CHD Calendar from Paris c.1388
Petites Heures de Jean de Berry à l'usage de Paris
Paris Bibliothèque Nationale Ms.Lat.18014

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This transcript is based on the digital facsimile on the website in the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris. The pictures of the single pages are fetched by a click on the link "Image" to the left of the name of the month. The low resolution of the jpegs (592x418 pixels) does not allow paleographical studies, the readings are in some cases doubtful regarding single letters. In the Grandes Heures are some of the pages so severely damaged by moisture that almost all the blue paint has vanished, and a secure reading is now only possible with the help of ultraviolet light. Deviations in spelling given below are, however, all clearly visible in the large facsimile edition.
The golden numbers listed to the left is a normative sequence, to serve as reference. The few scribal errors found in the mss. are not included.

DateLes Petites Heures
Grandes Heures (1407-1409)
BN Ms. Lat. 919
Belles Heures (c.1408)
N.Y. The Cloisters
01.01iijALa circoncisionLa circoncisionLa circoncision
02.01bOct. s. estienneOct. de s. estienneOctaves s. estienne
03.01xjcSte genevieueSainte genevieuegenevieue
04.01dOct. des innocensOct. des innocensOct. des innocens
05.01xixeSaint symeonSaint symeonsymeon
06.01viijfLa typhaineLa typhaineLa tiphaine
07.01gS. frambouthS. frambouthframbont
08.01xvjASaint lucienSaint lucianlucien
09.01vbSaint polSaint pol hermitepol hermite
10.01cS. guillaumeS. guilleaumeguill(aum)e
11.01xiijdSaint sauveurSaint sauveursauveur
12.01ijeSaint satirSaint satyrsatir
13.01fSaint hylaireSaint hylairehylaire
14.01xgSaint felixSaint felixfelix
15.01ASaint morSaint mormor
16.01xviijbSaint marcelSaint marcel
17.01vijcS. souppliceSaint souplice
18.01dSaint prisceSaint prisce
19.01xveSaint lomerSaint lomer
20.01iiijfSaint fabienSaint fabien
21.01gSainte agnesSainte agnes
22.01xijASaint vincentSaint vincent
23.01ibS.e emerance[S.e emerance]
24.01cSainte babileSaint babile
25.01ixdSaint polSaint pol
26.01eS. policarpeS. policarpe
27.01xvijfSaint iulienSaint iulien
28.01vjgSainte agnesSainte agnes
29.01ASainte pauleSainte paule
30.01xiiijbSaint [batilde]Saint [batilde][Spelling illegible (Baude?)]
31.01iijcSaint mettrainSaint mettran
01.02dSainte brideSainte bridebride
02.02xjeLa chandeleurLa chandeleurLa chandeleur
03.02xixfSaint blaiseSaint blaiseblaise
04.02viijgSaint aventinSaint aventinaventin
05.02ASainte agatheSainte agatheagate
06.02xvjbSaint amantSaint amantamant
07.02vcSainte elenneSainte elennehelenne
08.02dS. salmonSaint salmonsalomon
09.02xiijeSaint aubertSaint aubertSainte apoline
10.02ijfSaint scolaceSainte colacescolastique
11.02gSaint desier[Saint desier]desier
12.02xASainte eleneSainte eleneeulalie
13.02bSaint lucienSaint lucienlucien
14.02xviijcSaint marcelSaint marcelvalentin
15.02vijdSaint oualeriSaint oualerimarcel. Sol in piscibus[Waleri=Valentin]
16.02eSainte iulienneSainte iulienne
17.02xvfSaint donneSaint donne
18.02iiijgSaint symeonSaint symeon
19.02ASainte susanneSainte susanne
20.02xijbSaint eleuthereSaint eleuthere
21.02icSaint victorSaint victor
22.02dSaint pierreSaint pierre
23.02ixeSaint pollicarpeSaint pollicarpe
24.02fSaint matthiasSaint macias
25.02xvijgSaint verenSaint verain
26.02vjASainte veniceSainte venice
27.02bS. honnorineSainte honorine
28.02xiiijcSaint iustSaint iust
01.03iijdSaint aubinSaint aubinaubin
02.03eSaint primeSaint primeprime
03.03xjfSaint marriSaint marrimaurin[Marri=Marin]
