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Book of Hours - Use of Paris c.1450
Heures à l'usage de Paris c.1450

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f.108 Offium defunctorum : Lectio sexta. Quis michi.
Above: Responsory to lec. v. Heu michi.
Private Collection in Uden
f.108 verso: Rubric: In tercio nocturno. Ant. Complaceat. Ps. Expectans expectavi.
Above: Responsory to R. Ne recorderis peccata.
The drawing for the border has been used on both sides.

Paris c.1450 - Hours, use of Paris, Paris c.1450. 3/4 borders around a gilted baton
xxx?ff. 173 x 115 mm. 16 lines (95 x 70 mm) textura
The calendar from this manuscript has not been identified. Leaves are too fragmentary to suggest a reconstruction.
(Provenance unknown, divided and Sold by Griffons & N-W)

The characteristic painted borders are apparently similar on all leaves (at least where a two-line initial is present) and make the identification of single leaves an easy task.
There is no other manuscript on the market where similar wine-scrolls with flowers are curling inwards on the top and at the bottom of the text column, framed by a gilted Baton in the inner margin. .

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