CHD Officium mortuorum : Vigilie defunctorum
Office of the Dead - Use of Sens
L'Office des défuncts à l'usage de Sens

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In primo nocturno.

Lectio.i.Parce michiR. Credo quod redemptorVs. Quem visurus sum
Lectio.ii.Tedet animamR. Qui LazarumVs. Qui venturus es
Lectio.iii.Manus tueR. Heu michiVs. Anima mea turbata est

In secundo nocturno.

Lectio.iv.Quis michi hoc tribuatR. Peccantem meVs. Deus in nomine tuo
Lectio.v.Spiritus meusR. Domine quando venerisVs. Commissa mea meeR. Memento mei deus quiaVs. De profundis clamavi

In tertio nocturno.

Lectio.vii.Lignum habet spem [Job 14, 7-12]R. Scio domine quiaVs. Si ascendero in celum
Lectio.viii.Si peccavi [Job 10, 14-22]R. Libera me domine de viisVs. Clamantes et dicentes
Lectio.ix.Militia est vita [Job 7, 1-6]R. Libera me domine de morteVs. Dies illa dies ire
V. Quid ergo miserrimus
V. Tremens factus sum
V. Tremebunt angeli
V. Vox de celis
V. Creator omnium rerum*

Source: Paris BN 1195 Heures à l'usage de Sens [=VL 140 + B47]
Paris BN Rés. B.9158: Heures à l'usage de Sens, Paris, Thielman Kerver (veufue) 12 Mars 1536 (Almanach pour 1535-1549) [Lacombe 408 (p.232-33)] [=VL 193 + B1200 (KO p.156 by mistake dated 1526], see notes on printed editions under the Hours of the Virgin
*Both Victor Leroquais and G.-M. Beyssac quote a number of older sources (before 1400) where there only are three versicles in the tail after Responsory ix:
Dies illa + Quid ergo miserrimus + Requiem eternam (55+182+198), probably the more original sequence, also found in Auxerre (south of Sens) and in Rouen, Lisieux and Evreux.
On the special readings from Job in the third nocturn and the sequence of responsories in the second nocturn see: Knud Ottosen, 1993, p.72-73 (Group 2a) and p.305 (Type 68-24-46 series).

Please notice that Saint-Pierre le Vif in Sens had an office of its own, very different from the Cathedral and diocese.

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