CHD Kalendarium in Speculum humanae salvationis
Cisiojanus from Hainaut 1430
Copenhagen - The Royal Library - Ms. GkS 79 2°

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Calendar composed as a Cisiojanus with only a syllable for every day, close to the version from Germany given by H. Grotefend (Taschenbuch p.20), but with several alterations of saints pointing towards North-Western France.
A specific reference to the Hainaut County is the local Saint Ollego venerated on 29 July.
The calendar starts with the month of March on folio 2, following the ecclesiastical Easter year after the "Old Style" which survived longer in Germany.
The beginning in March with Mar ci us A dri a ni present us with a violation
of the traditional term Cis i o Ja nus, as a witty colleague recently pointed out to me. We do in reality not know exactly how old the term is.
An asterix (*) indicate the rubricated letters (written in red ink) which were the principal feasts of the year.
Only the syllables are found in the manuscript, their explanations are all editorial additions by me.
A detailed description of the contents of the manuscript is also found here with a CHD-guide to the Online Facsimile from The Royal Library in Copenhagen.
A click on the folio numbers will bring you the corresponding picture.

Prima dies mensis et septima truncat ut ensis.
1.*Ci Circumcisio 16.mar(Marcelli pape)*an Anthonii abb.
3.o(Octava Stephani)18.pris(Prisce v.)
5.nus20.*fabFabiani et Sebastiani
6.*e Epiphania 21.ang(Agnetis v.)
7.phi22.*vinVincentii m.
9.bi24.tym(Timothei ap.m.)
10.ven-(vendicat) 25.*pauConversio Pauli
11.di26.po (Polycarpi ep.m.)
13.*oc Octava
14.fe (felicis pb.) 29.le
Qvarta subit mortem, prosternit tercia fortem.
1.Bri(Brigide v.) 16.Iu (Iuliane v.)
3.*blaBlasii ep.18. con-(conjungo tunc)
4.sus19. iun-
5.agti (Agathe v.) 20. go
6.*dorDorothea v.21.tunc
7.fe-(febru(ari)o) 22.*pe Cathedra Petri
9.o(Octava Marie) 24.*matMatthie ap.
10.sco(Scolastice v.)25. thi-
11.las-26. am
12.ti-27. in-(inde) de. (Valentini m.)Syllabe
Primus mandentem decupit quarta bibentem.
1.Mar(Marcius) 16.cir(Ciriaci m.)
2.ci17.Ger(Gertrudis v.)
4.a(Adriani m.) (Benedicti abb.)
7.per(Perpetue v.) 23.iunc-(iuncta)
10.ra-25.*ma Annunciatio Marie
12.gre(Gregorii pp.) 27.a

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