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Book of Hours, use of Paris c.1450
Heures à l'usage de Paris c.1450

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Gospel Lessons. Text page with rectangular outer border f.16 recto.
The Border follow the height of the text column.
Rubric Secundum marcum (Text is Marc XVI, 14-19)
Enlarged : Verso of f.16 with Border details showing
The text is the end of the Gospel Lessons, leaving 7 lines blank
Van de Laar Collection in Uden

Paris c.1450 - Book of Hours, use of Paris. Paris c.1450. Painted rectangular vertical vignettes in all outer borders
xxxff. 205 x 145/50 mm, 15 lines written in gothic textura (87/88 x 54/55 mm) -
(The provenance of the manuscript before dismembering is unknown to me).
A description that followed some of the single leaves dated the script to c.1400 and the painted decoration to c.1450. This claim seems completely unfounded, it does perhaps go back to an incompetent description given in an old sales catalog. Both script and decoration date from the middle of the 15th century and belong together, although the script could be by the hand of an elderly scribe. Hours of the Virgin and the Office of the Dead is use of Paris. It was followed at the end of the book by The Fiftheen Joys and the Seven Requests in French, and the very long rhymed French prayer to the Virgin: 'Glorieuse vierge royne' (leaf with the incipit is known).

    Supposed Contents:
  1. Calendar f.1-12v (Full Paris calendar - 3 leaves known)
  2. Gospel Lessons f.13-16v (3 leaves known)
  3. Hours of the Virgin f.17-64 (multiple leaves known, use is confirmed)
  4. Penitential Psalms f.65-82 (Litany unknown)
  5. Hours of the Cross f.83-86 (two leaves known)
  6. Hours of the Holy Spirit f.87-88 (among leaves sold Sotheby's 6 Dec 2005 lot 8a)
  7. Office of the Dead f.89-103 (multiple leaves known, use is confirmed)
  8. Doulce dame etc. f.104-112 (4 leaves known)
  9. Glorieuse vierge royne. En qui par la vertu divine ...(f.113-)

Some large Miniatures:
King David in Prayer (f.65) [Whereabouts unknown]
Crucifixion (f.83) [Hartung & Hartung Auktion 107/44]
Now: Northern Illinois University Libraries (Special Collections)
A Burial Scene (f.89) [Hartung & Hartung Auktion 108/60]
Other transactions:
Hartung & Hartung Auktion 109 Lot 56 (Bifolium) and Lot 57 (Sold to 'Griffons Medieval Manuscripts')
6 leaves sold at Sotheby's Sale 17 June 2003 as part of the mixed lot 58:
(b) A single gathering of 6 leaves lacking the central bifolium, probably Paris c.1410-20, 205 x 150 mm, 15 lines, ruled in brown ink, written space 85 x 55 mm, text from the penitential psalms and litany, including SS. Denis and Geneviève, modern pencil foliation starts at fol.73,
10 leaves were sold at Sotheby's Sale L05241 6 Dec. 2005 as part of the mixed lot 8:
(a) 10 leaves (5 bifolia) from a Book of Hours, 205mm. by 150mm., 15 lines, written-space 88mm. by 55mm., illuminated initials and line-fillers, panel borders on every page in designs of coloured flowers and acanthus leaves infilled with burnished gold bezants on black hairline sprays, northern France (probably Paris), c.1450;

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