CHD International Commercial Calendar
Horæ ad usum Romanum, Antwerp (?) c.1530
Copenhagen KB CMB Ms.NKS 1259 8°

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Composite Universal Calendar c.1520-30
[A kalendar of this type was composed to represent as many dioceses as possible for commercial purpose. Most of the rubricated feasts have their origin in the Gregorian Sacramentary and were valid all over Europe, supplemented with never feasts and especially the popular female saints Katherina, Margaret and Barbara. The influence from France is, however, strong and obvious when it is compared with commercial calendars printed as woodcuts for sale on the open market in Germany from c.1450 ("Almanachs"), cf. the kalendar of Johannes de Gamundia. The editor of a kalendar like this used a printed copy of the Martyrologium Romanum, and picked a saint for all the days where no obvious feast was available. Since it includes all common popular feasts is it particulary well suited for analysis of other kalendars. Students with little experience can save a lot of effort by eliminating the saints listed here (unless the rank is raised to a higher degree), and concentrate on the few names left over, which then will be characteristic for the local use represented. It will reduce the number of saints to be identified to less than 30. To comment on each of the saints listed here would be absurd, since they are picked more or less at random among the saints in a martyrology, and do not represent any actual liturgy. Similar calendars are common in psalters and books of hours printed from around 1500, and this is perhaps a copy after such a printed edition. For unexplained reasons are 8 days left empty. Most of these could easily have been provided with a suitable saint (inserted here within brackets), only 14 July does not have an obvious candidate. June 14th has several possibilities: Rufi et Valeriani mrm., Translatio Basilii epi. and Helizei prophete, to mention some. The empty days are perhaps caused by former entries of the change of zodiac or indications like "Incipiunt dies caniculares" etc. which the scribe might have found irrelevant.]

1.Circuncisio domini16.Marcelli papa et mr.
2.Octava s.stephani17.Anthonij abbatis
3.Octava s.iohannis18.Prisce virginis
4.Octava innocentum19.Marij cum socijs mr.
5.Thelesphori pape20.Fabiani et sebastiani
6.Epiphania domini21.Agnetis virginis
7.Iuliani martyris22.Vincentij martyris
8.Rigoberti episcopi23.Emerenciane virginis
9.Martiane virginis24.Timothei discipuli pauli
10.Pauli primi heremite25.Conversio pauli
11.Iginij martyris26.Policarpi martyris
12.Satyri martyris27.Iuliani episcopi
13.Octava epiphanie28.Agnetis ij
14.Felicis presbiteri29.Valerij episcopi
15.Mauri abbatis30.Batildis regine
31.Cirici et iohannis mr.
1.Brigide virginis16.Iuliane virginis
2.Purificatio beate marie17.Constantie virginis
3.Blasij episcopi18.(empty) [Simeonis]
4.Gilberti confessoris19.Sabini presbiteri
5.Agathe virginis20.Galli presb. et cf.
6.Dorothee virginis21.Lxxix martyrum
7.Moyseti episcopi22.Cathedra s.petri
8.Salomonis martyris23.Vigilia
9.Apolonie virginis24.Mathie apostoli
10.Scolastice virginis25.Alexandrini episcopi
11.Sotheris pape26.Victoris et sociorum
12.Eulalie virg. et mr.27.Leandri episcopi
13.Fulcrani episcopi28.Romani abbatis
14.Valentini martyris
15.Faustini episcopi
1.Albini episcopi16.Ioseph confessoris
2.Nicetij episcopi17.Sancti ioachim
3.Maximi martyris18.Anselmi episcopi
4.Adriani martyris19.Patricij episcopi
5.Foce martyris20.Guberti confessoris
6.Victoris martyris21.Benedicti abbatis
7.Thome aquine confessoris22.Pauli epi narbonensis
8.Apolonij martyris23.Pigmenij epi et mr.
