie virg.Not an English entry, French corruption of Nemesius m (Usuard) (Sarum: Julii mr. nihil fit)
21.12iijeThome ap.Thome ap.
22.12fxxx. martyrumTriginta martyrum(nihil fit)
23.12xjgvictorie virg.Victorie v.(nihil fit)
25.12bNativitas dominiNativitas Domini
26.12viijcStephaniStephani prothomr.
27.12dJohannis apostoliJohannis ap. ev.
28.12xvjeSanctorum innocentumSanctorum Innocentium
29.12vfThome mart.Thome epi. mr.(Erased as usual in English books)
30.12gtranslatio s. iacobiTrsl. Jacobi (nihil fit)
31.12xiijAsilvestriSilvestri pp. cf.
Sane sunt membris res calidus mense de
Frigus vitetur capitalis vena scindatur
Lotio sit vana sed vasis potio cara
Sit tepidus potus frigore contrario totus.

Eligi barba nicol concepti sancta lucia
Postulat inde thomas sibi.
Nat steph io in thome sil.

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