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Key Saints in Rouen Calendars

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(A quick key of some selected saints to determine the Rouen calendar)
* Rubricated (*) Sometimes rubricated
The composite calendar of the Paris type, with a saint for every day, was never fully followed in Rouen. Most calendars for local use had many empty days, even in the last half of the 15th cent. In some cases in fact so many empty days, that it looks like an intended decorative distribution, with a space after each 3 or 4 days. A calendar of this type, written in alternate colors, should always arouse a first suspicion that it could be from Rouen. If a considerable number of the following saints are present is it a satisfactory proof for the use.
30. Jan. (*) Translation S.Anne ["Les Reliques"] (Only celebrated in Rouen)
1. Febr.Sever [Obitus Severi ep. 1.2. (Eglise St.-Sever, Rouen)]
9. Febr. (*) Ausbert (Ansbert) [Ansbertus ep.Rotomag. 9.2.] (Also in Paris: Aubert, but never rubricated)
10. Febr.Ausberte[Austreberta virginis 10.2.(Rouen)]
9. April.Hugue (Hue)[Hugonis aep.Rotomag. 9.4.]
5. May.Ouen (Ouien) [Audoenus ep.Rotomag. Translatio 5.5., Eglise abbatiale de St.-Ouen]
8. June.Godard[Gildardus ep.Rotomag. 8.6.] (Also in Paris)
12. June.Translation S.Ursin[Ursini aep.Bit. 12.6.(Rouen)]
17. June. (*) Translation S.Romaing [Transl. Romani ep. Rotomag. (Patron saint of Rouen)]
3. July.*Marcial [Martialis 3.7. (Rouen)]
18. July.Cler[Translatio Clari pb. 18.7. (Rouen)]
6. Aug.*Translation S.Sauveur [Translatio Salvatoris mr., always rubricated]
8. Oct.Evod[Evodus ep.Rotomag.8.10]
11. Oct.Nigaise[Nichasius ep.Rotomag. 11.10 (Rouen)]
13. Oct.Ouin, Edouart[Audoenus + Translatio Eduardi regis 13.10.(Rouen only)]
16. Oct.*Michiel [Not found here in Books of Hours from Paris]
22. Oct.Mellon [Mellonus ep.Rotomag. 22.10.] (In Paris: Maclou)
23. Oct.*Romaing [Romani aep.Rotomag. (Patron of Rouen, always rubricated)]
14. Nov.Laurens cf.[Laurentius 14.11.(Rouen)]
15. Nov.Maclou [Maclovius ep. 15.11.] (Eglise St.-Maclou, founded 1433. In Paris usually 14.11.)
30. Dec. (*) Ursin [Ursini aep.Bit. 30.12.]

Some variants shared (with fifty years interval) by the calendars in both Thott 543 and GKS 1609 (from the Rouen Breviary?):
21.7. Victor, 29.7. Ste Marie Marthe, 27.8. Vivian (Eglise St-Vivien in Rouen, 15th Cent.), 3.11. Eustace;

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