CHD Erik Drigsdahl
Born in Denmark in 1942
1954-1957 amateur painter in oil and exempt junior member of the artist association "Gribskovmalerne" Graduated from Slagelse Gymnasium 21 June 1961
(Sept.-Oct. 1961 a few weeks studies in chemistry at "Kemisk Laboratorium" Faculty of Natural Sciences)
Studies in art history in Copenhagen, Düsseldorf, London, Paris and Rome 1961-1969.
1964-1969 granted "Kommunitetsstipendiet og Regensbeneficiet" (Collegium Regium Hafniense)
"Boursier du Gouvernement Francais" 1965-1966 (Paris Sorbonne, Professeur André Chastel)
Graduated cum privilegium as Magister artium in art history from Copenhagen University January 1970.
Repeated yearly studies at the Accademia di Danimarca in Rome, from 1967 to 1974 (Biblioteca Hertziana & Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana), with generous grants from among others her Majesty "Dronning Ingrids Romerske Fond" and her Majesty "Prinsesse Margrethes Fond"
Awarded "The young art historian of the year" by Ny Carlsbergfondet 1971 and 1972.
Research fellow (Kandidatstipendiat) at the former "Institute for Classical Studies", University of Odense, 1972-1975.
[1973-1974: Collapse of Art History in Denmark as scholarly academic discipline]
Research fellow under The Danish Research Council for the Humanities 1975-1976.
Associate professor in art history, University of Copenhagen 1977-1982.
Specialized in European art c.1430-1530, with a preference for mass-produced prints from the netherlands ("Payes-Bas") the xylographic Block-Books, and the miniaturists called the "Ghent-Associates" and the so-called Master of Mary of Burgundy.
1983-1985 [retired to the countryside to conduct scientific experiments with freshwater protozoa, later successfully completed during the winter 1989-1990].
Began in 1985 a systematical registration of the contents of manuscript books of hours (and a few other illuminated manuscripts with Christian Iconography) in The Royal Library in Copenhagen, The Manuscript Department (since 1996 called "Center for Manuskripter og Boghistorie" (CMB).
Speciality since 1990: Expertise in reconstruction of mutilated or misbound books of hours of any kind.
1996-2002 Member of the board of Modersmål-Selskabet, (The Danish Language Society) 1998-2002 as Secretary.
Founded in 1991 "CHD Institute for the Study of Illuminated Manuscripts in Denmark", see: About CHD
The lecturn in the old historical auditorium in the Chirurgiske Akademie (1785-87)
where the colloquiums in art history took place under professor Christian Elling (1901-1974),
until his early retirement in 1967.
The modest rooms of the former "Kunsthistorisk Laboratorium" founded by Elling in the
1930ies are now used for exibition in the present Medicinsk-Historisk Museum, Bredgade 62
Photo: Leif Pedersbæk 2000
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