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Book of Hours (Upholland Hours) Amiens c.1430-40
Heures à l'usage d'Amiens c.1440

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Adoration of the Magi (Ad Sextam)
Upholland Hours f.69v
Photo: © Gregory T. Clark (with kind permission)
Funeral Service before an Alter (Office of the Dead)
Upholland Hours f.135 - Script and rubrics in a hand identical
with the scribe of the Amiens Hours

Photo: © Gregory T. Clark (with kind permission)

'Upholland Hours' (Amiens c.1430-1440) Latin and French
Vellum 197 ff. 172 x 120 mm. 12 lines, textura (95 x 58 mm)
Collation: 1-iii8, iv10, v-vi6, vii10, viii8-1, ix10-1, x10, xi8, xii4, xiii8+1 +f.97, xiv8, xv8-1, xvi8, xvii8, xviii10, xix-xxi8, xxii8+1 +f.171, xxiii8. xxiv8, xxv4; (lacking leaves after f.56, 63 and 111, other miniatures inserted on single leaves could be wanting).
Provenance: Made in Amiens for a couple whose unidentified arms are painted in the lower border on f.25;
Olim: Wigan [Lancashire] Upholland College Library Ms.99; Sold Christie's 2 Dec. 1987 lot 33 ; Sold Sotheby's 29 Nov. 1990 lot 137; Sold again Sotheby's 5 Dec. 1994 lot 94; (2002 broken up, and dispersed by Griffon Medieval Manuscripts. Single leaves with text are likely to appear on the market, but has not yet been sold in large numbers)

Note: 1) Gregory Clark found by coincidence and the curious irony of fate the Pentecost miniature he photographed many years ago recently hanging on the wall in his own home town:
"I also know where the Upholland Pentecost now is: it hangs in the Lady Chapel in the Church of the Apostles at the School of Theology here in Sewanee (!)"

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