04.03gS. andrieuSaint andrienandrien
05.03xixASaint saturinSaint saturinsaturnin
06.03viijbSaint feliceSaint felicefelice
07.03cS.e perpetueS. thomas d'aquinthomas d'aquin
08.03xvjdS. potencienSaint potencianSainte potenciane
09.03veSaint boutoulSaint boutoulboutoul
10.03fS. alixandreSaint blanchartalixandre[GH: scribal error]
11.03xiijgS. blanchartSaint blanchartblanchart
12.03ijAS. gruigoireSaint gringoyregregoire
13.03bS. mandoyneSaint mandoynelubin
14.03xcSaint innocentSaint innocentinnocent
15.03dSaint longinSaint longinlongin
16.03xviijeSaint edouartSaint edouart
17.03vijfSaint patrisSaint patris
18.03gS. offrainSaint offranc
19.03xvAS. affradoseSaint affradose
20.03iiijbS. agapistSaint agapit
21.03cSaint benoitSaint benoit
22.03xijdS.e emeranceSainte emerance
23.03ieS. theodoireSaint theodoyre
24.03fS.e piguemeSainte pigueme
25.03ixgNostre dameNostre dame
26.03AS. mondainSaint monden
27.03xvijbSaint ligierLa resurrection nostre seigneur
28.03vjcSaint eustaceSaint eustace
29.03dSaint ernoulSaint arnoul
30.03xiiijeSainte riuleSainte [riulle] [GH: illesible]
31.03iijfSaint albaireSaint albaire
01.04gSaint valeriSaint valerivaleri
02.04xjALegypcienneSaint paucraceegipcienne[GH: scribal error]
03.04bSaint paucraceSaint paucrassepancrace
04.04xixcSaint bonifaceSaint [boniface]? ambroise[GH: illesible]
05.04viijdSaint yrainneSaint yrainneyraine
06.04xvjeS. thymotheS. [thymothe]? thimothe[GH: illesible]
07.04vfSaint macqueSaint macayremacaire
08.04gS. appollinaireSainte [ ] ? Sainte appoline[GH: effacé]
09.04xiijASaint procorSaint procorprocor
10.04ijbSaint gobertSaint [gobert]gobert
11.04cSaint lionSaint lionlyon
12.04xdSaint marcelSaint [marcel]marcel
13.04eSaint yffameSaint yffameyfame
14.04xviijfS. valerienSaint [valerien] valerien[GH: effacé]
15.04vijgSaint presmeSaint presmepresme
16.04vijAS. anacletS. anaclet
17.04xvbSaint leonideSaint leonide
18.04iiijcS. mapoliceS. mapolice
19.04dSaint profertSaint profert
20.04xijeSaint victorSaint victor
21.04ifS. symeonSaint symeon
22.04gS.e oportuneSainte oportune
23.04ixASaint georgeSaint george
24.04bSaint robertSaint [robert] ? [GH: effacé]
25.04xvijcSaint marcSaint marc
26.04vjdS. anestaiseSaint anestaise
27.04eSaint vitalSaint vital
28.04xiiijfS. germainS. germain
29.04iiigSaint pereSaint pere
30.04ASaint eutropeSaint eutrope
01.05xjbS. iaques. s. phelipeS. iaques. s. phelippeiaques. saint phelipe
02.05cS. anestaiseSaint anestaiseanastaise
03.05xixdSainte croixSainte croyscroys
04.05viijeSaint florentSaint quiriacequiriace
05.05fS. fortunastSaint fortunastfortunat
06.05xvjgSaint iehanSaint iehaniehan
07.05vASaint silvainSaint silvainsilvain
08.05bSaint beathSaint beathbeath
09.05xiijcS. nicholasSaint nicholasnicholas
10.05ijdSaint maturinSaint maturingordian
11.05eSaint mamelSaint mammelmemert
12.05xfSaint paucraceSaint paucraceponcrace
13.05gS. martinianS. martinianmarcelin
14.05xviijAS. bonifaceSaint bonifaceboniface
15.05vijbS. ysidoireSaint ysidoyreysidoire
16.05cSaint honoreSaint honore
17.05xvdSaint ambroiseSaint ambroise
18.05iiijeSaint feliceSaint felixce
19.05fSaint yvesSainte potance[GH variant: Potentiane vierge, 19 May]
20.05xijgS. vaudrilleSaint yves confesseur[Yves is always commemorated on the 19th, canonized 1347]
21.05iASaint audebertSaint aubert
22.05bSaint emilleSaint emille
23.05ixcSaint desierSaint [desier]
24.05dSaint donneSaint donne
25.05xvijeSaint urbainSaint urbain
26.05vjfS. augustinSaint augustin
27.05gSaint cheronSaint cheron
28.05xiiijASaint germainSaint germain[Rubricated in some liturgical calendars from Paris, but usually not in books of hours.]
