CHD Calendar from Paris c.1400
Heures à l'usage du Mans et d'Angers (Paris? c.1420-1440)
The Artz Hours

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The composition of the calendar is in this case an important factor in the judgment of the date and origin of this pure and classical french book of hours. The liturgical contents are apparently for use somewhere in Anjou between Angers and Le Mans (other similar books are known). But the calendar is a rare specimen of a clean composite model from Paris, with few variants and errors, and without any attempt to adopt the use for other locations, apart from the position of St.Anne on her normal day 26th instead of the Parisian day 28 July. This particularity was known to all professional scribes, who, when consequent, also would have exchanged Genevieve on 3 Jan. with the universal Octave S.Jehan. But the calendar has no affinity to local use, neigther to Angers, nor to Le Mans. Anne is not in red, which indicates a date very early in the 15th century. The names include some variants only found in similar combinations in calendars written in Paris before 1400-1410. Comparison with the variants in the Paris Calendar 1330-1530, shows how perfect it matches the general statistics. Noteworthy is the large number of rubrications, especially the exceptional rubrication of Pierre Martir 29 Apr. (Dominican saint canonized 1253), and the consequent rubrication of a number of feasts only sometimes rubricated in Paris, sometimes not [Gregoire, George, Marc ev., Yves, Germain (otherwise rarely rubricated!), Marguerite, Remy, Denis]. It is a not so distant derivation from the model earlier used in Les Petites Heures de Jean Duc de Berry (BN Lat.18014), and in a number of books of hours illuminated in Paris in the 1390'ies up to c.1410 (at the latest). Copenhagen Thott 113 8° is one of the members of this large group. It is hard to imagine a scribe in Le Mans or Angers writing this calendar without the least attempt to introduce a few of the most important local saints, as it has been done with consequence in the litany. The conclusion is that the manuscript was written on commission in a (monastic dominican) scriptorium in Paris, and probably at an earlier date than an immediate guess would be on basis of the miniatures. The traditional penwork around the initials, and the line-fillers, is executed with great routine and is very professional. It was made in a scriptorium who obviously had a large production of similar plain books of hours to earn their living. The miniatures, however, with their marginal decorations, were probably added in the provinces. The style is very far from the sophisticated products on the commercial market in Paris around this time. Books of hours with a mixed combination of Le Mans/Angers are not unusual, and many have a calendar of this Paris type, but normally with rubrications of local saints and other signs of adaptation for the use of Angers or Le Mans.
01.01iijACirconcision nostre seigneur
02.01bOct. saint estienne
03.01xjcSainte genevieue
04.01dOct. des innocens
05.01xixeSaint symeon
06.01viijfLa typhaine de nostre seigneur
07.01gSaint frambouc
08.01xvjASaint lucien
09.01vbSaint paul
10.01cSaint guillaume
11.01xiijdSaint sauveur
12.01ijeSaint satir
13.01fSaint hylaire
14.01xgSaint felix
15.01ASaint mor
16.01xviijbSaint marcel
17.01vijcSaint supplice
18.01dSainte prisce
19.01xveSaint lomer
20.01iiijfSaint fabien
21.01gSainte agnes
22.01xijASaint vincent
23.01ibSainte emerance
24.01cSainte babille
25.01ixdConversion s' paul
26.01eSaint policarpe
27.01xvijfSaint iulien
28.01vjgSainte agnes
29.01ASainte paule
30.01xiiijbSaint bautheuch
31.01iijcSaint mettran
01.02dSainte bride
