William H. Robinson Ltd., Pall Mall, London

The Robinson brothers, Lionel and Philip, aquired the residue of the Phillipps collection in 1946. They inserted a bookplate in those they sold individually:

Catalogue notes

They made notes on slips of paper of varying size and colour, in a distinctive hand, which is often found loose in the books.

A price-code may occur on the back of these slips, and in the lower right corner of the back pastedown, in these cases "MUY" and "EY", suggesting that Y=0:

In both these cases the stock-number beginning with a "P" was added by H.P. Kraus, and indicates that this is a manuscript from the Phillipps residue sold to them by the Robinsons. The Kraus price-code(?) below the inventory number has, as usual, been erased.