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Book of Hours - Use of Chartres c.1520
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Calendar page for October (f.10) with Chartres entries
1/10 Octava S. Solennis, 10/10 Translatio S. Mammetis
Verso: 17/10 Dedicatio ecclesie bte marie c[arnotensis].

Private collection in Britain
fol.48v Antiphon and Chapter at None
Ant. Ecce maria genuit. Cap. Per te dei genitrix...
[Combined with the chapter Qui gloriatur (at Prime) is it use of Chartres]

Private collection in Grimsby, U.K.
Purchased from James Barrett, West Hampstead, NY, USA

  • 'Paris c.1520' (Cordeliers borders) Book of Hours, use of Chartres, c.1520.
    xxxff. 162/165 x 108/109 mm, 18 lines humanist script (116 x 64 mm)
    Written in imitation of humanist printing types.
    All pages with a border of knotted ropes (Cordeliers)
    Some large miniatures made with pasted-in woodcuts.

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