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Hours, use of Paris c.1500 - 16 lines
Heures à l'usage de Paris (Paris c.1500)

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Heures à l'usage de Paris (Paris c.1500) Devise: VBI FIDES / IBI AMOR
{Initials: S.P. - E.H.}
182 ff., 179 x 127mm.,16 lines (118 x 70mm).
Ex: Sotheby's Western Manuscripts & Miniatures, Sale 5 July 2005 Lot 104
[Northern France (Paris), c.1500]
Divided and sold in lots of five or six mixed leaves. 13 lots sold at Reiss & Sohn (Sale 105/I) 26 April 2006 lot 696-708 (including 8 miniatures and 26 single leaves).

Text page with outer border: Doulce dame
The traditional exclamative E is enforced by an initial H
Folio 159 (whereabouts unknown)

[With acknowledgement due to the lively and poetic description of the miniatures written by the expert at Sotheby's London]

DESCRIPTION: Sotheby's Western Manuscripts (SALE L05240) 5 July 2005 Lot 104
[Northern France (Paris), c.1500]
182 leaves (one blank), 179mm. by 127mm., complete,
16 lines, ruled in red ink, written-space 118mm. by 70mm., written in dark brown ink in a fine gothic liturgical hand.
Collation: i-ii6, iii8, iv6, v8-1 [i cancelled], vi-xi8, xii10, xiii4, xiv8-2 [i-ii cancelled], xv-xxiii8, xxiv8+1, with traces of vertical catchwords,
Calendar in red and blue with major entries in burnished gold, capitals touched in yellow, line-fillers and versal initials throughout in highly burnished gold on red and blue grounds with white tracery, 2- to 3-line initials in colours enclosing coloured flowers infilled with liquid gold and on burnished gold panels, panel borders on rectos throughout in designs of coloured acanthus leaves with flowers and fruit on parti-coloured liquid gold grounds.
Sixteen small miniatures with three-quarter illuminated borders, the miniatures mostly 6 to 7 lines high within liquid gold frames.
Fifteen large miniatures with full borders, the miniatures above large initials and usually 4 lines of text, the borders sometimes including birds and grotesques, prayers at end in a slightly later hand.

Full-page illuminated achievement of arms added at beginning, the miniature on fol.96 rubbed and slightly retouched.
In a binding of late medieval German style of wooden boards covered with russet leather blind ruled into a frame and satire pattern, pierced metal corner-pieces and clasp and catch, vellum endleaves, gilt edges, inside front cover with a coloured engraving of the Crucifixion printed on silk, signed by Hieronymus W[ierix] (1553-1619, of Antwerp),

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