CHD Hours of the Virgin
Hore Beate Marie Virginis - Use of Tours

Ad Matutinum Invitatorium Ave maria
Hymnus Quem terra ponthusAnt. ps. 8: Benedicta tu
Lectio i. O beata maria quis tibi Responsorium i. Sancta et immaculata
Ad LaudesPss. 92, 99, 62, 66, B, 148
Antiphona Post partum
Capitulum Maria virgo semper letare Hymnus O gloriosa domina
Antiphona super Benedictus O gloriosa dei genitrix
Collecta Deus qui de beate marie
Ad PrimamPss. 53, 116, 117
Hymnus Veni creator spiritus
Antiphona O admirabile
Capitulum Virgo verbo concepit R. Ave maria V.Benedicta tu
Collecta Deus qui salutis eterne
Ad TertiamPss. 119, 120, 121
Hymnus As primam
Antiphona Quando natus es
Capitulum Paradisi porta R. Post partum V.Dei genitrix
Collecta Protege domine nos famulos tuos
Ad SextamPss. 122, 123, 124
Antiphona Rubum quem
Capitulum Gaude maria virgo R. Sancta dei genitrix V.Intercede
Collecta Concede misericors deus fragilitati
Ad NonamPss. 125, 126, 127
Antiphona Germinavit
Capitulum Te laudent angeli R. Speciosa facta es V.In delicijs V.Dignare me
Collecta Concede nos famulos tuos
Ad VesperasPss. 128, 129, 130, 131
Antiphona Beata mater et inupta
Capitulum Beata es virgo maria Hymnus Ave maris stella V.Specie tua R.Intende
Antiphona super Magnificat Sancta maria succurre
Collecta Famulorum tuorum quesumus domine
Ad CompletoriumPss. 12, 42, 128, 130
Antiphona Cum iocunditate
Capitulum Sicut cynamomum Hymnus Virgo singularis V.Ecce ancilla R.Fiat me
Antiphona super Nunc dimittis Ecce complecta sunt omnia
Collecta Gratiam tuam quesumus domine

Source: ED443 Copenhagen KB NkS 35 8vo Book of Hours c.1480/90. Illuminated by a mediocre local artist (Francois Avril: "Artiste que je ne connais pas").
ED notes: The text is written in a manner that appears to be copied from an early printed book of hours. Calendar for use in Tours (complete transcription available). OD=Tours. Litany: Confessors start with: Silvester, *Gaciane, *Martine, Gregori, Ambrosi etc.
Variants: The innumerable sources from Tours have several minor variants, especially at Lauds. If the variants are significant is the use probably for a specific church (ask for further details). Note that Leroquais has found a similar office in Heures impr. 1497, Jehan Philippe, called "Heures à l'usage de Saintes"! (VL 080)
Copenhagen KB GkS 1610 (with a fine Tours calendar and miniatures by Jean Fouquet, has HV and OD for the use of Bourges, cf. my reconstruction and notes under Books of Hours). Other sources: VL 045 (Heures impr.1495, Heures impr. 1527); VL 259 (Heures impr. 1500);
B48 (Paris BN; B236 (Paris Arsenal Ms.561); B298 (Paris Bibl. Ste-Genevieve 2688); B301 (Paris Bibl. Ste-Genevieve 2694); B306 (Paris Bibl. Ste-Genevieve 2709);

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