CHD Calendar from Rouen c.1510
Heures à l'usage de Rouen
Copenhagen KB Ms. GkS 1609 4°

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The rubricated days are in gold (here in bold red), - the other days are alternating in blue and red. The alternating colours has been demonstrated in the transcription of another earlier Rouen Calendar. The key saints in this calendar are the rubricated entries of St.Romain (Oct. 23) and the translation of St.Sauveur (Aug.6). To give an impression of the differences between this and any other calendar, has it been compared with two other widespread contemporary types:
(P) The traditional Paris Calendar (See: The Paris Calendar)
(T) Calendar in: Heures à l'usage de Rome, Printed for Antoine Vérard, Paris 1490 (See: The T-Group Calendar )
If a saint is present in both (P) and (T) on the same day, is it obvious that the name is useless as an indicator for the location. There is nothing profound or sophisticated in this method - other calendars will of course share some common saints with many calendars, especially of the full composite type. It is, however, the only effective method by which students can become familiar with the comparative method. Systems where calendars are compared by matchings in "percentage" are invalid and sometimes rightout misleading, as explained in the general introduction.
(*) Rouen special (See: Characteristics in the Rouen Calendar)

1.La circumcision 16.Saint marcel (P)(T)
2.Octav.saint estienne17.Saint anthoyne (P)(T)
4.Octav.des innocens19.Saint lomer (P)(T)
5.Saint symeon (P)(T). Vigile20.Saint sebastien (P)(T)
6.La typhaine21.Sainte agnes (P)(T)
7.Saint sauveur (T)22.Saint vincent (P)(T)
8.Saint lucian (P)(T)23.Sainte emerencienne (P)(T)
9.24.Saint babille (P)(T)
10.Saint guillaume (P)(T)25.La conversion s.paul
11.Saint saturnin (T)26.Saint pollicarpe (P)(T)
12.27.Saint iulien (P)(T)
13.Saint hylaire (P)28.Sainte agnes segonde (P)(T)
14.29.Saint valeri (T)
15.Saint mor (P)(T)30.La translation ste anne *
31.Saint metran (P)(T)
1.Saint sever * [Obitus (Rouen)]16.Saincte iuliane (P)(T)
2.La purification17.
3.Saint blaise (P)(T)18.
4.19.Saint eulenthere (P)(T)
5.Sainte agathe (P)(T)20.
6.21.Saint gentian (T)
7.22.La chaire s.pierre
8.Saint salmon (P)(T)23.Saint pollicarpe (P)(T)
9.Saint ausbert (P)(T)24.Saint mathias
10.Saincte ausberte *(Rouen)25.
11.26.Saint felix (T)
12.Saincte eulalie (P)(T)27.
13.28.Saint rommain (T)
14.Saint valentin (P)(T)
1.Saint aubin (P)(T)16.Saint eadmond (T)
3.Saint adrian ~(4.)(P)(T)18.Saint alexandre (T)
6.21.Saint benoist (P)(T)
7.Saincte felice ~(6.)(T)22.Saint saturnin (T)
8.Saint panthaleon (T)23.
9.24.Saint agapit (T)
10.Saint alexandre (P)(T)25.Nostre dame
11.Saint gourgon (T)26.Saint maxime (T)
12.Saint gregoire (P)(T)27.Saint iehan hermite (T)
14.Saint leon pape (T)29.
15.Saint longin (P)(T)30.Saint quirin (T: quentin)
1.Saint valentin 16.Saint calixte pape (T)
2.Saincte marie degypte (P)(T)17.
3.18.Saint fremin (T)
4.Saint ambroise (P)(T)19.
5.Saincte helene (T)20.Saint urbain (T)
7.22.Saincte oportune (P)(T)
8.23.Saint george (P)(T)
9.Saint hugues *[aep. Rotomag.]24.
10.Saint audebert (T)25.Saint marc
11.26.Saint spire (T)
12.27.Saincte anastaise (T)
13.Saincte eufemie (P)(T)28.
14.Saint thiburse (T)29.Saint pierre le martir (P)(T)
15.30.Saint eutrope (P)(T)
1.S.iaque s.philippe16.Saint ambroise (T)
2.Saint aquilin (T)17.
3.Saincte croix18.Saint yves (T)
4.Saint silvan (T)19.
5.Saint hylaire (T) [S.Ouen missing]20.