02.02xjePurificacion nostre dame
03.02xixfSaint blaise
04.02viijgSaint aventin
05.02ASainte agathe
06.02xvjbSaint amant
07.02vcSainte helaine
08.02dSaint salmon
09.02xiijeSaint aubert
10.02ijfSainte scolace
11.02gSaint desir
12.02xASainte eulalie
13.02bSaint lucien
14.02xviijcSaint galeri
15.02vijdSaint marcel
16.02eSainte iulienne
17.02xvfSaint donne
18.02iiijgSaint symeon
19.02ASainte susanne
20.02xijbSaint eleuthere
21.02icSaint victor
22.02dLa chair s' pierre
23.02ixeSaint policarpe
24.02fS. mathias apostre
25.02xvijgSaint verain
26.02vjASainte venice
27.02bSainte honorine
28.02xiiijcSaint iust
01.03iijdSaint albin
02.03eSaint prime
03.03xjfSaint marin
04.03gSaint andrien
05.03xixASaint saturu
06.03viijbSaint felice
07.03cSainte perpetue
08.03xvjdSaint potencien
09.03veSaint boutoul
10.03fSaint alixandre
11.03xiijgSaint blanchart
12.03ijASaint gregoire
13.03bSaint macedoine
14.03xcSaint innocent
15.03dSaint longin
16.03xviijeSaint edouart
17.03vijfSaint patris
18.03gSaint offrain
19.03xvASaint affradosse
20.03iiijbSaint agapit
21.03cSaint benoit
22.03xijdSaint emerance
23.03ieSaint theodoire
24.03fSainte pignesme
25.03ixgAnnunciacio nostre dame
26.03ASaint mondain
27.03xvijbResurrection nostre seigneur
28.03vjcSaint ernoul
29.03dSaint eustace
30.03xiiijeSaint rieule
31.03iijfSaint albaire
01.04gSaint valeri
02.04xjASainte marie egipcienne
03.04bSaint paucrace
04.04xixcSaint boniface
05.04viijdSaint yranne
06.04xvjeSaint thimothe
07.04vfSaint machaire
08.04gSaint apollinaire
09.04xiijASaint procor
10.04ijbSaint gobert
11.04cSaint leon
12.04xdSaint marcel
13.04eSaint eufemme
14.04xviijfSaint valerien
15.04vijgSaint prime
16.04vijASaint anaclet
17.04xvbSaint leonide
18.04iiijcSaint mapolice
19.04dSaint profert
20.04xijeSaint victor
21.04ifSaint gobert
22.04gInvencion s' denis
23.04ixASaint george
24.04bSainte anastaise
25.04xvijcS. marc ewangeliste
27.04eSaint vital
28.04xiiijfSaint germain
29.04iiigSaint pierre martir
30.04ASaint eutrope
01.05xjbS. iaque et s' philippe
02.05cSainte anastaise
03.05xixdInvencion sainte croix
04.05viijeSaint quiriace
05.05fSaint fortunat
06.05xvjgS. iehan devant porte latine
07.05vASaint silvain
08.05bSaint beath
09.05xiijcTranslacion s' nicolas
10.05ijdSaint memer
11.05eSaint gendulphe
12.05xfSaint paucras
13.05gSaint boniface
14.05xviijASaint andoine
15.05vijbSaint ysidoire
16.05cSaint honnoure
17.05xvdSaint ambroise
18.05iiijeSaint felice
19.05fSaint yves
20.05xijgSaint vaudrille
21.05iASaint aubert
22.05bSaint enulle
23.05ixcSaint desir
24.05dSaint donne
25.05xvijeSaint urbain
26.05vjfSaint augustin
27.05gSaint cheron
28.05xiiijASaint germain
29.05iijbSaint maxime
30.05cSaint felix
31.05xjdSainte perrounelle
01.06eSaint nichomede
02.06xixfSaint mathelin
03.06viijgSaint liephart
04.06xvjASaint panthalin
05.06vbSaint boniface
06.06cSaint ponce
07.06xiijdSaint proces
08.06ijeSaint marc
09.06fSaint felicien
10.06xgSaint landri
11.06ASaint barnabe apostre
12.06xviijbSainte basille
13.06vijcSaint leon
14.06dSaint babile
15.06xveSainte flour
16.06iiijfSaint scire
17.06gSaint boutoul
18.06xiiASaint maxime
19.06ibSaint gervois
20.06cSaint florent
21.06ixdSaint liefroy
22.06eSaint paulin
24.06vjgSaint iehan baptiste
25.06ASaint eley
26.06xiiijbSaint iehan s' paul
27.06iijcSaint leon
29.06xieS. pierre et s' paul apostres
30.06fCommemoracio s' paul
01.07xixgSaint thyebaut
02.07viijASaint proces
03.07bSaint apolin
04.07xvjcLa translacion s' martin
05.07vdSaint dominique
06.07eOct. saint pierre
07.07xiijfSaint thomas
08.07ijgSaint procope
09.07ASaint zenon
10.07xbLes vij freres
11.07cSaint benoit
12.07xviijdSaint sist
13.07vijeSaint curien
14.07fSaint landri
15.07xvgSaint bertin
16.07iiijASaint alexi
17.07bSaint piath
