CHD Hours of the Virgin
Hore Beate Marie Virginis - Use of Sarum (Salisbury)

See also: Sarum Office of the Dead Survey of all incipits and the short Lessons and Responsories

Ad Matutinum Invitatorium Ave maria
Hymnus Quem terra ponthusAnt. ps. 8: Benedicta tu
Lectio i. Sancta maria virgo Responsorium i. Sancta et immaculata
Ad LaudesPss. 92, 99, 62-66, B, 148
Antiphona O admirabile
Capitulum Maria virgo semper letare Hymnus O gloriosa domina
Antiphona super Benedictus O gloriosa dei gentrix
Ad PrimamPss. 53, 116, 117
Hymnus Veni creator spiritus
Antiphona O admirabile
Capitulum In omnibus requiem R. Ave maria V.Benedicta
Ad TertiamPss. 119, 120, 121
Hymnus As primam
Antiphona Quando natus
Capitulum Ab initio et ante R. Sancta dei genitrix V.Intercede
Ad SextamPss. 122, 123, 124
Antiphona Rubum quem
Capitulum Et sic in syon R. Post partum V.Dei genitrix
Ad NonamPss. 125, 126, 127
Antiphona Germinavit
Capitulum Et radicavi R. Speciosa V.In delicijs V.Dignare
Ad VesperasPss. 121, 122, 123, 124, 125
Antiphona Post partum
Capitulum Beata es virgo Hymnus Ave maris stella
Antiphona super Magnificat Sancta maria succurre
Ad CompletoriumPss. 12, 42, 128, 130
Antiphona Cum iocunditate
Capitulum Sicut cynamomum Hymnus Virgo singularis
Antiphona super Nunc dimittis Glorificamus te * Ecce completa sunt

Sources: VL 144 Bibl. Municipale de Rouen Ms.336
ED notes: See also transcripts from the Bohun Hours (c.1370), referred to in the tutorial. Office of the Dead: KO p.111: 14-72-24 32-57-28 68-82-38.
Variants: *Ecce completa sunt: BL Add.33385; The large number of sources has also minor variations, but few care to record them. Contributions are welcome!
Other sources: (B462) London BL Add.33385 Hours of Princess Beatrice, dame of Henry III. (The number of sources in unaccountable. Hours for the use of Sarum were produced on a large commercial scale in Rouen and Bruges in the 15th century).
[A Book of Hours for the use of Sarum, produced in Rouen c.1430, is in a private collection in Copenhagen, Sold Maggs Brothers Oct.1976, a complete transcript of the contents is scheduled to come up here].
[See f.ex. Sarum Hours 1503-05]

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