29.05iijbSaint maximeSaint maxime
30.05cSaint felixSaint felix
31.05xjdS.e perronnelleSainte perronelle
01.06eS. nichomedeSaint nichomedenichomede
02.06xixfS. mathelinSaint mathelinmarcellin
03.06viijgSaint lieffartSaint lieffartlieffart
04.06xvjAS. pantalionSaint pantalionpontalin
05.06vbS. bonifaceSaint bonifaceboniface
06.06cSaint satranSaint satranponce
07.06xiijdSaint proetSaint proetproiet
08.06ijeSaint marcSaint marcmedart["Mar", dialect for St.Medart, bishop of Noyon. It is possible that the scribe of Les Grandes Heures has confounded him with the evangelist.]
09.06fSaint felicienSaint felicienfelicien
10.06xgSaint landriSaint landrilandri
11.06ASaint barnabeSaint barnabebarnabe
12.06xviijbSaint basileSaint basilebasilide
13.06vijcS. valerienSaint valerianSainte fercule
14.06dS. agnienSaint agnienruffin
15.06xveSaint flourSaint flourmodest
16.06iiijfSaint scireSaint cyr
17.06gSaint avitSaint avit
18.06xiiASaint marineSaint marine
19.06ibSaint gervoisSaint gerves
20.06cSaint lieffroySaint lieffroy
21.06ixdS. appollinaireSaint appollinaire
22.06eSaint apolinSaint appolin
24.06vjgSaint iehanSaint iehan bapt.
25.06ASaint eloySaint eloy
26.06xiiijbSaint iehenSaint iehan
27.06iijcSaint lyonSaint lyon
29.06xieS. pierre. s.polS. pierre. s.pol
30.06fS. macialSaint macial
01.07xixgSaint tibautSaint thybauttibaut
02.07viijASaint procesSaint martinianproces
03.07bSaint apolinSaint appolinappolin
04.07xvjcSaint marinTranslation saint martinmartin[Normally rubricated, except in Bourges]
05.07vdS. dominiqueSaint dominiquedominique
06.07eSaint pierreSaint pierreOct. saint pierre s. pol
07.07xiijfSaint thomasSaint thomasthomas
08.07ijgS. procopeSaint simphorianclaude
09.07ASaint zenonSaint zenonzenon
10.07xbLes vij freresLes vij freresLes vij freres
11.07cSaint benoistSaint benoistbenoit
12.07xviijdSaint sistSaint sistsist
13.07vijeSaint curienSaint turianruffin
14.07fSaint vaastSaint vaastvaast
15.07xvgSaint bertinSaint bertinflorentin
16.07iiijASaint alexisSaint alexis
17.07bSaint piathSaint piath
18.07xijcSaint ernoulSaint arnol
19.07idSaint iustSaint iust
20.07eS.e margueritteSainte margarite
21.07ixfSainte praxeSaint victor
22.07gLa magdaleneLa magdalene
23.07xvijAS. appollinaireSaint appolinaire
24.07vjbS.e xpistineSainte xpistine
25.07cS. iaques. s.xpofleSaint iaques. s.xpofle
26.07xiiijdSaint marcelSaint marcel
27.07iijeLes vij dormansLes vij dormans
28.07fSainte anneSainte anne[Only Paris and Tournai place her feast on the 28th. The reluctancy to accept St.Anne as a major solemn feast is typical for a conservative male community around this time.]
