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Rouen Hours c.1475 - 15 lines
Heures à l'usage de Rouen c.1475

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Typical border sample on a normal text page.
The patterns are identical on front and back of the leaf.
The leaves in the achanthus ornamentation are heightened
with liquid gold, indicating a rather late dating.

The vellum background is densely spread with small black spots
most looking comma shaped in magnification.

Heures à l'usage de Rouen c.1475
137 ff. (2 blank), 160 x113mm., lacking 3 single leaves after f.49, 91 and 129, (collation unknown), [Normandy (Rouen), c.1470-80]
15 lines, (93 x 62mm) written in dark brown ink in a gothic hand (textura).
Calendar in red and blue with major entries in burnished gold, capitals touched in yellow, line-fillers and one- and 2-line initials throughout in burnished gold on red and blue grounds with white tracery, panel borders throughout in the outer margins of every leaf in designs of blue and golden acanthus leaves with coloured flowers and fruit infilled with tiny gold bezants and lots of black dots.
Provenance: Not identified in any 19th century auctions.
Ex Sotheby's Western Manuscripts and Miniatures 5 July 2005 lot 99
Single miniatures: Sale Reiss & Sohn 26 April 2006 lots 677-678

From the Contens:
Description of the miniatures is Copyright © 2006 LLC All Rights Reserved.
f.1Calendar, in French, (for Rouen use, including St.Romanus in burnished gold on 23 October)
f.14*The Four Evangelists (85 x 63mm) [A typical Rouen quadripartite miniature with four separate scenes, each Evangelist writing his Gospel on a scroll, each with his symbol; border droleries including a girl jumping out of a flower, a boy with a drum and a boy creeping up on a unicorn]
f.20Obsecro te (in male form) and O intemerata
f.28*The Annunciation (83 x 62mm) Ad matutinum
[the Virgin turning from prayer below a canopy in a gothic interior, Gabriel with a banderole; the border including a vignette of Adam and Eve eating the apple, a man picking grapes, and a dog stalking a winged grotesque]
f.38v*The Visitation (85 x 62mm) Ad laudes
[the cousins embracing, Joseph behind, an angel holding the hem of the Virgin's robe, landscape background including a ship on a lake beside a gothic city; the border including a wild boar, a dog (in clothes) and a lion]
f.49'*[Leaf with miniature of The Nativity missing] Ad primam
f.54v*Annunciation to the Shepherds (85 x 63mm) Ad tertiam
[two shepherds gesticulating at the angel, a shepherdess seated with a distaff, landscape background including boats beside a gothic city; the border including a man striding through the foliage and a woman pulling on her boots ]
f.57v*Adoration of the Magi (83 x 62mm) Ad sextam
[set beside the thatched stable; the border including three grotesques]
f.60v*Presentation in the Temple (81 x 63mm) Ad nonam
[the priest about to receive the Child from the Virgin and Joseph, a maidservant behind with a basket of doves; the border including a man with a stick creeping up on an unsuspecting ape ]
f.63v*Flight into Egypt (83 x 64mm) Ad vesperas
[Joseph leading the donkey to the right, a maid behind with two baskets, a pagan statue falling from its pillar as the Holy Family passes; the border including three grotesque animals. (Sold Reiss & Sohn 26 Apr.2006 lot 678, ill.)]
f.69v*Coronation of the Virgin (83 x 63mm) Ad completorium
[the Virgin kneeling before the throne of God, three angels in attendance, one playing the harp; the border including a man watching a winged grotesque ]
f.75*David in Prayer (85 x 62mm)
[the king kneeling beside his throne as Nathan points to God and to the avenging angel; the border including a vignette of David and Goliath, and a man and three grotesques]
f.91'*[Leaf with miniature of The Crucifixion missing] Hore de Cruce
f.95*Pentecost (83 x 63mm) Hore de Sancto Spiritu
[the Virgin and the apostles all gathered around a prie-dieu, the Dove above; the border including a grotesque archer shooting another grotesque]
f.98*The Three Living and the Three Dead (84 x 63mm)
[three skeletons at a wayside cross frightening three young men on horseback; the border including a vignette of a funeral service, and a boy and several grotesques. (Illustration in the Sotheby's Catalogue)]
f.128*SS.Anthony and Eustace (81 x 62mm)
[a double scene, St.Anthony standing with his book, beads and pig, and St.Eustace in the middle of the Nile watching one of his sons being eaten by a lion and the other by a wolf; the border including a peasant and a family of apes. (Illustration in the Sotheby's Catalogue. Sold Reiss & Sohn 26 Apr.2006 lot 677, ill.)]
f.130*[Leaf with miniature missing f.129']
The Fifteen Joys of the Virgin followed by the Seven Requests to our Lord

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