6.S.iehan porte latine21.Saincte helene (i)
7.Saint iuvenal (T)22.
8.23.Saint desir (P)
9.Saint nicholas (P)(T)24.
10.25.Saint urbain (P)(T)
11.Saint memer (P)(T)26.
13.Saint gervais (T)28.Saint servais
31.Saincte perronnele (P)(T)
1.Saint nichomede (P)(T)16.S.cir (P) Sce iulite
2.Saint marcellien (P)(T)17.Translation s.roumain *(Rouen)
3.18.S.gervais s.prothais (~19.)
4.19.Saint gervais (P)(T)
5.Saint boniface (P)(T)20.
6.Saint claude evesque 21.Saint leufray (P)(T)
8.Saint godard *[Gildard Rouen]23. Vigile
9.24.La nativite s.iehan
10.25.Saint eloy (P)
11.Saint barnabe26.Saint iehan s.paoul (P)(T)
12.[S.Ursin missing]27.
13.Saincte eufemie (T)28.Saint leon pape (T). Vigile
14.29.Saint pierre s.paoul
1.Saint lienard (T)16.Saint berthin (T)
3.Saint marcial * (Rouen)18.Saint cler* et s.arnoul (P)(T)
4.La translation saint martin (P)(T)19.
5.20.Saincte marguerite (P)(T)
6.21.Saint victor
7.Saint thomas (P)(T)22.Marie magdalene
9.24.Saincte christine (P)(T)
10.Les sept freres (P)(T)25.Saint iaques
11.La translation s.benoist (P)(T)26.Saincte anne
12.27.Les sept dormans (P)(T)
14.Saint iustin (T)29.Saincte marie marthe
31.Saint germain (P)(T)
1.Saint pierre16.Saint roch
2.Saint estienne pape17.
3.Saint estienne mr.18.Saint agapit (P)(T)
5.La feste des neges [Usum Romanum]20.Saint phileberth (T)
6.La translation s.sauveur *21.
7.22.Saint symphoriam (P)
8.Saint medard (T)23.
9. Vigille24.Saint barthelemy
10.Saint laurens25.Saint louys (P)(T)
11.Saint taurin 26.
12.27.Saint vivian
13.Saint ypolite (P)28.Saint augustin (P)(T)
14. Vigile29.La decoll. s.jehan
15.Lasumption nostre dame30.
31.Saint fiacre [~(30.)(P)(T)]
1.Saint gille (P)(T)16.
2.Saint anthonin (P)(T)17.Saint lambert (P)
4.Saint marcel (P)(T)19.Saint signe (P)(T)
5.20. Vigile
6.Saincte eugene 21.Saint mathieu
7.22.Saint maurice (P)(T)
8.La nativite nostre dame23.
9.Saint gorgon (P)(T)24.Saint felix (T)
10.25.Saint fremin (P)(T)
11.Saint portin (T)(Prothin)26.
12.27.Saint cosme & saint damien (P)(T)
13.Saint maurisse (T)28.
14.Saincte croix29.Saint michiel
15.30.Saint ierome (P)(T)
1.Saint remi (P)(T)16.Saint michiel *[Rouen]
2.Saint legier (P)(T)17.
3.18.Saint luc
4.Saint franchoys (P)(T)19.
6.Saincte foy (P)(T)21.Les xi mile virges (P)(T)
7.22.Saint mellon (P)(T)
8.23.Saint rommain *[Rouen] (T)
9.Saint denis24.
10.25.Saint crespin et s.crespien
11.Saint nigaise *[episcopus Rotomag.]26.
12.27. Vigille
13.Sainct edouard *[Translation]28.S.symon s.iude
31.Saint quentin (T). Vigille
1.La toussains16.
2.Les mors17.Saint aignem (P)(T)
3.La commoracion s.eustache 18.
4.Saint hubert (T)19.Saincte helizabeth (T)
5.20.Saint emud roy (P)
6.Saint leonard (P)(T)21.
7.22.Saincte cecille (P)(T)
8.Les quatre couronnes (P)(T)23.Saint clement
9.24.Saint grisogon (P)(T)
10.Saint martin pape (T)25.Saincte katherine
11.Saint martin26.
12.27.Saint vital (P)(T)
13.Saint brice (P)(T)28.
14.Saint laurens confesseur *[Rouen]29.Saint saturnin. Vigille
15.30.Saint andrieu
1.Saint eloy (P)(T)16.O sapiencia (P)(T)
2.17.Saint ladre (P)(T)
4.Saincte barbe (P)(T)19.
5.20.Saincte thecle (T)
6.Saint nicolas21.Saint thomas
7.Saint athille 22.Saint victor (P)(T)
8.La conception nostre dame23.
9.24. Vigile
10.Saincte eulalie (P)(T)25.Le iour de noel
11.26.Saint estienne
12.27.Saint iehan
13.Saincte luce (P)(T)28.Les innocens
14.29.Saint thomas mr.
15.Saint maxime (P)(T)30.Saint ursin *[Rouen] (T)
31.Saint sevestre

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