29.07xjgSaint felixSaint felix
30.07xixASaint abdonSaint abdon
31.07bS. germainSaint germain
01.08viijcSaint pierreSaint pierrepierre
02.08xvjdSaint estienneSaint estienneestienne
03.08veSaint estienneSaint estienneestienne
04.08fSaint ossonansSaint ossonansosonant
05.08xiijgSaint yonSaint yonyon
06.08ijASaint sistSaint sistcist
07.08bSaint donneSaint donnedonat
08.08xcSaint iustinSaint iustiniustin
10.08xviijeSaint lorensSaint lorenslorens
11.08vijfSainte coronneSainte coronneLa sainte coronne
12.08gSainte claireSainte clareclere
13.08xvASaint ypoliteSaint ypoliteypolite
15.08cNostre dameNostre dameLasompcion nostre dame
16.08xijdSaint ossonansSaint ossonans
17.08ieSaint inosinOct. saint lorens
18.08fSaint agapistSaint agapit
19.08ixgSaint grantSaint grant
20.08ASaint bernartSaint bernart
21.08xvijbSaint priveSaint prive
22.08vjcSaint ciphorienSaint ciforian
23.08dS. thymotheSaint tymothe
24.08xiiijeS. berthelemySaint berthelemy
25.08iijfSaint loysSaint loys roy
26.08gS. habundinSaint bernart
27.08xjASaint soupliceSaint souplice[Var. Sulpicius bishop of Bourges]
28.08xixbSaint iulienSaint iulien
29.08cSaint iehanSaint iehan
30.08viijdSaint fiacreSaint fiacre
31.08eSaint paulinSaint paulin
01.09xvjfS. leu s. gileS. leu s. gileleu saint gille
02.09vgSaint antoineSaint antoyneanthoinne
03.09AS. godegranSaint godegrangodegran
04.09xiijbSaint marcelSaint marcelmarcel
05.09ijcSaint victorinSaint victorinvictorin
06.09dS. donacienSaint donaciendonacien
07.09xeSaint cloustSaint cloustcloust
08.09fNostre dameLa nativite nostre dameLa nostre dame
09.09xviijgSaint omerSaint omergorgone
10.09vijAS. nemesinSaint nemesinuemesin
11.09bS. prothinSaint prothinmaurilion
12.09xvcSaint cyreSaint ceyresyre
13.09iiijdS. venantSaint venantnicomede
14.09eSainte croixSainte croixcroys
15.09xijfS. nichomedeSaint nichomedeprothin
16.09igSaint eufemeSaint eufemmie
17.09AS. lambertSaint lambert
18.09ixbSaint ferioulSaint feriaoul
19.09cSaint signeSaint signe
21.09vjeS. mathieuSaint mahieu
22.09fSaint moriseSaint morise
23.09xiiijgSaint tecleSaint tecle
24.09iijASaint hyeceSaint hyesce
25.09bS. freminSaint fremin
26.09xjcSaint cyprienSaint aprian[GH: scribal error for Ciprian]
27.09xixdSaint cosmeS. cosme s. damian
28.09eSaint presmeSaint presme
29.09viijfSaint michielSaint michel
30.09gS. ieroimeSaint giroime
01.10xvjASaint remySaint remyRemi
02.10vbSaint ligierSaint ligierligier
03.10xiijcSaint victorSaint victorvictor
04.10ijdSaint francoisS. francoisfrancoys
05.10eSainte xpistineSainte xpistinecrestine
06.10xfSainte foySainte foyfoy
07.10gSaint marcSaint marcmarc
08.10xviijAS. demettreS. demettredemettre[Mss.: Demectre]
09.10vijbSaint denisSaint denisdenis
10.10cSaint gereonSaint geriangerion
11.10xvdS. macaireSaint macaireLa translacion s. augustin
12.10iiijeSaint venantSaint venantvenant
13.10fSaint curianSaint curiancurien
14.10xijgSaint calistSaint calistcalixte
15.10iAS. offrainSaint offrancoffram
16.10bS. gabrielS. lucian et maximian
17.10ixcSaint cerbonSaint cerbon
