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Collation in Vérards Grandes Heures 1490
Table of printed signatures

Table showing how a normal quarto quaternion is composed when printed on halfsheets with four pages on each side.
Sheet 1Sheet 2
A.i. Recto
A.i. Verso
A.ii. Recto
A.ii. Verso

Table of Collation
A.i. f.1[A2] f.2A.ii. [A3] f.3[A4] f.4[A5] f.5[A6] f.6/[A7] f.7[A8] f.8[A9] f.9[A10] f.10[A11] f.11[A12] f.12
a.i. f.13[a2] f.14a.ii. f.15[a4] f.16/[a5] f.17[a6] f.18[a7] f.19[a8] f.20
b.i. f.21[b2] f.22b.ii. f.23[b4] f.24/[b5] f.25[b6] f.26[b7] f.27[b8] f.28
c.i. f.29[c2] f.30c.ii. f.31[c4] f.32/[c5] f.33[c6] f.34[c7] f.35[c8] f.36
d.i. f.37[d2] f.38d.ii. f.39[d4] f.40/[d5] f.41[d6] f.42[d7] f.43[d8] f.44
e.i. f.45[e2] f.46e.ii. f.47[e4] f.48/[e5] f.49[e6] f.50[e7] f.51[e8] f.52
f.i. f.53[f2] f.54f.ii. f.55[f4] f.56/[f5] f.57[f6] f.58[f7] f.59[f8] f.60
g.i. f.61[g2] f.62g.ii. f.63[g4] f.64/[g5] f.65[g6] f.66[g7] f.67[g8] f.68
h.i. f.69[h2] f.70h.ii. f.71[h4] f.72/[h5] f.73[h6] f.74[h7] f.75[h8] f.76
j.i. f.77[i2] f.78i.ii. f.79[i4] f.80/[i5] f.81[i6] f.82[i7] f.83[i8] f.84
k.i. f.85[k2] f.86k.ii. f.87[k4] f.88/[k5] f.89[k6] f.90[k7] f.91[k8] f.92
L.i. f.93[l2] f.94l.ii. f.95[l4] f.96/[l5] f.97[l6] f.98[l7] f.99[l8] f.100
m.i. f.101[m2] f.102m.ii. f.103/[m4] f.104[m5] f.105[m6] f.106

The inner half-quire with signature i.ii (folios 79 (i3) -80 (i4) -81 (i5) -82 (i6)) has been erroneously printed in the copy in Copenhagen Perg.10, so that the texts are spread over 8 pages in wrong sequence. The shiny side with the signature is correct (79-80v-81-82v), the verso (flesh side) was placed upside down when printed, causing a total confusion when folded. In the reconstruction have I used arabic numerals: The verso of 79 is 81v, 81 is replaced by 82 with 80v on verso, 81 is correct with 79v on the verso and 82 is replaced by 80 recto with 82v on the verso! When folded are the prayers Obsecro te and O intemerata, and the long rubric to Missus est Gabriel all mixed up.
Sheet 1Sheet 2
i.i. Recto
i.i. Verso
i.ii. Recto
i.ii. Verso

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