CHD Hours of the Virgin
Hore Beate Marie Virginis - Use of Rennes

Ad Matutinum Invitatorium Ave maria
Hymnus Quem terra ponthusAnt. ps. 8: Benedicta tu
Lectio i. Sancta maria virgo virginum Responsorium i. Sancta et immaculata
Ad LaudesPss. 92, 99, 62-66, B, 148, 149, 150
Antiphona Post partum
Capitulum Benedicta et venerabilis es Hymnus O gloriosa domina
Antiphona super Benedictus O gloriosa dei genitrix
Collecta 1. Concede nos famulos tuos
2. Deus qui corda fidelium
Ad PrimamPss. 53, 116, 117
Hymnus Veni creator spiritus.
Memento salutis auctor.
Maria plena gratie.
Succurre dei genitrix.
Gloria tibi domine.
Antiphona O admirabile
Capitulum Gaude maria virgo R. Ihesu xpiste fili dei vivi
Collecta 1. Adiuvet nos quesumus domine
2. Deus qui apostolis tuis
Ad TertiamPss. 119, 120, 121
Hymnus Veni creator spiritus.
Mater dei sanctissima.*
Maria plena gratie.
Succurre dei genitrix.
Gloria tibi domine.
Antiphona Quando natus es
Capitulum Per te dei genitrix R. Post partum virgo
Collecta 1. Protege domine famulos tuos
2. Adsit nobis quesumus domine virtus
Ad SextamPss. 122, 123, 124
Antiphona Rubum quem viderat
Capitulum Ego flos campi R. Sancta dei genitrix
Collecta 1. Beate et gloriose semperque virginis
2. Mentes nostras quesumus domine spiritus
Ad NonamPss. 125, 126, 127
Antiphona Ecce maria genuit
Capitulum Sicut cynamomum R. Ora pro nobis sancta dei
Collecta 1. Famulorum tuorum
2. Mentibus nostris quesumus domine spiritum
Ad VesperasPss. 121, 122, 123, 124, 125
Antiphona Beata mater et innupta
Capitulum Beata es virgo maria Hymnus Ave maris stella
Antiphona super Magnificat Sancta maria succurre
Collecta 1. Concede nos famulos tuos
2. Deus qui corda fidelium
Ad CompletoriumPss. 12, 42, 128, 130
Antiphona Cum iocunditate
Capitulum Maria virgo semper letare
Hymnus Virgo dei genitrix quem totus R. Ecce ancilla domini
Antiphona super Nunc dimittis Tota pulchra es
Collecta 1. Gratiam tuam quesumus
2. Ure igne sancti spiritus

Source: Online digital facsimile of the Brandeis Hours (France c.1430) Brandeis University Libraries - Special Collections.
ED notes: In the absence of a litany and the Office of the Dead can this source not be counted among the well-documented sources. It shares, however, all the principal incipits and many unique variations in sources located to Rennes, among others all the incipits found in two fragments of a printed book of hours in Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris [BN B. 23684-85], including the combination of the two collects documented from Lauds to Terce in the fragments. Only sources for the use of Rennes does match all incipits from Lauds and Prime combined, as they are found here.
Variants: *The second stanza of the hymn at the small hours is exchanged for each hour, as this: Prime: Veni creator - Memento salutis, Terce: Veni creator - Mater dei sanctissima, Sext: Veni creator - Domus pudici pectoris, None: Veni creator - Enixa est puerpera (it has not been checked if this also is the case in the other sources. Any similar compositions will be gratefully acknowledged).
Other sources: See the records from securely located sources Use of Rennes

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