9.Quadraginta martyrum24.Theodori presbiteri
10.Ugi archiepiscopi [Rotomag.]25.Annunciatio marie
11.Solda xl martyrum26.Castorij martyris
12.Gregorij pape27.Ruberti episcopi
13.Euphrasie virginis28.Grondani
14.Zacharie pape29.Quintini martyris
15.Gabrielis archangeli30.Secundi martyris
31.Sabine virginis
1.Theodore virg. et mr.16.Isidori martyris
2.Marie egiptiace17.Aniceti pape
3.Pancratij martyris18.Prefecti presbiteri
4.Ambrosij episcopi19.Crescentij
5.Vincentij confessoris20.Sulpitij et serviliani
6.Celestini pape21.Symeonis episcopi
7.Alexandrini martyris22.Sotheris pape
8.Dionisij episcopi23.Georgij martyris
9.Prochori martyris24.Gregorij episcopi
10.Apolonie presbiteri25.Marci evangeliste
11.Leonis pape26.Marcellini martyris
12.Zeni epi veronensis27.Anastasij pape
13.Eufemie virginis28.Vitalis martyris
14.Tiburcij martyris29.Petri martyris
15.Helene regine30.Eutropij episcopi
1.Philippi et iacobi16.Honorati episcopi
2.Sigismundi regis17.Tropete martyris
3.Inventio s.crucis18.Felicis episcopi
4.Floriani martyris19.Potentiane virginis
5.Gothardi20.Bernardini confessoris
6.Iohannis ante portam latinam21.Valentis episcopi
7.Cleti pape et mr.22.Helene regine
8.Apparitio s.michaelis23.Desiderij episcopi
9.Translatio s.nicolai24.Donatiani et rogatiani
10.Gordiani et epimachi25.Urbani pape et mr.
11.Mamerti et maioli26.Eleutherij martyris
12.Nerei et achillei27.Iohannis pape et mr.
13.(empty) [Servatii]28.Germani episcopi
14.Bonifacij pape29.Maximi episcopi
15.Isidori martyris30.Felicis pape et mr.
31.Petronille virginis
1.Iustini presbiteri16.Cirici et iulite
2.Marcellini et petri17.Aviti abbatis
3.Pergentini martyris18.Marci et marcelliani
4.Quirini episcopi19.Gervasij et prothasij
5.Bonifacij epi et mr.20.Silverij pape
6.Claudij episcopi21.Ianuarie virginis
7.Pauli episcopi22.Paulini episcopi
8.Medardi confessoris23.Vigilia
9.Primi et feliciani24.Nativitas iohan. bapt.
10.Landerici episcopi25.Amandi episcopi
11.Barnabe apostoli26.Iohannis et pauli
12.Basilidis et ciri[ni]27.Crescentij episcopi
13.Anthonij confessoris28.Vigilia
14.29.Petri et pauli apostolorum
15.Viti et modesti30.Commemoratio pauli
1.Octava iohannis baptiste16.Eustachij
2.Visitatio beate marie17.Alexij confessoris
3.Gregorij epi et mr.18.Arnulphi episcopi
4.Translatio s.martini19.Arsenij eremite
5.Domitij martyris20.Margarete virginis
6.Octava petri et pauli21.Victoris martyris
7.Translatio thome episcopi22.Marie magdalene
8.Procopij martyris23.Appollinaris episcopi
9.Zenonis martyris24.Christine virg. Vigilia.
10.(empty) [Septem fratrum]25.Iacobi apostoli
11.Pij pape et mr.26.Anne matris marie
12.Naboris et felicis27.Septem dormientium
13.Privati martyris28.Nazarij et celsi
14.29.Marthe virginis
15.Quiriti et iulite30.Abdon et sennen
31.Faustini confessoris
1.Vincula petri16.Rochi confessoris
2.Stephani pape17.Octava s.laurentij
3.Inventio s.stephani18.Agapiti martyris
4.Iustini presbiteri19.Lodovici episcopi
5.Marie de nivis20.Bernardi abbatis
6.Transfiguratio domini21.Anastasij martyris
7.Donati episcopi22.Octava assumptionis
8.Ciriaci et sociorum23.Vigilia
9.Vigilia24.Bartholomei apostoli
10.Laurentij martyris25.Lodovici regis francie
11.Tiburcij et susanne26.Zepherini pape
12.Clare virginis27.(empty) [Rufi mr.]