18.10dSaint lucasSaint luc evangeliste
19.10xvijeS. luterniastS. savinian et potencian
20.10vjfS. caprasinSaint caprasin
21.10gLes viergesLes xi mille vierges
22.10xiiijAS. malouSaint maclou
23.10iijbS. gracienSaint gracien
24.10cS. magloireSaint magloyre
25.10xjdSaint crespinSaint crespin
26.10xixeSaint amantSaint amant
28.10viijgS. symon s. iudeS. symon s. iude
29.10AS. marcisSaint marcis
30.10xvjbSaint lucainSaint lucain
01.11dLa toussainsLa toussainsLa toussains
02.11xiijeLes morsLes morsLes mors
03.11ijfSaint marcelSaint marcelmarcel
04.11gSaint clerSaint clercler
05.11xASaint lyeSaint lyelye
06.11bSaint lyenartSaint lyenartlienart
07.11xviijcSaint herculainSaint herculeinherculain
08.11vijdLes iiij coronnesLes iiij coronnesLes iiij coronnes
09.11eSaint maturinSaint maturinmathelin
10.11xvfSaint verainSaint verainverain
11.11iiijgSaint martinSaint martinmartin
12.11ASaint bonSaint boinleonin
13.11xijbSaint brisceSaint briscebrice
14.11icSaint maclouSaint macloueugene
15.11dSaint eugeneSaint heugenemaclou
16.11ixeSaint fausteSaint faustre
17.11fSaint aignenSaint aignem
18.11xvijgS. mauduitOct. s. martin
19.11vjASaint roumainSaint roumain[Mss. perhaps "Roumam"]
20.11bS. edmontSaint edmont
21.11xiiijcS. collumbainSaint columbain[Mss. perhaps "Columbam"]
22.11iijdSainte cecileSainte cecile
23.11eSaint climentSaint climent
24.11xjfS. grisogoneSaint severin
25.11xixgS.e katherineSainte katherine
26.11AS.e genevieueSainte genevieue
27.11viijbSaint vitalSaint vital
28.11cSaint ruffinSaint ruffin
29.11xvjdVigileSaint saturnin
30.11veSaint andrieuSaint andrieu
01.12xiijfSaint eloySaint eloyeloy
02.12ijgSaint flaviSaint flaviflam
03.12ASaint claudrienLa suscepcion des reliquesclaudrienThe elevation of the relics of St.Denis was celebrated in Notre-Dame in Paris on Dec.4 (duplum feast), where it is found in many composite calendars from Paris around c.1400, see f.ex. Thott 113 8°
04.12xbSaint ambroiseSaint ambroisebarbe
05.12cSainte barbeSainte barbeambroise
06.12xviijdSaint nicholasSaint nicholasnicholas
07.12vijeSaint farreSainte farreSainte farre
08.12fNostre dameLa concepcion nostre dameLa nostre dame
09.12xvgSaint cyprienSaint ciprianciprien
10.12iiijASaint eulalieSaint eulalienicaise
11.12bSaint fuscianSaint fuscianfuscien
12.12xijcSaint valeriSaint valericorentin
13.12idSainte luceSainte luceLuce
14.12eSaint anacletSaint anacletnicaise
15.12ixfSaint maximeSaint maximemaximin
16.12gSaint sapienceSaint sapience
17.12xvijASaint ladreSaint ladre
18.12vjbSaint gracienSaint gracien
19.12cSaint avitSaint avit
20.12xiiijdSainte enulleSainte enulle[Read: Emille]
21.12iijeSaint thomasSaint thomas
22.12fSaint victorSaint victor
23.12xjgSaint bertinSaint bertin
25.12bLe iour de noelLe iour de noel
26.12viijcSaint estienneSaint estienne
27.12dSaint iehanSaint iehan
28.12xvjeLes innocensLes innocens
29.12vfSaint thomasSaint thomas
30.12gS. souppliceSaint soupplice[Extremely rare variant]
31.12xiijASaint silvesterSaint silvestre

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