18.07xijcSaint ernoul
19.07idSaint iust
20.07eSainte marguerite
21.07ixfSaint paucrace
22.07gMarie magdaleine
23.07xvijASaint apolinaire
24.07vjbSainte xpistine
25.07cS. iaque et s' xpofle
26.07xiiijdSainte anne
27.07iijeSaint marcel
28.07fLes vij dormans
29.07xjgSaint felix
30.07xixASaint abdon
31.07bSaint germain
01.08viijcS. pierre aux liens
02.08xvjdSaint estienne
03.08veInvencion s' estienne
04.08fSaint osonans
05.08xiijgSaint yon
06.08ijASaint sist
07.08bSaint donne
08.08xcSaint iustin
10.08xviijeSaint lorens
11.08vijfSainte coronne
12.08gSainte claire
13.08xvASaint ypolite
15.08cAssumpcion nostre dame
16.08xijdSaint omer
17.08ieOct. saint lorens
18.08fSaint agapit
19.08ixgSaint grant
20.08ASaint lenart
21.08xvijbSaint prime
22.08vjcSaint symphorien
23.08dSaint thymote
24.08xiiijeS. barthelemeu apostre
25.08iijfSaint loys roy de france
26.08gSaint habundain
27.08xjASaint george
28.08xixbSaint augustin
29.08cDecollacion s' iehan baptiste
30.08viijdSaint fiacre
31.08eSaint paulin
01.09xvjfSaint gille s' leu
02.09vgSaint antonin
03.09ASaint godegran
04.09xiijbSaint marcel
05.09ijcSaint victorin
06.09dSaint donacien
07.09xeSaint clauost
08.09fLa nativite nostre dame
09.09xviijgSaint omer
10.09vijASaint demettre
11.09bSaint scire
12.09xvcSaint venant
13.09iiijdSaint prothin
14.09eExaltacion sainte croix
15.09xijfOct. nostre dame
16.09igSaint mathelin
17.09ASaint liephart
18.09ixbSaint panthelin
19.09cSaint signe
21.09vjeSaint mathieu apostre
22.09fSaint morisse
23.09xiiijgSaint tecle
24.09iijASaint hyece
25.09bSaint fremin
26.09xjcSaint cyprien
27.09xixdSaint cosme
28.09eSaint presme
29.09viijfS' michiel archange
30.09gSaint ieroisme
01.10xvjASaint remy
02.10vbSaint legier
03.10xiijcSaint victor
04.10ijdSaint franchois
05.10eSainte xpistine
06.10xfSainte foy
07.10gSaint marc
08.10xviijASaint demettre
09.10vijbSaint denis
10.10cSaint gereon
11.10xvdSaint macaire
12.10iiijeSaint venant
13.10fSaint curien
14.10xijgSaint calixte
15.10iASaint ozan
16.10bSaint michiel
17.10ixcSaint cerbon
18.10dS. lucas ewangeliste
19.10xvijeSaint luthermast
20.10vjfSaint capraise
21.10gLes xi mille virges
22.10xiiijASaint mellon
23.10iijbSaint gracien
24.10cSaint magloire
25.10xjdSaint crespin
26.10xixeSaint amant
28.10viijgS. symon s' iude apostres
29.10ASaint marcis
30.10xvjbSaint lucain
01.11dFeste de touz sains
02.11xiijeCommemoracion de mors
03.11ijfSaint marcel
04.11gSaint cler
05.11xASaint lye
06.11bSaint lienart
07.11xviijcSaint herculain
08.11vijdLes iiij couronnes
09.11eSaint theodoire
10.11xvfSaint tiburce
11.11iiijgSaint martin
12.11ASaint leon
13.11xijbSainte brisce
14.11icSaint maclou
15.11dSainte eugene
16.11ixeSaint aignen
17.11fSaint mauduit
18.11xvijgSaint romain
19.11vjASaint esmont
20.11bSaint columbain
21.11xiiijcSaint iust
22.11iijdSainte cecile
23.11eSaint clement
24.11xjfSaint grisogone
25.11xixgSainte katherine
26.11ASainte genevieue
27.11viijbSaint vital
28.11cSaint ruffin
30.11veSaint andrieu
01.12xiijfSaint eloy
02.12xiii.iigSaint flain
03.12ASaint claudrien
04.12xbSaint ambroise
05.12cSainte barbe
06.12xviijdSaint nicolas
07.12vijeSaint faire
08.12fConcepcion nostre dame
09.12xvgSaint cyprien
10.12iiijASainte eulalie
11.12bSaint fuscien
12.12xijcSaint valerien
13.12idSaint lucien
14.12eSaint nichaise
15.12ixfSaint maxime
16.12gSainte barbe
17.12xvijASaint ladre
18.12vjbSaint flauien
19.12cSaint seurin
20.12xiiijdSaint enulle
21.12iijeSaint thomas apostre
22.12fSaint victor
23.12xjgSaint berthin
25.12bNativite nostre seigneur
26.12viijcS. estienne prothomartir
27.12dS. iehan ewangeliste
28.12xvjeLes sains innocens
29.12vfSaint thomas
30.12gSaint perpetue
31.12xiijASaint sevestre

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