Dr. Anthony Askew (1722-1774)

Manuscripts from Askew's collection of can often be recognised by his characteristic binding, in diced polished calf, with a gilt roll tool of alternating palmettes and fleurs-de-lis motifs:

The collection was sold by G. Leigh & J. Sotheby, London, 7 March, 1785. Those with bindings as above are described as 'corio russico' in the 1785 sale catalogue. Lots 1-312 are printed books, and the manuscripts are arranged by language and material:

Language Material Lots
English Paper 313-321

Vellum 322-331
Latin Paper 332-420

Vellum 421-539
Greek Paper 540-608

Vellum 609-633

A considerable number of the manuscripts are from the collection of Mario Maffei (not just only described as 'olim Maffeianus' in the catalogue).