CHD Hours of the Virgin
Hore Beate Marie Virginis - Use of Bruges St. Donatian 1520

Ad Matutinum Invitatorium Ave maria
Hymnus (No hymn)Ant. ps. 8: Benedicta tu
Lectio i. Sancta maria virgo Responsorium i. Sancta et immaculata
Ad LaudesPss. 92, 99, 62, 66, B, 148
Antiphona Sancta dei genitrix
Capitulum Virgo verbo concepit Hymnus O gloriosa domina
Antiphona super Benedictus Beata dei genitrix
Ad PrimamPss. 1, 2, 5
Hymnus Gloria tibi domine
Antiphona Sub tuam protectionem
Capitulum Hec est virgo sancta R. Ave maria V.Benedicta tu
Ad TertiamPss. 119, 120, 121
Hymnus Ave maris stella
Antiphona Cum iocunditate
Capitulum Paradisi porta R. Sancta dei genitrix V.Intercede
Ad SextamPss. 122, 123, 124
Antiphona Sancta maria virgo intercede
Capitulum Virgo dei genitrix R. Dignare me V.Da michi
Ad NonamPss. 125, 126, 127
Antiphona Alma virgo maria
Capitulum Per te dei genitrix R. Post partum V.Dei genitrix V.Speciosa facta es
Ad VesperasPss. 109, 112, 121, 126, 147
Antiphona Beata mater
Capitulum Beata es maria Hymnus Ave maris stella
Antiphona super Magnificat Sancta maria succurre
Ad CompletoriumPss. 12, 42, 128, 130
Antiphona Post partum
Capitulum Gaude maria virgo Hymnus Fit porta christi
Antiphona super Nunc dimittis Glorificamus te

Source: VL 183, B961 (Breviarium ad usum insignis ecclesie sancti Donatiani Brugensis diocesis Tornacensis, pars hiemalis, Parisius 1520)
ED notes:
Variants: The Hours of Daniel Rijm (Ghent c.1420, Baltimore Walters Art Gallery Ms.W.166) has a surprising similarity with this office, but the chapter at Sext is Gaude maria virgo, and the Compline very different. (Thanks to Dr. Elizabeth Burin who kindly supplied me with details on the manuscript in 1995). The logical explanation is probably that both compositions are reminiscenses of a very ancient 12th cent. source, reflected in some surviving old variants from Arras-Cambrai.
Other sources: No book of hours, produced in Bruges in the 15th cent., has so far been found to contain this office! I suspect that the editors of the breviary took recourse to an old source in the archives, and revived a long forgotten use.

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