13.Hipoliti et sociorum28.Augustini episcopi
14.Vigilia29.Decollatio iohan.bapt.
15.Assumptio beate marie30.Felicis et adaucti
31.Felicis confessoris
1.Egidij abbatis16.Eufemie virginis
2.Antonini martyris17.Lamberti episcopi
3.Lupi episcopi18.Victoris et corone
4.Moisi confessoris19.Ianuarij episcopi
5.Victorini martyris20.Vigilia
6.Zacharie prophete21.Mathei apostoli et ev.
7.Clodoaldi confessoris22.Mauricij et sociorum
8.Nativitas beate marie23.Lini pape et mr.
9.Gorgonij martyris24.Ruperti episcopi
10.Sauli episcopi25.Firmini episcopi
11.Prothi et iacincti26.Cipriani et iustini
12.Maximiani27.Cosme et damiani
13.Maurilij episcopi28.Exuperij episcopi
14.Exaltatio s.crucis29.Michaelis archangeli
15.Nicomedis martyris30.Hieronymi doctor.
1.Remigij episcopi16.Luciani et sociorum
2.Translatio s.clare17.Lucine romane
3.Candidi martyris18.Luce evangeliste
4.Francisci confessoris19.Saviniani et potentiani
5.Placidi cum sociis20.Caprasij martyris
6.Fidis virginis21.XI milium virginum
7.Marci pape22.Meloni episcopi
8.Pelagie peccatricis23.Severini episcopi
9.Dionisij et sociorum24.Maglorij episcopi
10.Cerbonij episcopi25.Crispini et crispiniani
11.Nichasij episcopi26.Euaristi pape et mr.
12.Eustacij presbiteri27.Vigilia
13.Geraldi confessoris28.Symonis et iude
14.(empty) [Calixti (Gregorian!)]29.Zenobij presbiteri
15.Antiochi episcopi30.Bernardi epi
31.Quintini mr. Vigilia
1.Omnium sanctorum16.Eucharij episcopi
2.Dies animarum17.Aniani episcopi
3.Restituti18.Dedicatio petri et pauli
4.Amantij19.Elizabeth regine
5.Zacharie patris ioh.bapt.20.Edmundi regis
6.Leonardi confessoris21.Columbani
7.Herculiani episcopi22.Cecilie virginis
8.Quatour coronatorum23.Clementis pape
9.Theodori martyris24.Crisogoni martyris
10.Martini et verani25.Catherine virginis
11.Martini episcopi26.Lini pape et martyris
12.Martini pape27.Agricole martyris
13.Britij episcopi28.Prosperi episcopi
14.Iohannis episcopi29.Saturnini. Vigilia
15.Eugenij martyris30.Andree apostoli
1.Eligij confessoris16.Melerij episcopi
2.Bibiane virginis17.Lazari episcopi
3.Cassiani martyris18.Antonille virginis
4.Barbare virginis19.Clementis presbiteri
5.Sabbe abbatis20.Vigilia
6.Nicholai episcopi21.Thome apostoli
7.Fare virginis22.Theodosie virginis
8.Conceptio beate marie23.Servuli confessoris
9.Provoli episcopi24.Vigilia
10.Eulalie virginis25.Nativitas domini
11.Damasi pape26.Stephani prothomartyris
12.Valerij abbatis27.Iohannis apostoli
13.Lucie virginis28.Sanctorum innocentum
14.Nichasij epi et mr.29.Thome archiepiscopi
15.Valeriani episcopi30.Sabini episcopi
31.Silvestri pape

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