Medieval and renaissance manuscripts formerly owned by B. S. Cron (1913-2002)

An account of Mr Cron's life and collecting is in The Book Collector, 51 (2002).

Numbers 1-28 are described briefly in A Handlist of Western Manuscripts from the Library of B. S. Cron (Privately printed, 1965) ['30 copies devised and printed by Iain Bain at the Laverock Press Newnham Hertfordshire March MCMLXV'].

Additional numbers 1-8 are described briefly, with addenda and corrigenda to the descriptions of nos. 10, 11, 20, and 24, in handwritten additions by A. C. de la Mare, in the Bodleain copy of the Handlist, which was presented to the Bodleian by Mr Cron in 1969.

Mr Cron sold four codices in 1966, and by 1978 had disposed of his fragments, cuttings, etc. through Quaritch (of whom he had been a long-standing customer). For information about many of the present locations listed below I am grateful to Richard Linenthal, of Bernard Quaritch Ltd.

After his death, two were bequeathed to the British Library (Add. MSS. 78829 and 78830), the others were sold privately by Quaritch, several of which went to a London private collection, and were re-sold by Quaritch in an elegant little catalogue styled on Cron's own: From Carolingian to Gothic: Four Centuries of Medieval Manuscripts from an English Private Collection (London, 2005)

No. Contents Provenance Disposal and/or Present location
1 Augustine, partial leaf; France, s. ix Merton, Millar Quaritch Catalogue 1056, no. 80, now Stanford University
2 Berengaudus; France, s. xi SCC no. 22 Carolingian to Gothic, [no. 2]
3 Epistle-Lectionary, imperfect; Italy, s. xi SCC no. 3 Beinecke Library
4 Psalter in Greek; Byzantium, before 1087 SCC no. 116 Carolingian to Gothic, [no. 3]
5 Psalter; England (St. Albans), s. xii Heber, Phillipps, Morris, Hodson, SCC no. 57 British Library, Add. MS 81084
6 Cassiodorus; France, s. xii Ashburnham (Barrois no. 117), SCC no. 4 Carolingian to Gothic, [no. 9]
7 Bible, cutting with initial; France, s. xii   Sold to Quaritch in 1983; their Catalogue 1056, no. 5; sold to Japan
8 Petrus Comestor, Sermons; France, s. xii-xiii Millar Sold 10/10/66
9 Gregory the Great; France (Royaumont), s. xiii Phillipps, Millar Beinecke Library
10 I Corinthians glossed, 9 leaves; France, s. xiii SCC no. 1 Quaritch Catalogue 1056, no. 23. Now Private Collection.
11 Bible, imperfect; Engand, s. xiii Millar Private Collection, Japan
12 Antiphoner, imperfect; France, s. xiii Millar Sold 10/10/66
13 Lectionary, 6 leaves; France, s. xiii Millar Sold 10/10/66
14 Prayers in Latin and Low German; Germany, s. xiii Sneyd, Millar Private Collection, England
15 Peter Riga; France (Cîteaux), s. xiii Duke of Sussex, Stuart of Aldenham Abbey, Henry White Beinecke Library
16 Peraldus; France (St. Benigne, Dijon), s. xiii Phillipps, SCC no. 26 Beinecke Library
17 Gratian, 2 leaves; France, s. xiii (style of Honoré) SCC no. 61 Sold to Quaritch in 1984; thence to John Feldman. New York, Met. Museum, Inv. 1990.217
18 Cicero, Academica; Italy, s. xv   Part-exchanged, with no. 28, for nos. Add. 6 & 7
19 Cicero, De oratore; Florence, 1453 SCC no. 86 Private Collection, England
20 Cicero, De finibus; Itlay, s. xv Firmin Didot, Ascherson, Harvey Frost Keio University, Tokyo
21 Cicero, Paradoxa, Somnium Scipionis; Italy, s. xv Marston MS 115 Sold to Quaritch in 1990. Now Keio University, Tokyo
22 Ecclesiarum Taxatio; Italy, s. xv Phillipps, SCC no. 8, Marston MS 126 Beinecke Library
23 Hours in Latin, French, and Dutch; Netherlands, s. xv    
24 Psalter; Italy, s. xv
(decorated probably by Gherardo and Monte di Giovanni di Miniato)
Chester Beatty  
25 Hours, imperfect; Italy, s. xv Cellotti, Phillipps, SCC no. 25 Private Collection, England
26 Diogenes Laertius; Italy, s. xv Millar  
27 Mass Book; Gemany, s. xv-xvi Cockerell Sold 10/10/66
28 Statues of the Bakers and Ovenkeepers of Rome; Italy, s. xv Gunhilda Fisher Part-exchanged with no. 18 for Add. nos. 6 & 7; now Bodleian Library, MS. Ital. d. 30
Add. 1 Bible; France, s. xiii Millar British Library, Add. MS. 78829
Add. 2 Prosper of Aquitaine; France, s. xiii Butler, SCC no. 30, Millar British Library, Add. MS. 78830
Add. 3 Luke & John glossed; France, s. xiii Morris, SCC no. 28, Sotheby's 8/7/70 lot 103  
Add. 4 John Cassian; s. xiv Sotheby's, 10/12/69 lot 78 Beinecke Library
Add. 5 Raymund of Peñafort, Summa de penitentia; France or England, s. xiii Tollemache, Sotheby's 12/7/71 lot 38 Beinecke Library
Add. 6 Julius Caesar; Italy, s. xv Hornby, Abbey  
Add. 7 Martial; Italy, Naples, s. xv Hornby, Abbey  
Add. 8 Seneca; Italy, s. xiv Sotheby's, 19/6/79 lot 58 Trinity College, Dublin
Add. 9 Thomas Jenyn's Book SCC no. 96 Private Collection, Japan

Morris=William Morris, Abbey=J. R. Abbey, etc.

'SCC' numbers refer Christopher de Hamel, 'Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts from the Library of Sir Sydney Cockerell (1867-1962), British Library Journal, 13 (1987), pp. 186-210.

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